Journey To Become A True God Chapter 68

68 See The Beauty Behind The Veil

Ye Chen shouted for the person who defeated Du Khun to come out, but it seemed like that person didn't want to appear.

"Hey, I know you are hiding behind the Storehouse, why not just come out" This time Ye Chen immediately exposed the person's hideout.

The person who was hiding was a little surprised because Ye Chen could find the place she was in, so his level should be far higher than Ye Chen's, and with his camouflage technique it was even very difficult for someone who had the same cultivation level to find it.

Finally the person decided to appear in front of Ye Chen,

A woman wearing a white Phoenix shirt came down from the sky, she had snow white skin and a very well-developed body, long hair that was unraveling, crystal-clear blue eyes, unfortunately this woman was wearing a veil to cover her face, so Ye Chen could not see his face.

Although Ye Chen could not see his face, Ye Chen knew that this woman must be very beautiful.

"Ah, it turns out that a beautiful woman, thank you for helping me." See how graceful this woman is. Down Ye Chen immediately complimented this woman and thanked her.

"How did you find my hiding place? "This woman's voice is as cold as ice.

Ye Chen Could Feel the sharp gaze of the woman in the White Phoenix suit towards him, this was the first time Ye Chen had met a woman this cold.

"Maybe it was just a guess of the lucky ones", because Ye Chen was currently changing at the level of his cultivation into an Earth Realm, so Ye Chen was only pretending to be stupid.

The woman in white dress thought with Ye Chen's current level of cultivation. It was impossible for Ye Chen to find his own whereabouts.

"I can not believe what you said, tell me honestly what method you used to find me" This woman's voice is getting cold again.

Ye Chen could only smile wryly, this woman was quite difficult to deal with with words.

"Miss, I am only a cultivator with the knowledge of earth cultivation Realm, how could I possibly be compared to you who are this strong?" Ye Chen tried to act low profile in front of this woman in Phoenix clothes.

"If I hadn't seen your battle with the monster I would have believed that you were only the second level of the Earth Realm, but after seeing your battle I really couldn't believe that you were only at the level of weak Earth Realm 2, you must have cultivated a Cheat Skill to Get That terrible power like that "the woman in the white Phoenix dress wanted to explore the secret that Ye Chen had.

Ye Chen now understood the purpose of this woman coming out and Speaking to her, this woman was only Interested in the cultivation technique that Ye Chen had.

"So Miss is very interested in the technique I have, I will be happy to address it, but there is one condition." Ye Chen did not mind showing his cultivation techniques.

" What is that ? "The woman in the Phoenix suit immediately asked what conditions Ye Chen wanted.

"It's very easy, I just want to see your real face." Ye Chen was very curious about this woman's face.

After saying this Ye Chen felt the killing air of the woman in the white Phoenix suit.

Ye Chen had no idea that this woman would be very angry with the Terms Ye Chen had put forward.

"How dare you mention that kind of condition, do you really want to die?" The woman in white Phoenix dress was angry and threatened Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't like a threat the most, Ye Chen didn't care anymore, he used the Nine Shadow Step and Took the Veil of the woman in the white Phoenix suit.

"Very Beautiful" Ye Chen was immediately fascinated by the perfect beauty of a woman in a white Phoenix shirt

The woman in the white Phoenix shirt felt that her face was exposed to the wind, without realizing that the veil she was wearing had disappeared, she immediately looked at Ye Chen and her veil was already in Ye Chen's right hand.

the woman in the white Phoenix shirt couldn't even see Ye Chen's movements while taking her veil.

The temperature around Ye Chen immediately dropped dramatically and became very cold, the woman in the white Phoenix shirt brought out a very strong killer to Ye Chen.

This woman possessed the highest level of cultivation that Ye Chen had met to date, this woman possessed the 9th level of the Sky Realm.
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"Death" An ice pillar appeared from underneath Ye Chen's feet, Fortunately Ye Chen easily avoided this woman's attack.

This Woman's Attack really intended to kill Ye Chen with one step, Ye Chen had no idea that a woman's reaction would be like this after he took this woman's veil.

Seeing Ye Chen be able to escape from his attacks, the beautiful woman became even more angry again, the beautiful woman made an ice flower floating around her, floating ice flower immediately went towards Ye Chen and attacked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could feel that a woman's floating ice flower contained the full power of the 9th level of the Sky Realm.

Ye Chen finally used the one hundred thousand fire Swords, 10 Ye Chen's fire swords were directed to the arrival of the floating Ice flower.

"Bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., "When the ten Ye Chen's flame swords and her Ice Flowers collided

creating a very loud sound like a bomb.

Beautiful woman Immediately surprised to see this incident, it was very clear that the power that had just been used by Ye Chen was only a second-level earth Realm, but what surprised her was that her Ice Flower Technique could be destroyed by Ye Chen's Flying Flame Sword Technique.

Beautiful Woman Never heard of anyone who could do this, what else is the level of her spiritual strength? They differ so much like heaven and earth.

This is really beyond common sense that she had ever known

The beautiful cold woman did not know that the strength Ye Chen possessed was far higher than what she possessed.

"I actually want to admire your beauty for much longer, but unfortunately you are very bad-tempered, then I'll leave first." Ye Chen gave back the veil of a beautiful, cold woman.

Angry women who are usually going to do crazy things, It's better that Ye Chen leave this place as soon as possible.

The beautiful woman who coldly took back her veil and immediately put it back on, but after finishing wearing the veil Ye Chen had disappeared from his sight.

she tried to find Ye Chen's whereabouts with his spirit sensei but unfortunately, he couldn't feel Ye Chen at all nearby.

Beautiful woman is really very angry "Look at you later if I see you again surely I'll kill you, Bamm" the statue of Ice Du Khun broke and scattered into pieces of ice.

After doing that the beautiful woman immediately went flying towards the horizon.