Journey To Become A True God Chapter 56

56 Poison

LiuYue entered into the room where Ye Chen was being held, after entering the room Liu Yue saw Ye chen whose hand was handcuffed in the curse, and the female police officer who detained Ye Chen turned his face in the other direction.

Luo Bing still didn't dare to look at Ye Chen directly, after the door to the room opened Luo Bing immediately turned his attention to the woman who had just entered.

Liu Yue: "Hello, I am Liu Yue, I came yesterday to free Ye Chen" Liu Yue immediately introduced herself to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing: "After you pay the bail you can take this bad boy away, but make sure he no longer violates the driving rules and runs away from the police, so as not to cause misunderstandings like this again" LuoBing told Liu Yue to immediately complete the procedure first first

Liu Yue: "I have already paid, now I may take Ye Chen away from this place" before entering Liu Yue had already paid Ye Chen's guarantee of freedom.

Because Liu Yue had already paid the bail, Luo Bing opened Ye Chen's handcuffs and released him "now you may go" Luo Bing said by looking away.

Liu Yue did not know why this policewoman's behavior was so strange, because Liu Yue's initial support was to release Ye Chen, Liu Yue immediately took Ye Chen away from this place as soon as possible.

"Wait a minute there is one more thing I need from the Luo Bing police, Ye Chen and then go to Luo Bing.

Seeing Ye Chen approaching towards him Luo Bing was very tense "what does that bad boy want me, does that bad boy want to do bad things to me again" Luo Bing's mind began to walk wildly.

"Police Luo Bing is my car key, I want to ask him to come back," apparently Ye Chen just wanted to ask for the car key back.

Luo Bing didn't think that Ye Chen just wanted him to return the keys to his car, and Luo Bing just thought a strange thing, it made Luo Bing very embarrassed, Luo Bing immediately handed over the car key so Ye Chen would quickly leave this place.

After the departure of Ye Chen and Liu Yue, Luo Bing immediately sat down on his kuris limply, this was the first time Luo Bing had felt anything like this, Luo Bing suddenly became interested in a man whose age was much younger than himself.
for visiting.

Moreover, the two of them almost kissed, Luo Bing touched his lips with his fingers "My first kiss was almost taken away by that bad boy".

"But if you think that bad boy is very handsome," Luo Bing involuntarily said.

"Luo bing Luo Bing remember you are a cultivator, and that boy is just an ordinary person, you are not from the same world, how could you possibly like that bad boy" even though Luo Bing said that, in fact Luo Bing really can't forget Ye Chen no matter how hard he tried.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue are now outside the police station "geez Ye Chen is only our last few hours and you already have problems with the police" Liu Yue said with Smile .

"Well what else can I do, I just wanted to go back to my behavior and the police suddenly chased after me for violating driving rules, because I didn't have a driving license so I decided to just run away, but who knew that the woman I met was a policeman who was being in disguise, if I knew beforehand I would definitely go as far away as possible "Ye Chen explained all the things that happened why he could be captured to Liu Yue.

"hahahaha" after hearing Ye Chen's story Liu Yue laughed "just because the woman is beautiful you approached her and didn't know that she was a police officer and you were arrested by her, poor Ye Chen".

Ye Chen could not say anything after Liu Yue said that, anyway he was originally the one who was wrong because he was interested in Luo Bing who made him get caught.

"Because you said you don't have a license, tomorrow I will make you one so that you will no longer be afraid of meeting the police while on the road." Liu Yue intended to make Ye Chen a driving license, because Ye Chen said he did not have one.

"Ah, thank you very much, I became too much trouble for you." Ye Chen felt that Liu Yue was very kind to him.

"Liu Yue:" what are you saying, we are friends and friends must help each other ".

"Yes, you're right, if you need my help in the future, don't hesitate to say to me" Ye Chen promised Liu Yue his future help.

Liu Yue: "oh yes Ye Chen I will go see my grandmother do you want to come, my grandmother would be very happy if you meet the person who saved her" Liu Yue invited Ye Chen to go with her.

"Yes, of course I will go with you, anyway I don't have anything else to do tonight". Ye Chen nodded at Liu Yue's invitation to visit Grandmother Liu Yue.

Liu Yue who heard this was very happy "then let's go".

Liu Yue got into his car and Ye Chen also got into his car, both of whom drove their cars and headed for the Hospital.

After arriving at the hospital Ye Chen and Liu Yue immediately headed to the ward where grandmother Liu Yue was being treated.

Ye Chen finally arrived at Grandmother Liu Yue's ward, Ye Chen saw an Old woman around 60-65 years old who was lying on the bed, Liu Yue's grandmother was currently talking to a nurse.

Liu Yue: "My grandmother is back" Liu Yue immediately ran towards her grandmother.

The two people who were talking immediately turned their attention towards the coming of Liu Yue.

"Yue'Er you're back," Liu Yue's grandmother immediately called Liu Yue's arrival and hugged her.

When Ye Chen entered the Ward, Ye Chen smelled a familiar scent, but why was this scent on Liu Yue's grandmother's ward.

"Miss Liu Yue because the lady has returned so I will continue my work, if there is a problem please just call me" the nurse immediately resigned and left the room.

When the nurse was about to leave the ward, the nurse was surprised to see a very handsome man standing near the door. The nurse had never seen a man as handsome as this, the nurse looked at Liu Yue, who was very beautiful, maybe this handsome man was the boyfriend of Miss Liu Yue The nurse is a little jealous of Liu Yue if only the nurse can have half the beauty of Liu Yue, so she doesn't need to bother working in this hospital, she just needs to find a handsome man who is rich and marry her, but unfortunately it can only be just be a dream.

When the nurse's passage did not forget to smile at Ye Chen, Ye Chen also responded with a smile.

Ye Chen approached the collar of Liu Yue and his grandmother who were hugging, this slightly reminded Ye Chen to his grandfather when he was still alive.

Grandmother Liu Yue who saw a handsome young man approaching towards the two of them, grandmother Liu Yue immediately let go of Liu Yue's arms and asked "Yue'Er who is this handsome young man".

Liu Yue Hanpir remembered that he had not introduced Ye Chen to his grandmother "This grandmother is my best friend Ye Chen, and she is the one who sold Zillao's bracelets to me, you could say this person saved your grandmother".

Liu Yue grandmother: "Thank you young people because thanks to you I can recover, I think I no longer have hope of living in this world, but it seems the god still gives me a chance to continue to live" grandmother Liu Yue thanked Ye Chen.

"That grandmother Liu doesn't need me to be thankful, because your granddaughter Liu Yue who already wants to buy a bracelet from me and trust me" somehow Ye Chen sold it instead of buying it so it could be considered fair, that's why Ye Chen didn't want Grandma Liu to thank her.

Grandmother Liu Yue: Your name is Ye Chen, you're really a good young man, my name is Situ Rui, from now on you can call me Rui's grandmother.

"okay, Rui's grandmother" because Liu Yue's grandmother had given permission, Ye Chen was no longer polite and called his name.

Liu Yue saw that the bracelet in her grandmother's hands turned both black beads, this morning only one bead turned black why now suddenly it became two, Liu Yue felt something strange.

Situ Rui: "Yue'er what's up?" Situ Rui who saw that his grandson's gaze was a little strange when he saw his wrist and asked.

"Liu Yue" Grandma, when this bead turned black, this morning it was still colored this morning. "Liu Yue asked her breathing.

Situ Rui immediately saw the Zillao bracelet he was wearing, and saw that the bracelet was two of the three beads now turned solid black "this afternoon the color is still there why is it now black" Grandmother Liu Yue also just realized that the beads turned black again Button" .

Liu Yue: "Ye Chen, you know what is going on actually" because he didn't get the answer. Liu Yue asked Ye Chen who knew the function of this Zillao Bracelet.

Ye Chen did not immediately answer Liu Yue's question, but Ye Chen instead went to the table where to put the used food bowls, Ye Chen took the bowl and sniffed it, it was true the source of the aroma that was smelled by Ye Chen came from this bowl.

"Rui's grandmother, did you just eat the food in this bowl?" Ye Chen immediately asked Grandmother Liu Yue to confirm.

Situ Rui "Yes, I just ate all the food in the bowl, so what?"

"Grandma Rui, the food in this bowl has been poisoned, you just ate it, that's what made the bead in Zillao's bracelet turn black" Ye Chen explained what really happened.