Journey To Become A True God Chapter 54

54 Ye Chen Was Arrested

Ye Chen drove Lin Rouxi and his mother back to the hotel, Ms. Lin Rouxi's attitude towards Ye Chen began to change when on the way Sui Xi asked Ye Chen a lot of things.

8 minutes later Ye Chen arrived in front of the hotel, Lin Rouxi and Sui Xi got down from Ye Chen's car.

Sui Xi "Ye Chen thanks for the ride" Sui Xi thanks Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "No problem, aunt, after all it is my duty to escort you safely."

After thanking Sui Walking first to the hotel entrance, Lin Rouxi approached Ye Chen's candela glass and whispered into Ye Chen's ear.

Lin Rouxi: "Ye Chen thanks a lot thanks to you I can get out of trouble, I owe you a favor" Lin Rouxi suddenly kissed Ye Chen's cheek quickly, without saying much Lin Rouxi immediately followed her mother's steps to disappear into the hotel.

Ye Chen had no idea that Teacher Lin suddenly kissed him, was this a gift from Lin Rouxi for him, Ye Chen Terseyum towards Lin Rouxi's disappearance, even though it was only an act, but Ye Chen enjoyed being Lin Rouxi's partner.
for visiting.

Ye Chen stepped on the gas pedal and went back to his villa.

Lin Rouxi who was walking behind her mother had a red face, because for some reason she suddenly kissed Ye Chen, even though it was only a kiss on the cheek but it felt quite embarrassing, For Lin Rouxi Yang had never

"Ah, how can I face Ye Chen as a teacher tomorrow?" Lin Rouxi did not know how he felt for Ye Chen, because his position as a teacher would not allow him to fall in love with his own student.

Ye Chen drove his car home to his house, its speed was almost 100km / hour on a road which was quite busy with passing cars.

"Wiu. . . . . Wiu . . . . Wiu . . . . Wiu . . . . Wiu . . . . Wiu . . . . "A police siren was heard from behind Ye Chen's car.

Ye Chen looked in the rearview mirror of his car, Ye Chen could see that there was a police car following him.

"People who are in the car, immediately pull over to the side of the road right now, you have violated the maximum speed limit set on this road" The police in the car gave Ye Chen a warning over the loudspeaker.

Ye Chen had no idea that at night there were still police on patrol, if Ye Chen was caught then his business would be quite troublesome, Ye Chen most disliked dealing with the police because it was quite troublesome for Ye Chen who was now a powerful cultivator.

Ye Chen didn't want to stop and increase the speed of his car, trying to escape from the police car that was behind.

The police did not make Ye Chen's car run away, so the police began to increase the speed of his car to catch up with Ye Chen's car.

The chase couldn't be evaded anymore, the policeman was still a few tens of meters behind Ye Chen's car, if it's like this then Ye Chen couldn't run away from this policeman, if it were any longer then there would definitely be more cops coming help.

Ye Chen did not want that to happen, Ye Chen began to increase the speed of his car again, Ye Chen chose a fairly busy road route, Ye Chen passed by a lot of cars very easily, as if a professional racer

the police saw that the distance between his car and Ye Chen's got farther away, the road was very crowded, if anyone dared to drive at that speed, then there was definitely one possibility, that was an accident.

although Ye Chen's car managed to flee, but the police remembered Ye Chen's license plate number, so the Police only needed to, notify another policy if it found Ye Chen's license plate.

Ye Chen saw that the police car that followed him was no longer visible, without Ye Chen attending himself. It's far from the center of the City and Towards the direction of the hill on the outskirts of the city, this hill is very famous in this city because it has a very amazing night view. can only see the night view of the city with a very beautiful, here can also see the stars in the sky with very clear.

Ye Chen drove his car Up to the top of this hill, from up here Ye Chen could see a pretty good view of the city, Ye Chen wasn't Alone there were some people who were enjoying the same view as Ye Chen.

Among these people, there was something that made Chen Chen the most interested, a woman in a black dress, a woman about 25/26 years old who had a beautiful face, with a perfectly tall body, attractive from a woman's body.

What made Ye Chen interested was because this woman turned out to be a cultivator, especially since this woman's level was very high, this woman's level was the 4th level Earth Realm.

on Earth, there are very few people who reach that stage, let alone this is a woman aged 25/26 years, this woman is probably from an ancient sect / ancient family, seeing the level of strength that is quite strong.

The woman looked at Ye Chen, Ye Chen could see a little smile on the face of the beautiful woman.

The Beautiful Woman moved from where she stood towards the direction Ye Chen was, the beautiful woman stopped Right in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't know what this beautiful woman wanted, could this woman know that Ye Chen was also a cultivator, Ye Chen immediately threw away thoughts like that, after all Ye Chen had a higher cultivation base than this woman.

"Your car looks good, is this yours?" It turns out that the first thing this beautiful woman asked was Ye Chen's car.

"Yes, this is my own car, so what? "Ye Chen was suspicious of this woman because the first thing this woman asked was her car, did this beautiful woman intend to steal her car, but how could this beautiful woman become a thief?

"Oh, I see, then can you stretch out one of your hands?" That beautiful woman suddenly wanted Ye Chen to reach out his hand.

Out of curiosity Ye Chen wanted to see what this woman wanted to do to him, Ye Chen held out both hands.

"Clank. . . After hearing that voice Ye Chen looked at Yang's wrist, and suddenly one of them was drilled, and the other handcuff was in the key in that beautiful woman's hand.

Ye Chen: "-_-! "

"Well, what does this mean, beautiful sister? "Ye Chen Doesn't Know why this beautiful woman suddenly handcuffs Himself.

Beautiful Woman "You have violated the traffic rules and also ran away from the pursuit of the Police, therefore you and your car must go to the office to do the responsibility" The woman also issued a police badge from her wallet.

Ye Chen "-_-", Ye Chen had no idea that this beautiful woman was actually a female policeman, Ye Chen would have surrendered himself with just that, if Ye Chen had known Ye Chen beforehand, it would be better to go away from this woman.

Beautiful woman "what are you waiting for Quick get into the car and come with me to the police station Right now" the policeman scolded Ye Chen.

"Beautiful policeman, maybe you are mistaken. I am a good citizen." Ye Chen looked for an excuse to run away from this beautiful cop.

"You want to lie to me, your car number has been cantat so I may not be wrong to catch another person"

The female police officer immediately dragged Ye Chen. To get into Ye Chen's car, the female policeman asked for a car belonging to Ye Chen, the female police officer drove a car leaving the hill and headed for the police station.