Journey To Become A True God Chapter 61

61 Become A Public Enemy

Seeing what happened to Sen Tu Ye Chen Terseyum with great satisfaction.

Actually Ye Chen wanted to see Sen Tu's face when he woke up from the influence of the illusion spell, unfortunately Sen Tu had been taken away by the teacher, so Ye Chen would not be able to see Sen Tu's reaction when he woke up.

Zhao Yanyan could already guess who the person who did this to Sen Tu.

"Ye Chen, you are so naughty," Zhao Yanyan Terseyum was naughty to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "let it go, who told him to look for a problem with me, you know today he sent 100 people to kill me".

Zhao Yanyan didn't expect that Sen Tu would actually want to kill Ye Chen, "It seems like Sen Tu is looking for trouble with the wrong person, now he feels his revenge." Zhao Yanyan supports Ye Chen.

"Now Sen Tu will definitely not dare to reveal his face in public" Ye Chen Terseyum witnessed the misfortune that happened to Sen Tu.

This world is a cruel place if Ye Chen doesn't have the strength maybe now Ye Chen is a person who will lie in the hospital, if Ye Chen doesn't act cruel enough then Sen Tu will definitely continue to look for trouble With Ye Chen, Ye Chen is already kind hearted not make Sen Tu disabled / stupid.

The food that Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan ordered finally arrived, both of them immediately ate the food they ordered.

"Oh who is this ?? aren't you Ye Chen's girlfriend, it seems like you've left Ye Chen and found a new handsome man, I know you can't stand poor men like Ye Chen. "

a woman's voice disturbed Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan who were eating, this voice Ye Chen was very familiar with, of course this was Yu Ting and Hu Ji's affair, These two people always bothered Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan: "Do you not see that me and Ye Chen are still together, I think you should check your observation to the doctor, maybe you have nearsightedness" Zhao Yanyan is not too fond of Ye Chen's ex-girlfriend.

According to Zhao Yanyan, Yu Ting always insulted Ye Chen which made She unhappy with this, especially the man beside Yu Ting, besides wealth there was nothing good about this person.

When Yu Ting was heading to the canteen, Yu Ting saw a female figure

the beauty he met a few days ago, this beautiful woman was a woman who claimed to be Ye Chen's girlfriend.

But seeing that Zhao Yanyan was together with a man who was not Ye Chen, Yu Ting immediately approached him and wanted to tease him, but Yu Ting had no idea that Zhao Yanyan was even insulting himself.

Yu Ting: "Who do you call Nearsightedness, you still want to dodge it, you eat with a handsome man next to you and even look very intimate with him".

Yu Ting did not know that the person next to Zhao Yanyan was Ye Chen, because now Ye Chen was not wearing a leather mask and was using his current real face.

Yu Ting had to admit that Zhao Yanyan's tastes were very good, she could get a handsome man like this, which even Yu Ting was a little interested in.

Zhao Yanyan: "That is why I say that you are nearsighted, do you not see that he is Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan said that the handsome man in sebalhany was Ye Chen.

"Ah !! how could he be Ye Chen? Yu Ting could hardly believe that the handsome man beside Zhao Yanyan was Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen turn into this handsome in just a few days.

Because of the screams made by Yu Ting, many students at the school looked at Yu Ting and Ye Chen.

Some female students who were gossiping while eating also looked at Ye Chen.

"Hey Who is that handsome man I have never seen in this school".
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"Maybe he is a transfer student, but you're right he is very handsome".

"Ah, he is from my class, he is very handsome, but unfortunately he is very close to Zhao Yanyan, so I do not dare to approach him" in this school Who does not know Zhao Yanyan, even though the women in this school are known to be pretty pretty but it's still far if compared to Zhao Yanyan.

Many women started talking about Ye Chen, Yu Ting did not like Ye Chen who became more popular than him, so Yu Ting made a way to publicly put Ye Chen in public.

Yu Ting "Ye Chen you must do surgery on your face right, if not how it is possible in just a few days you can turn into like this" Yu Ting suspected that Ye Chen had surgery on his face.

"How could I have the money to do that, your imagination is too high?" Ye Chen denied what Yu Ting said.

Yu Ting could not believe what Ye Chen said, "You must have made your girlfriend pay for all your surgery costs, that must have happened," this time Yu Ting suspected that the person who was supporting Ye Chen was Zhao Yanyan, Yu Ting only remembered that Zhao Yanyan was a rich girl, for Zhao Yanyan to pay for Ye Chen's facial surgery it must be very easy to do.

Ye Chen did not want to bother explaining everything to Yu Ting anyway, she was also who Ye Chen was right now, so what did Ye Chen explain to him?

Ye Chen didn't want to stay any longer here, Ye Chen could feel the gazes of the women who roamed him, on one side many men were staring at Ye Chen with a killing look for stealing their goddess Zhao Yanyan.

"Yanyan, let's go from this place," Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to leave the canteen.

Zhao Yanyan hadn't finished eating all of his food, because Ye Chen wanted to leave here. Zhao Yanyan had to follow him.

Ye Chen immediately paid for all the food they ordered and left this place.

"Hey Ye Chen where are you going, are you afraid to admit that you did surgery on your face, hahaha, I know that you don't dare to admit it, being the white face of your girlfriend, are you not ashamed" Yu Ting said that in a voice Loud enough so everyone can hear it.

Ye Chen didn't care too much about what Yu Ting had just said, for Ye Chen Yuting like a dog to open its collar, it would be a waste of time dealing with Yu Ting.

Maybe Ye Chen didn't care too much about what Yu Ting had just said, but not to Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan was patient enough with the attitude that Yu Ting showed, but Yu Ting kept going and insulting Ye Chen which made Zhao Yanyan very annoyed.

Not only Zhao Yanyan was angry, but some women who liked Ye Chen at first glance were also angry with Yu Ting's words, They looked at Yu Ting with a look of hostility.

"Before you insult others you should look at yourself, aren't you just a prostitute raised by the man beside you" Zhao Yanyan immediately said.

Hu Ji, who at the beginning looked quite proud, now his face blackened, what Zhao Yanyan had just said was like someone throwing shit at him.

Yu Ting was not too happy about what Zhao Yanyan said: "Who do you call a prostitute huh? If that's what you deserve to be a prostitute with your pretty face". Yu Ting said quite loudly, many men in the school cafeteria looked at Yu Ting with a look of hostility.

Just now someone dared to call the goddess in their hearts as prostitutes, secret admirers of Zhao Yanyan were very angry with Yu Ting, they looked at Yu Ting with a very hostile look.

Hu Ji could feel the angry gaze from the crowd in the School canteen. If Hu Ji continued to be here he was afraid that he would be targeted by these people, so Hu Ji immediately dragged Yu Ting away from this place.

"Husband. Why did you drag me away, I'm not done talking to him yet" Yu Ting complained to Hu Ji.

Hu Ji did not say anything and continued to drag Yu Ting away from the school canteen.

Seeing Hu Ji's fear Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan looked at each other and smiled.