Journey To Become A True God Chapter 74

74 Massage Session For Liu Yue
Liu Yue brought Ye Chen into his room, Liu Yue's room still looked the same as before.

Liu Yue sat on the sofa and let go of her high heels \"Ye Chen I'm Ready Let's Get Started\" Liu Yue really wanted to try the massage skills from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went behind the Sofa occupied by Liu Yue, Ye Chen then placed both hands on both shoulders of Liu Yue \"I will start\" and Ye Chen began to massage Liu Yue.

\"Ahh. . .. \"when Ye Chen started massaging, Liu Yue Shouted.

\"Is that too strong?\" Ye Chen asked worriedly.

\"No no, just continue\" Liu Yue shook her head, and told Ye Chen to continue his massage.

Ye Chen began to continue his massage, Liu Yue's muscular body was very stiff, perhaps this was caused by Liu Yue who rarely exercise and the pressure of work every day.

\"Emhhhh\" Liu Yue tried to hold back her voice so as not to leak out, for some reason the massage done by Ye Chen feels very delicious, this has never been felt by Liu Yue in his life.

Liu Yue felt that her body was very sensitive, even with just a slight touch of Ye Chen's body trembled, Liu Yue's breathing was getting heavier.

The reason Liu Yue had become like this was because Ye Chen used the King's Heart technique to absorb pure Yin from Liu Yue's body.

Ye Chen hadn't even used the massage technique he learned from the king's heart to please women, but Liu Yue had become like this.

\"Ahhhhh, Ye Chen is even stronger. That feels really good\" Liu Yue couldn't hold it anymore and shouted to ask more from Ye Chen.

because Liu Yue Ye Chen's request slightly strengthened his massage, \"Ah. . . ., Ah. . . ., Ah. . . ., Ah. . . ., Ah. . . ., Ah. . . \"The room that had been quite quiet was now filled with a very sassy Liu Yue moan.

Even Ye Chen who heard the sassy moan from Liu Yue could barely contain himself, fortunately this room had a pretty good sound isolation, so that other people outside could not hear Liu Yue's sassy moan.

after 10 minutes Ye Chen left the back of Liu Yue and went to the front of Liu Yue.

Liu Yue's body sank slightly to the sofa, Liu Yue currently did not have the strength to sit up straight.

Ye Chen took one of Liu Yue's smooth legs and put it on his lap, Ye Chen admired Liu Yue's sexy Long legs, if Liu Yue wore stockings on her legs would definitely look even more stimulating.

Ye Chen slowly began massaging Liu Yue's feet. \"Ah. . . . . . . . \" Liu Yue who had just rested was once again stimulated by Ye Chen's massage which made him moan again.

Liu Yue wanted to make Ye Chen stop massaging her, but Liu Yue's body said differently, maybe because Liu Yue's body really enjoyed this massage session.

Finally Ye Chen finished the massage session for Liu Yue.

Liu Yue lay on the soft Sofa, sweat soaking Liu Yue's entire body, even though it was filled with sweat Liu Yue's body still smelled sweet.

The YinQi harvested from Liu Yue was quite a lot, maybe because Liu Yue was an adult woman, that's why the Yin Yin in Liu Yue's body was more than the school girl.

Although Ye Chen's massage session was over, the effect on Liu Yue's body was not over yet, Liu Yue felt her body felt hot, Liu Yue's bottom was also very wet, it felt very uncomfortable, Liu Yue felt hundreds of thousands of insects crawling in her lower body.

Liu Yue got up from the sofa and immediately hugged Ye Chen who was next to him.

Ye Chen was very surprised when Liu Yue suddenly hugged herself like a koala.

\"Ye Chen I Want It\" Liu Yue whispered in Ye Chen's voice in a very sweet voice.

Hearing this voice all of Ye Chen's bones became very gentle, If Ye Chen didn't know what Liu Yue wanted at this time then he was an idiot.

Liu Yue began to take off her own shirt, after removing the top of the shirt Ye Chen could see a plain white bra, wrapped in white bras, were two breasts that developed very well, this size was even bigger than Luo Bing's and Zhao Yanyan, at least it's F cup.

Liu Yue embraced Ye Chen and placed his two mountain peaks on Ye Chen's chest.

\"Wait, Liu Yue, we can't do this\" if it continues like this Ye Chen is afraid of losing control of him.

\"Ye Che do you hate me\" Liu Yue wanted to cry out when Ye Chen refused it, The person he liked didn't want her.

\"No, I like you only. . . \"Ye Chen was slightly confused to explain it to Liu Yue.

\"Do you really like me too? \"Liu Yue was very happy and happy when Ye Chen said he liked her.

Ye Chen nodded to Liu Yue, the problem was that Ye Chen had Zhao Yanyan, even though Zhao Yanyan Disgusted him had another woman, but Ye Chen was still afraid that Zhao Yanyan could not accept when he was truly together with another woman.