Journey To Become A True God Chapter 62

62 Was Almost Discovered By Lin Rouxi

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan left the school canteen, both of them did not immediately return to class, Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to the park behind the school.

Ye Chen wanted to spend more time alone with Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen saw that Zhao Yanyan was a little sullen so Ye Chen asked "Yanyan what's up? "

"That I am still a little upset with the girl whose name is Yu Ting, She is always insulting you, but husband Why do you not want to Fight" Zhao Yanyan Asked why Ye Chen remained silent even though insulted like that.

Ye Chen: "Wife why are you bothering bothering those two people, from the start they just wanted to brag about themselves, and the reason Yu Ting was always looking for trouble with me was because she didn't accept me getting a girl who was better and more beautiful than him".

" Is it true? "Zhao Yanyan was very pleased to hear Ye Chen praise her.

"How could I lie to my beautiful wife, Yanyan is the most beautiful girl in the whole world" Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan in his arms.

Zhao Yanyan felt very happy in his heart to hear the man he loved praising him.

Ye Chen was very grateful to Yu Ting, because now Ye Chen could embrace Beauty like Zhao Yanyan in his arms.

The two of them looked at each other and the two lips approached each other, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan Kissing, Ye Chen started to Insert his tongue into Zhao Yanyan's soul, Zhao Yanyan moaned and began to greet Ye Chen's tongue, both kissing for a long time.

Ye Chen began to be dissatisfied, Ye Chen's hands wandered around the top of the chest Selecting Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen began to squeeze and pinch the two pink Cerry belonging to Zhao Yanyan.

"Ah! ! ! husband don't "Zhao Yanyan tried to protest, but Ye Chen immediately Kissed Zhao Yanyan again.

Ye Chen started playing the peak of Zhao Yanyan which was developing, with stimulation like this, Zhao Yanyan's brain became empty and Zhao Yanyan could only accept what Ye Chen would do to his body.

Ye Chen Stop kissing Zhao Yanyan and whisper in Zhao Yanyan's ear "Your body's wife is very fragrant" Ye Chen then bit Zhao Yanyan's ear.

"Ahhhh! ! ! ! "Ye Chen's stimulation was extraordinary, Zhao Yanyan no longer had the strength to rebel anymore and could only continue to accept this endless pleasure.

Ye Chen used all the skills he had learned from the king's heart book, therefore Zhao Yanyan had tremendous pleasure.

Ye Chen's hands began to fall between Zhao Yanyan's smooth thighs, Seeing Ye Chen's hands began to descend into the Forbidden area Zhao Yanyan tried to stop him.

"Don't Someone's Husband might come here" Zhao Yanyan was afraid that others would see what He and Ye Chen were doing.

"Just calm down as long as someone approaches I can definitely detect it" Ye Chen then moved Zhao Yanyan's blocking hand and started playing with Zhao Yanyan's lower lip.

As Ye Chen played with the restricted area belonging to Zhao Yayan, Zhao Yanyan felt more and more pleasure.

Zhao Yanyan then kissed Ye Chen again, the two continued to have fun. Zhao Yanyan could feel the majesty of Ye Chen's sister in his buttocks.

"My wife wants," Ye Chen said in Zhao Yanyan's ear.
for visiting.

Zhao Yanyan knew what Ye Chen wanted from him, but right now they were in the open, Zhao Yanyan was very ashamed.

Zhao Yanyan: "No husband now, I can promise you tonight, okay? "

"But my wife is very uncomfortable. Are you going to leave me like this?" Ye Chen complained that his little brother who had raised his spear was ready to fight.

Zhao Yanyan saw that Ye Chen's groin was swollen, Zhao Yanyan had read in the book that this kind of thing was very uncomfortable for men.

"Husband, what if I help you with my hands?" Zhao Yanyan shyly said.

Ye Chen agreed with what was suggested by Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan to a bench that sat the most corner that can not be seen by others.

Zhao Yanyan Kneeling between Ye Chen's legs, Zhao Yanyan could see a sizable bulge between Ye Chen's feet, Zhao Yanyan's hand awkwardly began to unzip Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen's Big Meat Stick came out of his pants, Zhao Yanyan was very surprised to see this huge and sturdy object, Zhao Yanyan could not believe something this large could enter his body yesterday.

Zhao Yanyan's hand began to touch Ye Chen's younger brother, Zhao Yanyan could feel that the meat stick was very hot in his hand, because one hand was not enough to hold it Zhao Yanyan used both hands.

Zhao Yanyan's breathing had gone down and his face was very red, Zhao Yanyan began to move his hands up and down slowly.

Ye Chen felt Zhao Yanyan's hand was very soft and it felt very pleasant when Zhao Yanyan moved it up and down.

Zhao Yanyan who saw Ye Chen's enjoyment's face accelerated up and down.

After 15 minutes Zhao Yanyan helped Ye Chen still not come out, Zhao Yanyan's hand was already feeling very tired at this time "Ye Chen you have not come out, my hands are tired enough" Zhao Yanyan Megeluh To Ye Chen.

"The wife will be okay soon" Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan to continue.

Zhao Yanyan continued to help Ye Chen with his hands.

"Ye Chen" suddenly called a voice from behind YE Chen .

Surprised Ye Chen brought out all of the White Magma on Zhao Yanyan's face,

"Ah! ! ! Zhao Yanyan shouted because he wasn't ready for it, and his entire face was covered by Ye Chen's white liquid.

Ye Chen was very familiar with this voice, Ye Chen looked back and saw that Lin Rouxi had already stood a few feet from Ye Chen.

Fortunately behind Ye Chen's bench sitting at this time, there was a bush that was quite tall, only Ye Chen's head could be seen by Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi Couldn't See Zhao Yanyan who was kneeling in front of Ye Chen and holding Ye Chen's little brother, what more was Zhao Yanyan's face now covered in thick white liquid.

If Lin Rouxi saw this surely she would be very surprised, and did not know what face would be made by Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher Lin what are you doing here" Ye Chen immediately greeted Lin Rouxi so as not to be suspicious of what Ye Chen was doing.

"It's not me who should be asking like that" Lin Rouxi then walked towards Ye Chen.

Even though the Sound made by Zhao Yanyan was quite small, Lin Rouxi could hear it, which was why Lin Rouxi was very curious and approached towards Ye Chen.

Seeing Lin Rouxi approaching Ye Chen's heart and also Zhao Yanyan was racing fast, if this was discovered by Lin Rouxi it would be a problem.

Ye Chen began to think of knocking Lin Rouxi unconscious so he would not see this.

"Ding ... ding ... ding ... ding" the sound of the bell sounded.

Lin Rouxi stopped his footsteps towards Ye Chen "Ye Chen hurry back to class the lesson will start immediately" after saying that Lin Rouxi turned around and returned to the school building.

Ye Chen was relieved to see Lin Rouxi leave here. "Ahhhh! ! ! " Ye Chen shouted in pain because Zhao Yanyan gripped his younger brother very strongly.

Ye Chen could see Zhao Yanyan's angry face, According to Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan's angry face was quite funny.

"Obscene Ye Chen, die Ye Chen, you said you could detect anyone who was coming here, then why did Rouxi's sister almost caught us".

Ye Chen "Wife is not angry, I'm trapped by the pleasure given by your hands to forget and lower my guard".

"Who is your wife? Huh, next time you will not help you anymore" after saying that Zhao Yanyan wiped her face with her handkerchief and walked back to class.

Ye Chen knew Zhao Yanyan was angry, so Ye Chen followed Zhao Yanyan and continued to persuade him not to be angry.