Journey To Become A True God Chapter 55

55 Luo Bing

After reaching the police station, the policewoman pulled Ye Chen out of the car and into the car.

This was the first time Ye Chen had entered the police station, because it was late at night. Quite a few people were here.

"Determine Luo Bing who is the person you brought at this time of night" One of the policemen guarding the front immediately asked.

It turns out that this woman's name is a woman. This woman is Luo Bing, "I am carrying someone who is trying to escape from the police, I suspect this person is involved with something evil.

Ye Chen "What do you think is a beautiful policeman? I look like a criminal? I am a good citizen."

"I did not tell you to speak so shut your mouth" Luo Bing immediately scolded Ye Chen.

The police guarding the front knew Luo Bing's character. Even though Luo Bing was the police's interest, Luo Bing's problem was very difficult to approach.

Luo Bing immediately took Ye Chen to the interrogation room, and tied Ye Chen's handcuffs to the chair so he wouldn't run away.

"You stay here for a second, I'll be right back" Luo Bing then left the room.

Because Luo Bing left Ye Chen in Leave Alone in this room.
for visiting.

"Ye Chen, why don't you run away, with your strength, wouldn't that be so easy?" Chu Yue spoke to Ye Chen in his mind.

Ye Chen: "Running away is a trivial matter, but the problem is if I run away, the police will definitely keep chasing me and I will become a fugitive in the whole city."

"Well, it's up to you, but you have to put this woman in your harem list, because this woman has quite an innate talent, unfortunately her innate talent cannot be released to the maximum due to lack of guidance" Chu Yuechan explained about the Luo Bing woman to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "So this woman has extraordinary innate talent, it is fitting that the level of cultivation is quite high at a young age considering this is on earth".

Luo Bing was really long enough, even after 10 minutes had passed there was still no sign of Luo Bing going back into this Room


20 minutes later finally Luo Bing returned to the room, but Luo Bing didn't wear a black dress anymore, now Luo Bing was wearing a police uniform with a short skirt.

Luo Bing immediately took a chair and sat in front of Ye Chen.

Luo Bing: "name?"

Ye Chen: "Ye Chen".

Luo Bing: "gender".

Ye Chen: "Police Luo, can't you see that I'm a man"

Luo Bing: "Who knows you are a woman with your face. Like that, you can be a beautiful woman".

Ye Chen: "-_-" This policewoman really made Ye Chen a headache.

Luo Bing: "age"

"17 years" Ye Chen did not use his original age.

Luo Bing: "17 years old you're still a school student?" Luo Bing couldn't believe that Ye Chen was still a school student.

Luo Bing: "Last question, why did you run away when the police tried to stop you? "

"There is no other reason because I do not feel guilty"

"Bamm. . . "Bad boy, you just broke the driving rules, and you said that you were innocent." Luo Bing struck the table with both hands angrily at Ye Chen.

The table in front of Ye Chen was almost split in two with the power Yang Luo Bing had just used.

Luo Bing's chest went up and down with anger at Ye Chen's attitude, Luo Bing was not accustomed to dealing with small children like Ye Chen, If Luo Bing knew Ye Chen was still a School Student, Luo Bing would look for others to interrogate Ye Chen.

Luo Bing "because you are still a school student then let your parents / guardians come here right now, and if no one comes here, then forget to get out of this room tonight".

Ye Chen didn't have parents or relatives in this city, so how would Ye Chen get out of this place? Did Ye Chen contact Lin Rouxi, not Ye Chen would most likely be scolded by Lin Rouxi again.

There is only one person, Liu Yue, who can help him get out of this prison.

Ye Chen then tried to contact Liu Yue at night, fortunately the call was successfully connected.

Liu Yue "Ye Chen has a need to call me at this time of night? "Liu Yue who wanted to go home heard her phone ring, seeing that the one who called out was Ye Chen, Liu Yue quickly picked it up and asked Ye Chen.

"Liu Yue can you come to the police station now, I have a little problem with the police named Luo Bing and need a little help from you" Ye Chen asked Liu Yue to come to help him finish instead, with the status of Liu Yue, everything would be easy to overcome.

Liu Yue "Alright I'll get there in a few minutes soon" Liu Yue didn't ask much, Liu Yue immediately changed the direction of her car and headed towards the police station.

Ye Chen continued to look towards Luo Bing who was wearing a police uniform, let alone the tight part of his chest that could break out of his shirt button at any time.

Luo Bing could feel Ye Chen's eyes staring at his chest "You've seen enough, if you look at me like that again I will pry both of your eyeballs".

Luo Bing again harshly scolded Ye Chen, Even though Luo Bing was beautiful but that arrogant and angry temper was this woman's biggest flaw.

Ye Chen activated the king's heart charm, Ye Chen wanted to see if the charm of the emperor's heart could affect Luo Bing.

When Luo Bing looked back at Ye Chen, Luo Bing felt that his heartbeat was racing very fast when he looked at Ye Chen, Ye Chen was like a mahnet that made Luo Bing attracted towards him.

This made Luo Bing not dare to see Ye Chen's face again, Luo Bing looked down with a red face.

Ye Chen who saw the change in Luo Bing's behavior immediately smiled, it seemed that the charm of the King's heart could affect Luo Bing.

Ye Chen then stood up from his chair, even though one of Ye Chen's hands was handcuffed with a chair, Ye Chen could still approach Luo Bing.

Ye Chen lifted Luo Bing's chin and saw Luo Bing's face then said "Beautiful", Luo Bing's blushed face was very beautiful.

Luo Bing who saw Ye Chen's very handsome face was confused "Luo Bing immediately fell in love with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen brought his face closer to Luo Bing, seeing what Ye Chen would do, Luo Bing only closed his eyes accepting what Ye Chen would do to him.

"Clack. . . "The sound of the door opening immediately woke up Luo Bing, but unfortunately it was too late because the distance between Luo Bing's lips and Ye Cehn was only a few cm.

The woman policeman who opened her door widened to see that the most beautiful woman in the cator would be kissed by a prisoner, in the wildest imagination the woman policeman would not have been imagined.

But after the female policeman who opened the door saw Ye Chen, the female policeman immediately fell in love with Ye Chen, the female cop had never seen a guy as handsome as in his life.

The female police now understand why Luo Bing, the prettiest woman in the office, did not fight when she would be kissed by prisoners, if the female police in Luo Bing's position she would surely also be happy to be kissed by a man as handsome as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't mean to kiss Luo Bing, Ye Chen just wanted to tease Luobing a little unfortunately it was seen by the female police officer who had just opened the door by force.

"Ahem, what is it that you suddenly came in here" Luo Bing quickly recovered himself so that his image would not be damaged in public.

Luo Bing didn't dare to look at Ye Chen anymore, Luo Bing was afraid that if he continued to look at Ye Chen, Luo Bing could not maintain his authority anymore, and Doing things that were inappropriate with Ye Chen.

Police woman "Ms. Luo a woman named Liu Yue is looking for you and that woman wants to free someone".

Luo Bing "tell him to come in right now".

The female police officer was reluctant to leave after seeing Ye Chen, but even the female police officers had to obey Luo Bing, who was in a higher position than him.

Before the policewoman left, the policewoman did not forget to steal the last glance before leaving this room.