Journey To Become A True God Chapter 60

60 Sen Tu Became A Joke Material In Public

"Didn't you say you wanted to kill me? Where did your courage go?" Ye Chen grabbed Ai Lang's hair and lifted him from the road.

Ai Lang "Forerunner, please forgive me, I will not repeat this mistake for the second time and I promise not to look for trouble with you anymore" Ai Lang hopes that Ye Chen will let go of himself.

"Okay, I will forgive you, but with one condition, you have to hit your own face 50 times then I will let you go" Ye Chen told the biggest gang boss in this city to slap himself.

Ai Lang had no choice but to slap himself as hard as possible.

In this city, who doesn't know Ai Lang, the big boss of the Red Wolf Gang who has a lot of followers, normal people will definitely get as far away from Ai Lang as possible so they don't get into trouble. Even influential people in this city also avoid friction with the Red Wolf Gang, because of being afraid of getting into a problem that is not cold, if this is known by someone else, their jaws will definitely fall to the floor.

Ye Chen saw Ai Lang's two cheeks that were like pig's buttocks "This time was the last time a warning from me, if you were still looking for trouble again with me then there would be no more words of apology" after that Ye Chen immediately went towards the Hexing school.

Ai Lang Who saw Ye Chen leaving could finally feel relieved, Ai Lang had never been embarrassed until like this before, even though he had been treated like this by Ye Chen, Ai Lang didn't have the courage to avenge people as strong as Ye Chen, see Ye Chen who could defeat all of his subordinates in less than 2 minutes made Ai Lang shudder.

Ai Lang guessed that Ye Chen's identity was unusual, there were two identities that could be thought of by Ai Lang, the first A Top Rank Rank killer, the second was an agent of the government, only people like that had the power to defeat 100 people alone.

That's why if Ai Lang wants to deal with Ye Chen he has to hire a Top Rank Assassin to get rid of Ye Chen, but the cost to do so must be tens / even hundreds of millions, instead of throwing that much money to kill one person Ai Lang prefers to use it for pleasure Himself.

Ai Lang: Hey swine die, let's hurry up, we're back to the headquarters right now "Ai Lang kicked some of his men to wake up.

These people were beaten up by Ye Chen quite badly, they even had difficulty standing up, but because of their orders all immediately rose up to help one another, they all headed for the Red Wolf Gang Headquarters to conduct a treatment for the wounds they suffered.

Ye Chen finally arrived in his classroom, Zhao Yanyan had come earlier. From Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan didn't read the book as usual, Zhao Yanyan sat on his chair and closed his eyes.

Ye Chen then walked closer to Zhao Yanyan, it seemed that Zhao Yanyan was unaware of Ye Chen's arrival, Ye Chen then put his lips close to Zhao Yanyan and kissed Zhao Yanyan's cheek.

Zhao Yanyan who was studying the Melody Goddess Technique was Surprised and immediately opened her eyelids, and looked to the side.

Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen smile at him "Ye Chen, you surprised me, I thought it was someone else" Yanyan Panic and immediately opened his eyes, It turns out the person who kissed Himself was Ye Chen.

"Yanyan I miss you so much, why didn't you come to the Fairy gate last night?" Ye Chen wanted to know why Zhao Yanyan didn't enter the fairy gate.

Zhao Yanyan: "You know I'm in my grandfather's house, if my grandfather found out that I suddenly disappeared from the room he would definitely be very worried and look for me, so I can only stay in the room overnight".

"You really have a grandfather who is very Over-power in protecting you".

Zhao Yanyan "well what can I do, in my family only I, my grandmother and my grandfather are left, so surely my grandfather will not let me experience bad things happen to me".

Ye Chen didn't know that Zhao Yanyan didn't have any parents, Zhao Yanyan's life was almost similar to Ye Chen's, which was no longer having parents, except that Ye Chen didn't know who his parents were.

"Oh yeah, Ye Chen went last night. Where did you go?" Zhao Yanyan asked what did Ye Chen do last night.

Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan what he had gone through last night, from the time Ye Chen sold the Heavenly Peaches to visiting Grandmother Liu Yue, even though there were some that Ye Chen didn't tell Zhao Yanyan about Lin Rouxi who kissed him.

"Ye Chen, you're really quite popular. Apparently, it seems like soon I have a new sister," Zhao Yanyan giggled after hearing Ye Chen's story.

Zhao Yanyan didn't expect that Ye Chen also knew Liu Yue Yang, the richest woman in this city, for Luo Bing Zhao Yanyan still didn't know about this woman, but Ye Chen said that this woman was also a cultivator.

"They are only acquaintances Can and there is nothing special about our relationship" Ye Chen immediately told Zhao Yanyan about his relationship with the women.

Zhao Yanyan "Well I do not mind even though you have a relationship with these women as long as you keep loving me in your heart I will not mind".

Ye Chen felt strange because Zhao Yanyan continued to encourage him to look for another woman, whether Zhao Yanyan was only testing Ye Chen's Love or indeed she let Ye Chen have another woman, Ye Chen was really confused with Zhao Yanyan's way of thinking.

Zhao Yanyan leaned his head on Ye Chen's shoulder and closed his eyes, Zhao Yanyan felt very safe when he was near Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt someone who looked at him with a hostile look, when Ye Chen looked for it, it turned out that the person who was looking at him with a hostile look was Sen Tu.

Ye Chen Remember that Sen Tu was the one who had sent the gangsters to deal with Ye Chen.

"You'll see, I'll make a calculation with you Sen Tu" Ye Chen will make Sentu pay for what he tried to make to Ye Chen
for visiting.

The entrance bell rang, Today was a lesson from Lin Rouxi, when Lin Rouxi entered the classroom Lin Rouxi bowed his head, When Lin Rouxi saw Ye Chen Lin Rouxi's face was red like an apple.

Last night's events really still made an impression in Lin Rouxi's mind, that's why Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed when meeting with Ye Chen.

The lesson proceeded as usual, after the break rang Lin Linxi Immediately left the classroom, strangely Lin Rouxi did not call Ye Chen to go to his room for a free lunch.

Today Zhao Yanyan also did not bring lunch, so Ye Chen could only go to the School canteen with Zhao Yanyan to buy food.

On the way to the School canteen it happened that Ye Chen saw Sen Tu a few meters in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen Terseyum cunningly took out an illusionary spell paper and threw it at Sen Tu, this was unknown to anyone except Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn't wait for the show to be watched by Sen Tu later.

Upon arriving at the school canteen, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan ordered food and then looked for a place to sit.

Ye Chen continued to see the movements of Sen Tu, in the Illusion of Paper spells, Sen Tu saw a very beautiful woman, this was a very beautiful woman who had a very perfect body, what more could this woman really be half naked, the woman's fingers invited Sen Tu to come towards him

Sen Tu who saw beauty like this where could possibly keep him, so Sen Tu took off his clothes, Sen Tu only left her underwear and pounced towards the beautiful woman.

"Ahhh Please" All students in the school canteen immediately focus their attention towards the person who just asked for help.

When the students in the canteen saw it they were all dumbfounded. The eyes of the students who saw this widened. With disbelief at the scene they were seeing right now, because right now Sen Tu who was only wearing underwear was trying to do something that was indecent to someone, Moreover, what he was raping was the same sex

This is the famous Sen Tu As a Tyrant who is in this school.

People who try to separate Sentu Really are overwhelmed by the power possessed by Sen Tu.

Sen Tu is currently like a raging animal, more people are trying to separate Sentu from students who are being recorded by Sentu, unfortunately these people were actually slapped by Sen Tu.

For Sentu people who try to separate him from Beautiful women, Like flies that bother him because of anger Sentu slaps the flies.

The teachers and school security officers who received this report immediately went to the office and looked at this embarrassing event.

Soon the school teacher separated Sentu and tied it with a rope so Sen Tu could not fight.

And Sen Tu was brought by the teacher and the school security officer to leave the beatiful.

The students who saw this immediately whispered to each other, even some people photographed it and brought it up to social media, it seems that the news of Sentu who tried to **** a man would be really popular.