Journey To Become A True God Chapter 73

73 Everything Has Ended
\"All of you why are you still silent, Quickly take that cellphone or our lives will all be over\" Xiao Bull Shouted at the 23 shareholders whose name Bai Sheng just mentioned.

23 people immediately rose from their seats and headed towards Ye Chen.

But before they arrived, suddenly these 23 people fell to the floor.

\"What's wrong, why is my body so heavy?\" One of 23 people complained that his body was heavy and could not be moved.

Ye Chen let out his aura to suppress 23 of these people, even though Ye Chen only used his little aura that was enough to make these people lay limp on the floor.

Xiao Bull was surprised. Seeing this, unfortunately he also couldn't open his mouth, something like locking his mouth to not speak.

\"You all should be there first for a while\" Ye Chen then took a chair next to Zhao JinShan, Ye Chen wanted to know more about Zhao Yanyan from Zhao's grandfather.

The 5 people who were not involved with this were afraid of Ye Chen, they only dared to sit quietly in their place, and did not dare to speak.

After 30 Minutes Liu Yue and Luo Bing finally returned to the room, before Luo Bing entered Ye Chen had withdrawn all of his aura, this time behind Liu Yue and Luo Bing Stand up with a dozen police officers, it looks like Luo Bing who has called this police cop

\"What is this actually? \"Liu Yue was very surprised to see 23 people lying on the floor, they looked very weak.

\"You're back, how are things? Ye Chen asked the results of the investigation conducted by Luo Bing.

\"As a result, after checking everything in this document is true, we also have pocketed the names of the names seen in it\" Liu Yue said to Ye Chen.

\"I also just Menaii Bai Sheng, he said everyone involved in it\" Ye Chen showed Bai Sheng Video that said people involved in embezzlement of company funds, including several employees.

Luo Bing immediately took the cellphone from Ye Chen's hand \"How can you get all this?\" Luo Bing was very curious about how Ye Chen could get all this evidence.

= Ye Chen is one step ahead of himself in uncovering this case.

Ye Chen: \"Does it matter where I get all this? Isn't it important that we succeed in uncovering all these bad guys\" Ye Chen turned his gaze to the 23 people who lay limp on the floor.

Luo Bing did not give up on knowing where Ye Chen got all this evidence from, women's curiosity was very strong, sometimes even women's curiosity could harm themselves.

\"Tell me first where you got all this, otherwise I will arrest you because I do not want to cooperate with the police\" Luo Bing threatened Ye Chen.

\"Just beat me and catch me, after all I am the one who helped resolve the embezzlement case.\" Ye Chen held out his hand to challenge Luo Bing.

\"You\" Luo Bing took a handcuff and wanted to handcuff into Ye Chen's hands.

\"Luo Bing Wait\" there is another new policeman coming into the room, here he is the police commissioner in this city named Bei Wu.

\"After getting reports from his subordinates that there was a case of embezzlement of large amounts of funds and handled by Luo Bing, Bei Wu immediately came to Liu's company, Bei Wu was afraid that Luo Bing would solve this case in extreme ways.

Considering Luo Bing is a Criminal Police who usually finishes his work in Extreme ways.

When Bei Wu came in he saw more than a hundred people lying on the ground, it seems like what Bei Wu was afraid of happened, Bei Wu shook his head \"Police Luo Bing, from here I will take over the case, you may return to the station right now\" Bei Wu told Luo Bing to just go back to the headquarters.

\"Ye Chen you are lucky this time, the next time I see you breaking the law I will never let you go\" Luo Bing angrily handed over all the evidence to Bei Wu and left the room.

Bei Wu approached Ye Chen and patted Ye Chen on the shoulder. \"Son, from now on you should be careful when meeting Luo Bing, that woman will definitely do the thing she said just now\" Bei Wu Warns Ye Chen to be careful with Luo Bing.

Even Bei Wu who is a commissioner in the police is afraid of Luo Bing's background, especially Luo Bing's identity is very special. Only a few people know Luo Bing's true identity.

\"thank you for the warning to the police station\" Ye Chen Thanking Bei Wu for warning him.

Bei Wu nodded to Ye Chen then turned \"well let's bring all the suspects back to the office\" Bei Wu told all his men to bring the suspects into the car under the Building.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue also followed behind this police policeman, in front of the building there were already many police cars parked, there were even some reporters who had been waiting.

\"Hey, let go, do you not know that I am a rich man, I can make you lose your job right now\" some people who were arrested tried to fight when being herded into the car, the police did not care and kept putting the suspects into the car.

Liu Yue massaged her forehead a little, she did not expect that the people involved in the embezzlement of funds of more than 100 people including its employees, it seems like Liu Yue had to start cleaning the company.

Bei Wu \"Miss Liu we will bring these people to be examined, we will give the results to you as soon as possible\".

Liu Yue: \"well I'm waiting for good news from you commissioner Bei\".

from inside the building Ye Chen and Liu Yue saw the police taking these people away.

reporters who want to enter the building are stopped by security officers, security officers do not allow reporters to enter into Gerdung.

\"Huff\" Liu Yue felt her legs gently fall backwards, for Ye Ye to be behind her, Ye Chen opened her chest to lean against Liu Yue.

\" You are okay ? \"Ye Chen asked.

Liu Yue \"I'm just a little tired because of today's problems\" Liu Yue released all the stress that she had kept alone.

Ye Chen understood how much responsibility he had to bear on Liu Yue for this company.

\"How about if I give massage, it might be able to relieve the stress you have\" Ye Chen offered a massage to Ye Chen.

\"Then let's go to my room to try it\" Liu Yue invited Ye Chen to go to his office.