Journey To Become A True God Chapter 65

65 Luo Bing Vs Du Yao

Luo Bing raised his palm, a blue light enveloped Luo Bing's entire palm, Luo Bing used his palm to deflect the needle Throwed by Du Yao.

"Clank. . . . . Clank. . . . "When Du Yao's needle collided with Luo Bing's palm, making a sound that was quite loud, like colliding with steel.

The needle that Du Yao threw possessed power that was almost the same as a bullet, but Luo Bing easily deflected it with his bare hands.

"I gave you the last chance, hurry up and surrender yourself" Luo Bing's face was still as indifferent as before.

Luo Bing didn't even regard Du Yao as a threat to him, however Luo Bing's cultivation level was at the Earth Realm stage. While Du Yao's cultivation level was only Spirit Profound Realm in the early stages, the difference in stiffness was very far.

That's why Luo Bing has 100% confidence to defeat Du Yao.

As a practitioner in the field of poison, the combat power possessed by Du Yao can be said to be quite weak, but Du Yao has several poisons that can threaten his enemies, even though Luo Bing has strength over him Du Yao is sure to defeat Luo Bing in this fight .

Du Yao did not know that their power difference was like heaven and earth

"Don't joke, you're a woman, even though your power is above me doesn't mean you can defeat me easily, Let me show you how scary the poison cultivator is." Du Yao's skin changed color to a blackish black color, let alone Du Yao's body emitting steam as if it was on fire, whoever touching Du Yao's skin will definitely be directly contaminated with this poison.

"Poison Killer body mode" is a Special Technique that belongs to the Du Yao Poison Sect.

Du Yao opened his mouth wide, from inside Du Yao's mouth came out a black sword, this is a fighting weapon owned by Du Yao.

"Shall we begin?" Du Yao raised his sword and hurried towards Luo Bing.

Luo Bing was disgusted seeing the sword come out from Du Yao's stomach, Luo Bing then solidified his deep strength and made a sword out of ice.

Luo Bing then stepped forward and collided with sword skills with Du Yao.

Clang . . ., Clang. . . ., Clang. . . ., Clang. . . ., Clang. . . ., Clang. . . .,

The collision between the two swords was unavoidable, especially Luo Bing had to fight in this fairly narrow room, with innocent people in it, so Luo Bing had to be careful not to hurt these people.

Du Yao is currently very depressed under Luo Bing's sword technique, Du Yao who was supposed to be a Peyerang changed position to become a survivor of Luo Bing's sword attack.

Luo Bing Aiming his ice sword towards Du Yao's shoulders, Du Yao who saw the direction of this attack immediately dodged, Luo Bing's sword slash suddenly changed direction, Du Yao was not ready with that and was hit by Luo Bing's swords just in his chest.

Du Yao Yang who was just hit by Luo Bing's attack immediately retreated back, and looked for a safe position.

What came out of the wound on Du Yao's chest was not blood, it was a black liquid, the black liquid was dripping on the floor, the floor that was hit by the black liquid immediately issued a vapor of smoke, this black liquid was like a very strong acid.

Luo Bing looked at his ice sword, the sword was also contaminated with this black liquid, little by little also eroded by this black liquid.

Seeing this Luo Bing slightly raised his eyebrows, this sword was removed using the power of the fourth level Earth Realm.

It seems like the poison in Du Yao's body really cannot be underestimated.

"Hand Poison Killer Technique" Du Yao Directing His Palm Towards Luo Bing, The Hand Poison Killer Technique Flew towards Luo Bing.

"Ice Barrier" Luo Bing made a barrier from the Deep Ice Enery.

Du Yao's "Bam" Hand Poison Killer Technique struck Luo Bing's Barrier.

Luo Bing's barrier did not even budge in the slightest bit from Du Yao's attack

Du Yao "Tch doesn't work, it seems like this woman's strength is far from my initial expectations".

"There seems to be no other choice but to use the technique," Du Yao then closed his eyes.

Du Yao's body released a black gas which is very concentrated, this gas contains poison which can kill anyone who breathes it in a short time.

The name of the Du Yao Ultimate technique is called Scorpion poisonous refiner, this technique has claimed the lives of many cultivators in the Spirit Profound Realm realm.

This poisonous scorpion refiner starts to spread in all directions.

saw Du Yao wanting to poison everyone who was here Luo Bing also acted immediately, to cope.
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Luo Bing Takes out her Ice Enery depth, the temperature in this room immediately drops dramatically.

Luo Bing reached out, above Luo Bing's palm, several ice crystals appeared, Luo Bing blew the ice crystal to Du Yao.

Instantly Du Yao turned into a statue of Ice.

"I told you to give up from the beginning, whatever the outcome will be the same as now" Luo Bing did not kill Du Yao but only froze him for a while.

Luo Bing walked towards Ye Chen to confirm Ye Chen's current state.

Before Luo Bing arrived at the place where Ye Chen was lying, someone made a sneak attack towards him, Luo Bing was too late to realize this attack, this attack immediately blew Luo Bing into the wall very loudly "bam. . . . "

Luo Bing hit several walls before he fell to the floor and vomited blood, Luo Bing saw that there was a middle-aged man standing behind where Luo Bing was standing earlier.

This middle-aged man gave off a very strong killing aura, Luo Bing could see that this middle-aged man was releasing a very powerful poison-deep energy.

Luo Bing tried to stand, while trying to stand up, Luo Bing felt his body begin to numb, Luo Bing fell to the floor "I have been poisoned".

"How dare you do this to my brother and sister?" This man turned out to be from the same sect as Du Yao.

Luo Bing couldn't detect the level of this middle-aged man, which indicates that the cultivation level of this man is higher than Luo Bing's.

The middle-aged man walked towards Du Yao, which was frozen into a statue of ice.

Middle-aged man's palm turned black, when the ice that covered Du Yao's body came into contact with this palm, the ice that covered Du Yao's body immediately melted.

After Du Yao's Whole Body Thawed, Du Yao Immediately Greeted this Middle-aged Man "uncle" Khun, Du Yao Immediately Called This middle-aged man by the name Khun.

The name of middle-aged man is Du Khun, although he looks 40 years old, actually Du Khun's age is more than 90 years, Du Khun's cultivation level is also very high, which is the seventh height of the Earth Realm.

there is a large gap between Du Khun and Luo Bing's strength.