Journey To Become A True God Chapter 70

70 Meet Grandfather In Law

Zhao Jinshan: "Not exactly conflict is a grudge" Zhao Jinshan sighed, "even so I prefer to continue my life rather than revenge, because I know that I might not be able to fight them, in their eyes I am just a little ant".

"I understand how you feel", Ye Chen knew Zhao Jinshan's choice was not wrong, if Zhao Jinshan remained adamant to fight with Kunlun then it could be confirmed that he would not get a good ending.

Zhao Jinshan was just an ordinary person, even though he had many connections in the government, there was no way the government would offend such a large force.

in this world strength is everything, now Ye Chen began to understand what Gu Xuan was saying, in the face of strength everything was nothing.

"In this life I only have one hope that is my granddaughter, I hope she lives her life well, she is the only treasure I have with my wife at the moment".

"So that is the reason why you do not want to take revenge" is a wise choice not to harm his wife and granddaughter.

"By the way, my granddaughter is still quite young, she is a very beautiful young girl, I can introduce you to you if you want, hahahaha" Zhao Jinshan was very proud when she said her granddaughter.

"Sorry, Grandpa Zhao, I already have a girlfriend." Ye Chen smiled wryly at Zhao Jinshan.

"I see," Zhao Jinshan was a little disappointed.

"Are you sure my granddaughter is very beautiful, after seeing that you will definitely be interested in her" Zhao Jinshan still did not give up, he then took a photo from under his shirt pocket and handed it to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen appreciated Zhao Jinshan's good intentions and accepted the photo, Ye Chen wanted to know what Zhao Jinshan's granddaughter looked like.

When Ye Chen flipped the photo and saw the picture that was captured on the photo paper he was astonished, the girl in this photo was no stranger to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "Zhao's grandfather did your granddaughter study at hexing school".

"Yes, right now he is studying at the Hexing School, it is the number one school in this city" Zhao Jinshan said while praising his only grandchild.

Ye Chen "what's his name Zhao Yanyan".

"Yes his name is Zhao Yanyan" Zhao Jinshan nodded, Zhao Jinshan felt something was wrong after hearing this, immediately Zhao Jinshan realized "wait how do you know the name of my granddaughter, I haven't told her name to you".

"Zhao's grandfather I hate to lie. Zhao Yanyan is my classmate and my girlfriend" Ye Chen told the truth to Zhao Jinshan.

"What !!" Zhao Jinshan shouted and stood up from his seat, Zhao Jinshan could not believe what he had just heard, the young man in front of him turned out to be the boyfriend of his granddaughter.

Ye Chen had no idea that the reaction from Zhao Jinshan would be like this, whether Zhao's grandfather was angry because he was dating Yanyan without Zhao Jinshan's knowledge.

for visiting.

"Hahahaha" Zhao Jinshan immediately laughed very happy.

Ye Chen was increasingly confused with zhao Yanyan's grandfather, actually was he angry or happy?

"My granddaughter Yanyan is indeed great, she has very good eyes, can find a daughter-in-law like this" Zhao Jinshan walked towards Ye Chen then embraced her.

Ye Chen could only smile at the behavior of Zhao Jinshan, Ye Chen also did not think that Zhao Jinshan would become his father-in-law in the future.

Liu Yue began to realize "what just happened here."

Liu Yue immediately remembered what happened before she fainted "Ye Chen" Liu Yue cried and shouted Ye Chen's name, before she fainted Liu Yue remembered that Ye Chen was stabbed by Du Yao right in his heart.

"Liu Yue, what's wrong?" Ye Chen immediately rushed to Liu Yue's side to calm her down

Liu Yue looked to the side and found that Ye Chen was fine "Ye Chen, you're fine" Liu Yue immediately hugged Ye Chen.

Boing Boing

Ye Chen could feel the two soft objects sticking to his chest "wait for this sensation whether Liu Yue is not wearing a bra" Ye Chen felt that Liu Yue's was very chewy, and was only separated by a piece of cloth.

Ye Chen didn't dare to say it. He only dared to think in his brain.

"Ye Chen, I'm glad you're fine, I thought you already ..." Liu Yue could not finish his words, Liu Yue's eyes were very moist as if to cry out.

Although Liu Yue only briefly became acquainted with Ye Chen, but she felt very safe and warm when she was near Ye Chen, such feelings had not been felt by Liu Yue for a long time after her parents and grandfather were gone.

Ye Chen was quite touched because Liu Yue wanted to worry about herself, aside from Zhao Yanyan maybe Liu Yue was the second woman who wanted to worry about him "Don't worry, you see I'm fine now" Ye Chen tried to calm Liu Yue by stroking her hair.

Zhao jinshan looked at Liu Yue who was hugging Ye Chen "It seems that the relationship between Liu Yue and Ye Chen is unusual" will interfere too much.

After a while Liu Yue finally calmed down "Ye Chen is actually what's going on here" Liu Yue asked what had just happened to this room as if it had just been randomly randomized by a large typhoon.

"The story is quite long, I'll explain later, now let's take care of these people first." Ye Chen looked at Bai Sheng and his friends, this problem originally originated from all these people.

Liu Yue looked at Bai Sheng with a look of fury, this person not only dared to harm his grandmother, but also the people He loved.

Liu Yue no longer wanted to compromise with these people anymore, it was time for them to get the proper punishment.

"Yue'er, what is really happening here?" Situ Rui's grandmother also woke up, when Situ Rui looked around she saw this room destroyed

very confused, this room is really very chaotic even the walls are sturdy to the point that it can have big holes.

"My grandmother also did not know what just happened here" Liu Yue also did not know what happened before in this place, it is likely that only Ye Chen knew what had happened here before.

One by one the people who fainted began to wake up, these people were also confused. Seeing this messy room, before they fainted they only saw the scene of Du Yao stabbing Liu Yue's maid.

But seeing that the current Liu Yue servant is fine, these people are starting to think that it might just be a dream or a hallucination.

Among the people who just woke up were Bai San and Bai Sheng who were scared right now, the two of them were in the worst situation, the Du Yao they relied on now didn't know where he was.

"Bai Sheng" Liu Yue shouted Bai Sheng's name quite loudly, this time the tone of Liu Yue's voice was also very angry.

Bai Sheng has been sweating all over his body "bad Liu Yue looks very angry, what should I do, let's think think" Bai Sheng pushed himself to think how to escape from Liu Yue's anger.