Journey To Become A True God Chapter 64

64 Not According To Plan

Liu Yue Invited everyone to the meeting room, Ye Chen pushed Situ Rui's wheelchair, Luo Bing was currently following behind Liu Yue.

When Ye Chen entered into the room, Ye Chen saw that there were a total of 32 people who were already in this room, among them Ye Chen Kenal namely Bai Sheng, behind Bai Sheng there was also Bai San, and Du Yao, they stood and looked like bodyguards .
for visiting.

Ye Chen did not know why Bai San and Du Yao were following this meeting, didn't they not have a Special Position within Liu Yue's company.

Everyone's focus is of course Liu Yue and Luo Bing, these two beauties are really a perfect combination, the beauty of both can spoil the eyes of the men who see it.

After Situ Rui entered everyone immediately stood up "greeting the director of Situ" everyone immediately saluted Situ Rui.

Situ Rui Terseyum and told everyone to sit back, actually Situ Rui was very disgusted with the people in Bai Sheng's camp, after learning that people were actually loan sharks in his company.

Everyone immediately occupied their seats and only Ye Chen and Luo Bing did not sit.

Luo Bing was behind Liu Yue and Ye Chen was behind Situ Rui.

Situ Rui: "Alright, I'll just get to the point, the reason I called you here is because I have something to say, you know that my health has deteriorated lately, so I decided to give all my shares to Liu Yue, and from now on I will resign from the position of director ".

Shareholders have guessed that this will happen sooner or later.

"Luo Bing brought the documents" Situ Rui told the Luo Bing police to bring the transfer documents.

Luo Bing immediately handed over a document to Situ Rui, after that Liu Yue and Situ Rui both signed the document.

With this right, Situ Rui's share rights officially belong to Liu Yue, Liu Yue is now not only a CEO but also a director of this company.

"How about we celebrate this good thing by cheating" Bai Sheng Yang first raised his tea cup and invited everyone to toast.

Actually Bai Sheng had told Du Yao to put Mind Control poison into Situ Rui's and Liu Yue's tea, as well as the shareholders who were not in his camp.

Bai Sheng knew that Situ Rui would attend this meeting, so Bai Sheng decided to speed up his plans.

Ye Chen had felt something was wrong with this tea from the moment he entered, Ye Chen estimated that this tea had been poisoned by Du Yao.

"Grandmother Situ and Miss Liu Yue how do I make a special tea for you" Ye Chen immediately positioned himself as a servant of Liu Yue and Situ Rui, Ye Chen also gave a signal to Liu Yue with a blink of an eye, to participate in his plan.

Liu Yue was a smart woman, Liu Yue suspected that something was wrong with this tea, so Liu Yue began to work with Ye Chen "Yes, please make a delicious tea as usual"

Hearing this, Bai Sheng's face turned black, Bai Sheng did not expect that this boy from nowhere had interfered with the Perfect Plan he had made.

"Ceo Liu, director of Situ This tea has the best taste in the whole world, besides the price is very expensive, I'm afraid in this world there is no more tea that can match this .

Liu Yue: "Sorry uncle Bai. But, I prefer to drink tea made by Ye Chen".

"But CEO Liu wouldn't waste money if nobody drank this tea" Bai Sheng went on and on insisting that Liu Yue and Situ Rui drink this tea.

The shareholders also don't dare to drink their tea because Liu Yue and Situ Rui haven't wanted to drink it.

"What if this tea is given to the two people behind Mr. Bai, it is not good to let them stand alone and not give them a drink" Ye Chen immediately brought the tea to Bai San and Du Yao.

Luo Bing is currently confused with Ye Chen's true status, Luo Bing thinks Ye Chen is Liu Yue's friend, but now Ye CHen is acting as Liu Yue's Waiter. it's likely Liu Yue lent his car to Ye Chen.

Luo Bing's mind was very chaotic because of Thinking about this "wait why am I bothering thinking about this bad boy Humm, whatever it is, it's none of my business" Luo Bing discarded such thoughts, and returned to his true self.

"This friend is tea for you" Ye Chen first handed the cup to Bai San, Bai San was hesitant to accept the Cup from Ye Chen, because Bai San knew that in this tea had been poisoned by Du Yao.

Bai San Can Only Stare at his father, Bai Sheng replied with a nod, saw his father nod Bai San gritted his teeth and took the tea from Ye Chen's hands.

"Now this one friend is also for you" this time Ye Chen handed over tea to the person who had given poison to this tea.

Du Yao did not receive that tea but Terseyum told Ye Chen "Boy do you know I hate the most people who disturb my business"

"What friend did you say I don't understand?" Ye Chen pretended to be stupid and didn't know anything.

"Don't pretend to be a fool in front of me" After saying that Du Yao took out a needle from behind his shirt and stabbed right in Ye Chen's chest.

after being stabbed by the Needle right in his chest Ye Chen fell to the floor, and was unconscious.

"Ye Chen !!!" Liu Yue and Situ Rui both called out Ye Chen's name in a panic in panic.

"Bai Sheng, what did your people do to Ye Chen?" Liu Yue was immediately angry with Bai Sheng.

Bai Sheng did not think that Du Yao would suddenly stab Ye Chen "Du Yao what you really want to do" Bai Sheng immediately said to Du Yao.

"Bai Sheng, I'm sick of playing, let's just finish the plan." Du Yao immediately walked towards Liu Yue and Situ Rui, Du Yao also took out another poison needle from behind his arm.

Liu Yue and Situ Rui were scared when Du Yao approached them, this was not according to their plan from the start, what else was Liu Yue relying heavily on Ye Chen, but now Liu Yue saw that Ye Chen was lying on the floor whether alive or dead.

Liu Yue remembers that next to her was the female police officer Luo Bing, "Luo police please arrest that person." Liu Yue could only hope that Luo Bing would stop Du Yao.

Luo Bing, who had been silent all this time, finally moved, Luo Bing took out a powder from a bag and threw it into the air, one by one the people who inhaled this powder began to lose consciousness and fainted.

"Ye Chen" Liu Yue called Ye Chen's name for the last time before she fainted.

The powder that Luo Bing just threw was a sleeper, all those who inhale this powder will not wake up anytime soon.

"Hmmm, it turns out you're also a cultivator, it looks like I'll have a beautiful New Doll hahaha" Du Yao seemed to have just gotten a very tasty prey.

Du Yao did not know that he was actually the prey himself

If Du Yao knew the true level of cultivation of Luo Bing, surely Du Yao had run away like a cat that his tail had stepped on from before.

Luo Bing's face was still the same as before. Very cold, and indifferent, there wasn't even a trace of anger on Luo Bing's face right now.

"I don't know who you are and what you want, as long as you turn yourself in well then I won't do any rude ways to catch you," Luo Bing told Du Yao to immediately turn himself in.

How could Du Yao want to give up, Du Yao immediately fired several rancid projectiles that went to Luo Bing.