Journey To Become A True God Chapter 67

67 One Punch

Du Khun was very angry, he unleashed the full power he had.

"Boy, I'll make you feel what's more frightening than death" Du Khun's body turned black, it's almost like Du Yao, the difference this time the black color is very concentrated, the poison in Du Khun's body is several times stronger than what Du Yao has.

Du Khun then attacked Ye Chen's "Poisonous Claw". Du Khun's left hand turned into an animal claw shape, Du Khun focused all the poisons in his body for this technique.

"Feel this bastard" Du Khun roared and directed the Poisonous Claw to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen mobilized 10 fire swords to the front, 10 flying fire swords formed a circle and made a fire shield for Ye Chen.
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"Bamm" Poisonous Claw technique collided with Ye Chen's Flame Sword, Du Khun Lost and retreated a few meters back.

Du Khun Seeing that his left hand was burning and it hurt, Du Khun did not expect Ye Chen's Flame Sword technique to be that powerful.

Du Khun had never seen such a flame sword technique, even though he had met a top-level sect Du Khun could not remember that there was someone who could use a technique like Ye Chen.

Because the poison sect is a fairly evil sect, the poison sect is often chased by other righteous sects, because of that the poison sect is aligned with other evil sects so that it can Survive from the attack of the True road sect.

"If I fight close to this person I will definitely lose, I have no other choice but to use that" Du khun Giving out a full aura, Du khun then made strange movements.

Ye Chen didn't know what Du Khun wanted to do,

After the Movement is complete, Du Khun's body spasms and spits out a large amount of Black Liquid, this black liquid collects and gradually makes a shape.

The black liquid finally made the shape of a giant scorpion that was 6 meters in size and 3 meters high, the giant scorpion roared towards Ye Chen, Du Khun was currently on top of this scorpion, Du Khun's face was quite pale as Du Khun spent all his energy to summon Monster. this.

"How do you like the summoning technique that I used" Du Khun laughed underestimating Ye Chen.

This scorpion monstery is Du khun's pride, this monstery is a frightening specter for his enemies

"Let's attack" Du Khun ordered a giant monster to attack Ye Chen.

The giant monster roared once more and walked towards Ye Chen, just walking. This monster made the whole ground tremble.

The scorpion monster held out its claws and wanted to cut Ye Chen's body

How could Ye Chen expect the Monster to attack him, Ye Chen's flame sword flew and Cut off the two scorpion's claws.

"Woaaaagggg" The scorpion monster cut off its arm is very angry, the scorpion's arm and claws regenerate rapidly.

Ye Chen who saw this slightly raised his eyebrows, this monster really could regenerate very quickly.

Scorpion monsters use their tails and sting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen dodged all the onslaught of scorpion monsters.

The poison that originated from the scorpion's tail is quite dangerous, even though it can dissolve in just an instant, if it is poisoned by this monster.

Well because Ye Chen's cultivation level was quite high in poison it wasn't dangerous to Ye Chen.

"Tch, this guy is very fast, the movements of my scorpion monster can't follow him at all, the scorpion sprays your poison at him" after being instructed by Du Khun the scorpion monster spits out poison from his mouth, the radius of the poison spout is very wide even covers several hundred meters.

Poisonous Bursts Regarding Ye Chen, the whole place was covered in poison fumes, because all those affected by the spraying of melt and evaporated, even the old warehouse buildings also melted with this poison.

Seeing this Du Khun was very happy, surely Ye Chen had melted after being hit by this poison, "hahaha that jerk must have died right now" Du Khun laughed very happy.

Du Khun's laughter suddenly stopped, Du Khun saw that Ye Chen was still standing upright, even though Ye Chen's upper clothes were melting, but Ye Chen's body had no signs of being injured after being poisoned by a scorpion monster.

This really made Du Khun dumbfounded, even the top Realm earth experts would not dare to accept poison from this scorpion monster without using any protection, and Ye Chen really accepted this poison without using any protection at all.

Du Khun started to be a little afraid of Ye Chen, this person was completely abnormal at all.

"It's quite well that your Monstoxic Poison is, but it's enough to get here Your arrogance" Ye Chen stepped forward and hit the scorpion monster.

"Bammm" Ye Chen's one punch really did make a scorpion monster turn into pieces.

Du Khun who was above the monster, bounced a few dozen meters and crashed into a building.

Because Du Khun was already very weak, it was difficult for him to get back up.

Du Khun looked at Ye Chen with a look of horror "even his scorpion monster was destroyed by Ye Chen with just one blow".

How strong could this person really be, if previously Du khun believed that Ye Chen was only the second level of the Earth Realm, then after seeing Ye Chen Yang's fearsome power, Du Khun no longer believed that Ye Chen was only the second level of the Earth Realm.

"Wait, why did my Scorpion Monster not regenerate" Even though it became pieces in the scorpion monster, it can regenerate again, but why there are no signs of regeneration.

Du Khun: "is it impossible if he knows the weakness of the scorpion monster".

"Are you looking for this" Ye Chen opened his palm inside Ye Chen's palm there was a Core.

Ye Chen's "cheap trick" destroyed the cores of scorpion monsters.

Even though the scorpion monster can continue to regenerate, but as long as you can find the core of life and destroy it, the monster will not be able to regenerate again.

Ye Chen then approached Du Khun.

Seeing Ye Chen approaching towards him Du Khun was very scared because right now there was nothing he could do.

"Don't come closer, I know I'm wrong, please spare me" Du Khun this time begged for mercy.

Ye Chen ignored it and drew closer to Du Khun and pulled Du Khun's collar. "Tell me why your sect is after Liu Yue's company?"

"I, I" Du Khun stuttered when he wanted to answer Ye Chen's question.

"Quickly say" Ye Chen was angry and slapped Du Khun very hard.

"Actually we are targeting Liu's company because we are currently underfunded, you know evil sects like us have no good relations with big families who have influence in the world, therefore to get something we will usually take from small sects or rich people who are rich. has no influence, in contrast to the evil sect, the true sect of the road will benefit from the Government and a large extended family, usually large families pay tribute to the Sect so that their families are protected by the Sect, therefore influential families are difficult to overthrow because it is in behind them there are sects that are very strong, ordinary sects can also accept a quest to kill dangerous criminals like us evil sects, that is the reason we are targeting Liu's company, with Liu's company finances, in a few decades our sect will not be short of funds at all "Du Khun explains in great detail a gar Ye Chen was satisfied.

The large family in question was most likely in the capital, Ye Chen only learned that an influential family had a connection with a hidden sect.

Ye Chen then let go of Du Khun's collar.

"Boy, you are too naive" Du Khun pulled a knife from his arm and stabbed Ye Chen.

But before Du Khun's knife touched Ye Chen Du Khun froze and turned into an ice sculpture.

Ye Chen was not surprised to see this, instead Ye Chen spoke "want to when will you hide, come out" Ye Chen told the newcomer to come out.

When Fighting with Du Khun Ye Chen had detected someone coming, but this person had only been silent and watched the fight between him and Du Khun.