Journey To Become A True God Chapter 75

75 Liu Yue Can Accep
Ye Chen looked into the eyes of Liu Yue who was full of tenderness towards him, it seemed that Liu Yue loved him very much.

No need to doubt that Liu Yue is a beautiful and smart woman, Liu Yue also has many pursuers outside.

Especially when Liu Yue was as naked as possible, which normal man could withstand this, Ye Chen felt his body getting hotter, Ye Chen's younger brother began to raise his weapon ready to fight.

Liu Yue felt something stabbing into his lower body, this thing was very big and hot, Liu Yue tried to hold this thing and then felt it.

\"Ahhh\" Ye Chen shouted as Liu Yue squeezed her little brother with a strong enough.

Liu Yue immediately understood what the object she was holding was \"Ahh Sorry\" Liu Yue apologized and immediately released her hand from Ye Chen's younger brother.

Liu Yue's face was red like a tomato, this was the first time Liu Yue had held an object belonging to an opposite sex.

\"It's OK\" The atmosphere becomes awkward, no one wants to start a conversation first.

Seeing this awkwardness Ye Chen finally spoke first \"Liu Yue me. . . . . Before Ye Chen finished saying Ye Chen's lips were pressed by Liu Yue's index finger.

\"Ye Chen, you don't need to say it, I'm happy to know you like me too, I understand you already have a girlfriend who is much younger and prettier than me, how could you be willing to leave your beautiful girlfriend for me\" Liu Yue remembered that Ye Chen already has a beautiful girlfriend, That's why Ye Chen couldn't be with Her.

\"Liu Yue you and Zhao Yanyan are beautiful and kind girls, I like you two, the problem is that one of you may find it difficult to share the same man,\" Ye Chen said.

In this country it is very difficult to accept Polygamy, maybe Liu Yue will be very difficult to accept Ye Chen has another woman.

Liu Yue laughed at this \"Ye Chen, I didn't expect your appetite to be very big, you want to hug me and Zhao Yanyan on your arms, you're really bad\".

Hearing this Ye Chen knew that Liu Yue could not accept this.

Liu Yue brought her lips to Ye Chen's lips and whispered into Ye Chen's ears. \"Actually I don't mind that, but are you sure that Zhao Yanyan's younger sister can accept us together? Liu Yue's tone was slightly seductive while whispering in Ye Chen's voice.

Ye Chen scratched his cheeks then \"Well actually Yanyan actually allowed me to look for lots of beautiful women\".

Hearing this from Ye Chen, Liu Yue was dumbfounded, Zhao Yanyan really allowed Ye Chen to look for another woman outside, in fact Liu Yue wanted to tease Ye Chen with the words just now, but the answer Ye Chen gave astonished Liu Yue.

if Zhao Yanyan really disgusted Ye Chen to look for a woman outside, then Liu Yue didn't need to be afraid to get in touch with Ye Chen, considering Ye Chen was a capable man there would definitely be many Beautiful women who approached Ye Chen.

Liu Yue was happy and hugged Ye Chen firmly \"Ye Chen what you said just now is right\"

\"Yes\" Ye Chen nodded.

\"Ye Chen, can you make me your woman too?\" Liu Yue said with a little embarrassed.

Ye Chen threw away all of his worries, Ye Chen hugged Liu Yue and started kissing Liu Yue.

Liu Yue was not ready with Ye Chen's aggressiveness, but it felt extraordinary that Liu Yue was immersed in it, Ye Chen stuck his tongue into Liu Yue's mouth and guided Liu Yue's tongue, with Ye Chen's guidance, Liu Yue began to work together.

both deep into a very pleasant kiss

The second kiss lasted for 10 minutes, after Liu Yue gasped, Ye Chen let Liu Yue go.

Ye Chen lifted Liu Yue from his lap and laid Liu Yue onto the sofa.

\"Husband Wait, how about we change the place, I feel this place is too open\" Liu Yue began to call Ye Chen by the name of the husband.

This building is indeed very high, but this is not the only tallest building in the city, if there are people using long-range binoculars then they can look into this room.

\"If that's what you want, how about we just go to my villa\" Ye Chen called to go to the new villa he bought yesterday.

Liu Yue nodded, \"this is for you\" Ye Chen took a blanket from his storage room and handed it to Liu Yue to cover his body.

Liu Yue did not know where Ye Chen pulled out this blanket, Liu Yue immediately wrapped herself in a blanket given by Ye Chen, Liu Yue did not understand why Ye Chen told her to Wear this blanket.

Ye Chen then carried Liu Yue like a princess, in the arms of Ye Chen Liu Yue Curled up like a little bird, this was the first time that Liu Yue had been treated this way by a man, Liu Yue was very comfortable when she was in Ye Chen's arms.

Ye Chen brought Liu Yue to a window that could be opened, Ye Chen then opened the pain with his feet.

\"Husband, what are you going to do?\" Liu Yue was very confused with what Ye Chen was doing right now.

Ye Chen immediately jumped out the window \"Ahh\" Liu Yue was very scared of what Ye Chen was doing right now.

This is the top floor in this building, if it falls there is only one possibility that is death, Liu Yue is very scared and closes her eyes.

\"Are we both dead?\" Liu Yue felt a cool breeze around her, it was like floating in the air.

Liu Yue ventured to open her eyes, what Liu Yue saw after opening her eyes was extraordinary.

Liu Yue Seeing that she and Ye Chen were flying above the sky, this was the most extraordinary thing Liu Yue had ever seen.

\"Husband, you\" Liu Yue could not believe what she was seeing right now, Ye Chen could fly? .

\"Are you surprised\" This is just one of my small abilities, you will be more surprised to see the ability of your husband.

Liu Yue smiled and saw the scenery below, from up here the view was very beautiful, even more exciting than when Liu Yue boarded an airplane.

In just a few minutes Ye CHen brought Liu Yue back to his villa.

Ye Chen went down and walked into the door of the villa, Liu Yue was still carried like a princess by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately headed to his room at full speed, after arriving in the room, Ye Chen threw Liu Yue onto a large, soft bed.

Ye Chen forcefully pulled out the blanket that Liu Yue was wearing.