Journey To Become A True God Chapter 71

71 Bai Sheng Is On The Edge

"Bai Sheng, are you aware of your actions?" Liu Yue was very angry, even the shareholders could feel the anger of Liu Yue who was blazing.

"Director Liu must be a little mistaken, Du Yao is the bodyguard that I just hired, and I'm not too familiar with him" Bai Sheng could only find an excuse for what Du Yao had done before they all fainted.

"Du Yao is a bastard where did you go when this situation" Bai Sheng cursed Du Yao in his heart.

"Are you sure you don't have the person who just stabbed Ye Chen just now?" Liu Yue questioned that to Bai Sheng.

Liu Yue Actually knew the relationship between Du Yao and Bai Sheng from the video shown by Ye Chen yesterday, Liu Yue was just waiting for the right time to show the video so that Bai Sheng could not do anything else.

"Of course I am telling the truth, I will immediately call the company that employs that person and complain about this problem." Bai Sheng was very happy when he won his cellphone.

"Alright I'll take your word just now, Ye Chen please release the video" Liu Yue immediately told Ye Chen to issue proof of the conversation between Bai Sheng and Du Yao.

Ye Chen understood and immediately took the cellphone out of his pocket, Ye Chen immediately played a video of the conversation between Bai Sheng and Du Yao, and showed everyone who was here.

Bai Sheng: "Mr. Du Yao did the poison you gave Situ Rui this time really kill him".

Du Yao "You don't need to worry. I'll make sure that in less than one week the grandmother will surely die, this time the poison will definitely be difficult to cure, this poison can't be found so you don't have to worry about being suspected of being a suspect".

Bai Sheng's Wife: "It's good that our plan this time will run smoothly and soon we can take over Liu's company,"...

Bai Sheng: "As long as the old lady dies soon, all of her shares will be handed over to Liu Yue, we only need to make Liu Yue surrender all her shares to us".

"But father, how do we get women like Liu Yue to give up their shares for free, isn't that really difficult for us to do.

Du Yao "don't worry I will give you a poison that can make people obey what you want, all you need to do is give the poison to Liu Yue, then you can control Liu Yue all you want like a puppet".

Bai Sheng: "That's great, Mr. Du Yao. I'm glad to be able to work with you."

Du Yao: "But don't forget that your promise gives me 15% of shares, if you dare to renege then I will definitely not let you go"

Bai Sheng: "Take it easy Mr. Du Yao as long as this plan runs smoothly I will not forget the agreement we made from the beginning".

After the video on the entire room was silent, even the slightest sound could not be heard, the 24 shareholders who were in Bai Sheng's camp were shocked, Bai Sheng was the hardest hit person, he immediately fell back into his seat.

"It's over, my life is over" That's all that could cross Bai Sheng's brain

"Bang" door suddenly arrived by force, immediately everyone's eyes focused on the door that had just opened.

Luo Bing no longer wears OL, but wears his police uniform.

It turned out that the person who opened the door by force was policeman Luo Bing, Bai Sheng and Bai San shrunk when this female policeman entered the room by force.

Luo Bing who saw the situation in the room was shocked, because Du Yao and the person who Sneak attacked him had disappeared from this room, the situation in this room was well controlled, even though this room was far more chaotic than before he fainted.

"What really happened here, where did the two people from the evil sect go" Luo Bing was very confused about what happened after he collapsed, the situation in this room was not what Luo Bing had imagined.

Even though Luo Bing thought that the two people from the evil sect were holding people in the room, but the situation on the ground was different from Luo Bing's expression.


Luo Bing woke up and rose from the sofa, while looking around

Luo Bing immediately found himself in another room, what else was the clothes on his body exposed, even his bra was currently not in its proper place.

In one of his chest Luo Bing Can see someone's bite marks, Luo Bing is angry with this "You shameless guy how defiled you defile my body" Luo bing then changed clothes and rushed back into the meeting room to make calculations with the two people from the evil sect .

But after entering the room the situation was completely different from what Luo Bing had imagined.

Knowing that the person who entered was only Luo Bing police Liu Yue immediately returned to the problem with Bai Sheng "Bai Sheng all the evidence is already available now tell me how you will avoid this" Liu Yue immediately cornered Bai Sheng.

Bai Sheng has no words to say to Liu Yue, there is no point in looking for excuses after the evidence of the evil possessed by Liu Yue "ends, all the plans that I have compiled for years must end up failing like this" Bai Sheng looks very pale , and Bai Sheng's entire body trembled.

"Bai Sheng, you are a shameless person, how can you do such a disgusting thing," one of the shareholders who was in Bai Sheng's camp immediately attacked words at Bai Sheng.

"That's right, you shameless person, how can you have such evil thoughts towards the director of Situ and Liu?"

"In director Liu, this person does not deserve to be in this office, you should take him to the police station to get a proper sentence."

Finally one by one the people who were in Bai Sheng's camp began to rebel against Bai Sheng.

Ye Chen laughed in his heart Seeing the behavior of these people, they were all just a group of people who cared about their own safety, before they all agreed to be with Bai Sheng because of the benefits they received, but after knowing there were no more benefits to these people immediately leave Bai Sheng, to seek security.

"As far as I know you guys are in the same camp why now you are even enemies" These people always support all proposals from Bai Sheng and have never wanted to listen to Liu Yue before.

"Our new director Liu is only limited to working partners who want this company to be more developed, if I knew that Bai Sheng would do such a thing to the old director I certainly would not want to be associated with this person" one of the pemengang said to save himself, because Liu Yue began to distrust them, this would be dangerous for their survival in this company in the future.

"That's right, Liu's new director. Believe us, we have never conspired to harm the old director."

Bai Sheng could only sit in his chair looking at everything, even out of the 24 people who were in his camp none of them wanted to defend himself.

But they did not know that, Liu Yue already had evidence of embezzlement of funds that they had done for years.

If they know for sure their condition now is the same as Bai Sheng who is helpless.
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"Police Luo, do your men have proof from Bai Sheng's residence?" Liu Yue asked Luo Bing, who was currently in a daze about something.

Luo Bing was thinking who was the one who fought with people from the evil sect after he fainted, Because this place was a battlefield between high-level cultivators, so Previously there must have been people who fought with the two people from the evil sect, but who was that person?

"Police Luo. . . . , Police Luo. . . " Liu Yue called out Luo Bing's name many times but Luo Bing didn't even answer the call from him "Miss Luo Bing Police !!!" Liu Yue raised her tone so that Luo Bing could hear it.

" huh what ? What ? Luo Bing woke up immediately after hearing Liu Yue's scream.