Journey To Become A True God Chapter 57

57 Bai Shengs Evil Plan

" What ! ! ! Liu Yue and Situ Rui both shouted with disbelief.

What's more Situ Rui suspected that the food he had just eaten contained poison.

If this was said by someone else Liu Yue would not believe, because the person who said it was Ye Chen Liu Yue believed it "then Ye Chen is this poison harmful to my grandmother? "Liu Yue immediately worried about the situation of her grandmother Situ Rui.

"This poison is quite dangerous and if it enters the body it will be difficult to detect by someone, even the medical devices will find it difficult to find this poison, the poison can make the person who swallows it become crippled and slowly will die, but fortunately the poison that just entered the body of the grandmother Rui should have been neutralized by the Zillao Bracelet "Ye Chen told me that the situation from Situ Rui was good right now, the main problem right now was finding out who was the person who did this.

"Rui's grandmother, may I know who this food is?" Ye Chen wanted to know who was the person who had brought this food to Situ Rui.

"It was the nurse who delivered this food, and right at that moment also Bai Shang and his friend came here, about 30 minutes ago" Situ Rui told everyone who had come here before.

"Bai Sheng, who is that?" Ye Chen didn't know Who was Bai Sheng being talked about by Situ Rui, so Ye Chen asked curiously.

Liu Yue: "Bai Sheng is the biological father of Bai San. He is also a very ambitious person, Bai Sheng also has" Liu Yue told Ye Chen who Bai Sheng was.

"So we now have 3 suspects" Poison This is not what an ordinary person can make, and for sure the ingredients used to make this poison are very difficult to obtain, Ye Chen is the most suspicious of friends brought by Bai Sheng This is the possibility that people put poison in Situ Rui's food.

But without Ye Chen's evidence it is impossible to accuse carelessly "Rui's grandmother may I know the Characteristics of the person who accompanied Bai Sheng here? "

Situ Rui "That person has a slightly pale dark skin, and the clothes of that person are a bit old-fashioned, that person also always smiles at him" Situ Rui Tells the person who accompanied Bai Sheng here.

Only from Situ Rui told Ye Chen that orange skin Ye Chen, already knew that the people who were with Bai Sheng were poison experts, anyone who had frequent contact with poison would usually have a skin that was a bit pale black, and it seemed like that person put poison in Situ Rui's food.

"Liu Yue I want to know where Bai Sheng lives I will try to see it myself" Ye Chen wanted to be sure of Sediri, remembering that Bai Sheng had gone 30 minutes ago that the two men should have been together now.

"The address is on XX Block XXx, but what do you want go to Bai Sheng's place?" Liu Yue did not know what Ye Chen would do to go to Bai Sheng's place.

"I just want to confirm something" after mapping that Ye Chen immediately left the ward.

Seeing Ye Chen wanting to leave, Liu Yue immediately caught up with him, when Liu Yue came out of the ward, Liu Yue could not see the figure of Ye Chen, Ye Chen really very quickly disappeared.

Ye Chen had now gone straight to the place where Bai Sheng was staying, Ye Chen because Ye Chen was flying at maximum speed, in just a few tens of seconds Ye Chen had arrived above Bai Sheng's Luxury Buildings.

By using Yei's spirit sensei to find out how many people were in this house.

Inside the house there were a total of 4 people, their location was in the middle room, Guess Ye Chen was right that one of these 4 people turned out to be a cultivator, and this person's level was the first level Spirit Profound Realm.

Ye Chen wanted to know what these people were talking about so Ye Chen wore a dark colored robe and entered the house, Ye Chen hid in the dark to eavesdrop on these people's conversations.

In the house there were a total of 4 people. One was Bai San, the man Ye Chen had met at the antiques exhibition, the middle-aged man was probably Bai Sheng, and the woman sitting next to him was probably Bai Sheng's wife.

Ye Chen used his cellphone to record all Bai Sheng's conversations with this poison user cultivator.

"Mr. Du Yao, is the poison you gave Situ Rui this time really killing him?" The person who asked was of course Bai Sheng.

Du Yao "You don't need to worry I will make sure that in less than a week the grandmother will surely die, and of course the poison this time will definitely be difficult to cure, and this poison cannot be found so you don't have to worry about being a suspect".
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"It's good that finally our plan this time will definitely run smoothly and soon we can take over Liu's company," the woman beside Bai Sheng spoke very happily.

"As long as the old lady dies soon, all her shares will be handed over to Liu Yue and we only need to make Liu Yue give all of her shares to us," Bai Sheng explained all his kind plans to everyone.

"But father, how do we get women like Liu Yue to give up their shares for free, isn't that really difficult for us to do.

Du Yao "don't worry I will give you a poison that can make that person obey what you want, all you need to do is give the poison to Liu Yue, then you can control Liu Yue as you wish".

Bai Sheng: "That's great, Mr. Du Yao. I'm glad to be able to work with you."

"But don't forget that your promise gives me 15% of shares, If you dare to renege then I will definitely not let you go" Du Yao asked the payer in the form of 15% shares from Liu's company.

Bai Sheng: "Take it easy Mr. Du Yao as long as this plan runs smoothly I will not forget the agreement we made from the start" Bai Sheng is very confident with the plan he made, especially 80% of the shareholders are in his stronghold, so the plan This time it will definitely be very successful.

Bai San this time is the most eager to hear this, if this plan is successful then Bai San can easily get Liu Yue to be his woman, Bai San can't wait to train Liu Yue to be his buddy in bed "

Ye Chen who was in the dark heard the evil plan that was made by Bai Sheng and his family, these two-faced people really made Ye Chen sick of seeing it.

Ye Chen now had evidence in his hand and now all that was left was to make a Plan to trap Bai Sheng.

Ye Chen then went around the house and looked for another clue

Ye Chen entered a workroom, it looks like this is Bai Sheng's work room.

Ye Chen then looked at each document stored in the archive, Ye Chen found a document containing the embezzlement of funds carried out by Bai Sheng and also several other shareholders, finally Ye Chen found evidence again, this time Bai Sheng would definitely not be able to do anything what's with the evidence in Ye Chen's hands.

When Ye Chen wanted to leave this house Ye Chen discovered that someone was approaching this room, Ye Chen immediately sought a way out of here, and Ye Chen then exited through the window.

Bai Sheng hears something in his office, therefore Bai Sheng enters his office, Bai Sheng looks around and doesn't find anyone in here.

"Who is the one who left the window open?" Bai Sheng then closed the window and left his office.

"That was almost" Ye Chen almost got caught, now Ye Chen just needs to give evidence to Liu Yue and Situ Rui, and make a plan with both of them.