Journey To Become A True God Chapter 59

59 1 Vs 100 People

Ye Chen went to the parking lot and put his sports car into the fairy gate storage. After finding out the fairy gate has a storage room that is bigger than the storage ring, Ye Chen now stores all his belongings in the fairy gate storage room.

Ye Chen returned to his villa by flying because he felt it was much faster than riding in a sports car.

Ye Chen returned to his own villa, Ye Chen immediately entered the fairy gate, it turns out that in the fairy Gate there was no Zhao Yanyan, it seemed that Zhao Yanyan did not enter the Fairy Gate, Ye Chen was quite disappointed.

"Ye Chen, who are you looking at?" Chu Yuechan suddenly stood beside Ye Chen.

"Yuechan did Yanyan not come here?" Ye Chen asked if Zhao Yanyan had come here before.

Chu Yuechan: "Yanyan's younger sister came here after school, and I trained her here for a long time, maybe now she is very tired".

"Actually, what training did you give Yanyan until she was exhausted" Ye Chen was afraid that Chu Yuechan would torture Zhao Yanyan with a pretty heavy training.

Chu Yuechan : "Well of course physical and mental training, that is what Yanyan's younger sister needs to quickly become stronger, even though Yanyan's younger sister has a high enough cultivation base but, her physical strength is still quite weak, therefore I trained She very tight" .

Ye Chen knew that climbing the path of the cultivator was not easy, before becoming like this Ye Chen also experienced the same thing that was experienced by Zhao Yanyan at this time.

Ye Chen remembered that the first training given by Gu Xuan to him was 200x push-ups, 200x sit-ups, 200x squat jumps, 200kg weight lifting 200x and 20 km running.

but thanks to the Exercise Now Ye Chen became a Great Cultivator.

because Zhao Yanyan wasn't there, Ye Chen went to cultivate in the practice room.

When Ye Chen finished cultivating and walked out of the fairy gate, it was already morning.

Ye Chen immediately showered and went to school, Ye Chen did not use the car because he did not want to be the center of attention in his school.

When Ye Chen passed the road he used to walk on, Ye Chen found it strange because Usually this road there would be many people passing it, but today not even a single person would pass here.

when Ye Chen used his Spirit Sensei to detect around here Ye Chen could find around 100 people carrying sharp weapons hiding in several places.

Ye Chen felt that he was being assaulted by someone, Ye Chen pretended not to know and continued walking forward.

When Ye Chen arrived in front of the people who were hiding they all came out one by one with the sharp weapons they were carrying, there were about 100 people who were carrying sharp weapons.

These people were standing a few meters from Ye Chen, those people were paving the way in the Middle of the Crowd, it seemed like the person who came out from behind the line was their boss.

This person is wearing a fur coat and smoking a cigar in his mouth.

Ye Chen really did not know this person. even Ye Chen never remembered having problems with these people.

"What do you want from me?" Ye Chen asked their boss.
for visiting.

"Wolf's brother, he is the one who dares to say we want to get rid of our gang from the face of this earth," a young man came out of the crowd and said to the man wearing a fur coat.

Ye Chen was very familiar with this young man, this person was the bad guys from Sen Tu who Ye Chen had hit yesterday, Ye Chen had no idea that this person was still brave looking for trouble with him, even after Ye Chen had warned them yesterday.

"What else are you waiting for Quickly Go kill that person, I want you to bring his head to me" The Red Wolf gangster Boss ordered all his men to kill Ye Chen.

The hundred people advanced towards Ye Chen, trying to kill Ye Chen.

How could normal people like this be a match for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only needed to use his bare hands to defeat these people

"BAM ... BAM ... BAM ... BAM ... BAM ... BAM ... BAM ... BAM ..." The gang men who attacked Ye Chen. Fly one by one.

one person with bare hands against 100 people using weapons, this is a battle that cannot be imagined by ordinary people.

but the results really make people not believe that 1 person can really Make 100 people depressed.

The gangster red wolf boss who saw this also could hardly believe it, seeing Ye Chen like a general raging on the battlefield, and none of his men could prevent Ye Chen from running amok.

100 people immediately reduced to 50, and 50 reduced to 25, until 100 people were really lying on the ground with bloody mouths.

Red wolf gangster boss really can't believe what he is seeing, for Red wolf boss Ye Chen is currently a monster.

Ye Chen walked closer towards the Red Wolf gangster Boss.

"Don't come near or I'll shoot you" The Red Wolf gangster boss pulled out a gun from his coat pocket and aimed it at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paid no heed to the threat from the wolf boss and kept coming towards the Red Wolf gangster boss.

"Bang" the red wolf Gangster boss fired his gun at Ye Chen and hit Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen only felt someone throw him with a small pebble, and Ye Chen accelerated his steps towards the red wolf gangster boss.

The red wolf gangster boss named AI Lang, Ai Lang who saw that Ye Chen was really a lump of bullet, Ai Lang's entire body trembled and fell to the streets.

Ai Lang felt that he had just offended someone he could not offend, Ai Lang immediately bowed and asked forgiveness from Ye Chen.

"Predecessor please forgive me for offending you" Ai Lang bowed down and asked forgiveness from Ye Chen, someone like Ye Chen might indeed be able to make the entire Red Wolf Gang disappear from the face of this earth.

Ai Lang began to curse his men who offended people like this.