Journey To Become A True God Chapter 58

58 Plans To Tackle Baisheng And His Accomplices

After getting what Ye Chen wanted Ye Chen immediately returned to the hospital where Liu Yue was at the moment.
for visiting.

What Ye Chen found would definitely surprise Liu Yue, finally arriving at the hospital, Ye Chen descended on the balcony of the hospital.

Fortunately, because it was night, no one was aware of Ye Chen's existence. Ye Chen immediately rushed to Situ Rui's ward.

Liu Yue looked for Ye Chen's whereabouts from Earlier, Ye Chen's car was still in this hospital but Ye Chen's whereabouts are currently unknown.

"Clikk" Liu Yue heard the sound of the door opening, Liu Yue saw that the person who had opened the door was actually Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, where have you been?" Liu Yue immediately asked where Ye Chen had just gone.

"I'm Going To Look For A Clue about who the mastermind poisoned your grandmother, and I found something interesting" Ye Chen then opened his cellphone, Ye Chen then showed the Conversation Video between Bai Sheng and Du Yao to Liu Yue.

"Bai Sheng, you dare to do that to my grandmother and myself, just watch out for you" Liu Yue immediately shouted with anger after seeing the video from Ye Chen's cellphone.

"Yue'er what's wrong" Situ Rui who was sleeping suddenly heard Liu Yue Shouting and Awakening from her sleep.

"Grandma, look at what Bai Sheng wants to do for us" Liu Yue then took the cellphone in Ye Chen's hand and showed the video to Situ Rui.

After seeing the whole video from the beginning to the end Situ Rui raised his eyebrows with dissatisfaction.

"Bai Sheng I can not believe that it turned out that your real face is like this, if only I knew beforehand I would have removed you from the company from the first" Situ Rui also seems very angry with what Bai Sheng has done to him.

Formerly Bai Sheng was helped By Situ Rui, when having trouble finding work, Bai Sheng was once a young man who was very poor and did not have anything, then Situ Rui picked it up and gave him a decent job for Bai Sheng in his company.

Over time Bai Sheng showed the results of his excellent work, and over the years Bai Sheng was finally able to climb the summit and was appointed by Situ Rui to be the representative of Liu Yue's company, and became a confidant of Situ Rui.

But Situ Rui was the one who Situ Rui thought the most trustworthy Turned out to be a Tiger in a Blanket, moreover Bai Sheng has now made 80% of the shareholders in his camp.

If these people get their money from the company, then surely the company will suffer a lot of losses, Situ Rui does not want that to happen.

Situ Rui: "Ye Chen, where did you get this video?" Situ Rui was very curious about how Ye Chen got this video.

"Rui's grandmother, you don't need to know how I can get this video, what we need to think about right now is how to deal with Bai Sheng and the people around him" even though Ye Chen explained Situ Rui would definitely not believe him.

"Ye Chen do you have a plan for this matter" Liu Yue asked whether Ye Chen had a plan or not in this matter.

"Of course I have a pretty good plan, but you two must play along with it." Ye Chen already had a plan to deal with Bai Sheng and those rogue shareholders.

Ye Chen then told Liu Yue and Situ Rui his plans.

Liu Yue: "That's a very good idea, but the problem is whether you have evidence of embezzlement of money that Bai Sheng and the shareholders did."

"Of course, I have all the evidence that Bai Sheng has done for many years" Ye Chen then took out a document and handed it to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue immediately took, the documents in Ye Chen's hand and saw the contents in them, after seeing the contents in it Liu Yue was truly dumbfounded by the amount of embezzlement of funds carried out by Bai Sheng and several shareholders.

this was really all the embezzlement of funds in his company, Liu Yue asked, where did Ye Chen get all this from, this made Ye Chen increasingly and more mysterious to Liu Yue to know.

Situ Rui was also a little curious about what was in the document that Ye Chen had just released, after seeing the amount of money that had been embezzled in his company, Situ Rui also did not believe this.

If everything in the total value of the embezzlement of money is almost 30% of the total value of the Liu Group's current shares, this is a huge amount and this is really unknown for many years by him.

It seems like many of his employees are also plotting with Bai Sheng and hiding the embezzlement of money from Situ Rui and also Liu Yue, after this problem is over, Situ Rui will definitely look for and sue these people.

Situ Rui "I agree with Ye Chen's plan, and we must do it as soon as possible Tomorrow, Yue'er Immediately arrange everything well and correctly, so that this plan can succeed one hundred percent".

Liu Yue "good grandma I'll try my best to do it".

Liu Yue immediately called his Secretary and asked him to notify all shareholders to have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at the main building.

"Rui's grandmother, this is a pill for you. I hope after taking this pill you can get well soon" Ye Chen took out a bottle that contained a green pill, then Ye Chen handed it to Situ Rui.

Situ Rui: "thank you very much" situ Rui received the bottle.

"Then I will go home first" Because it was enough night Ye Chen wanted to immediately return to his villa.

Liu Yue: "Okay, but don't forget to come to the meeting tomorrow
"Yes, tomorrow I will definitely come. "After that Ye Chen congratulated Liu Yue and Situ Rui and left the ward.

Situ Rui: "Yue'Er you found a very good boy, is Ye Chen your boyfriend? ".

Hearing what he said, Liu Yue's face immediately blushed. "Grandma, what are you saying, me and Ye Chen are just ordinary friends, we don't have a special relationship." Liu Yue immediately denied the words of her grandmother.

"Hahaha look at your red face, grandma doesn't mind you having a lover, at your age you should be married now" Rui's grandmother teased Liu Yue.

Liu Yue "grandma don't tease me anymore or I'll start ignoring you".

"Well good I will not tease you anymore" Situ Rui smiled at the behavior of his granddaughter who was shy.

After that Situ Rui rested again.

Ye Chen got out of the hospital and headed to where He parked his car.

Ye Chen didn't ride his car instead Ye Chen put his car into the fairy gate storage, Ye Chen would rather fly to shorten the time he returned to his villa.