Journey To Become A True God Chapter 76

76 Ye Chen Liu Yue 1
Ye Chen let go of Liu Yue's plain white Bra, the two big rabbits of Liu Yue looked very beautiful, Ye Chen started playing with the two big rabbits of Liu Yue.

\"Ahh. . . . Liu Yue growled while enjoying Ye Chen playing with his two rabbits.

Ye Chen began to squeeze and pinch Liu Yue's two big rabbits.

Liu Yue did not stop growling as Ye Chen played with her two big rabbits

Ye Chen was not satisfied just playing with his hands, Ye Chen approached and sucked one of Liu Yue's pink cherries like a baby.

\"Ahh. . . ... . \"Liu Yue came out when Ye Chen sucked his two pink cherries, Liu Yue's body trembled from the pleasure she had never felt before.

\"Slurp Slurp\" Ye Chen continued to suck the two big rabbits of Liu Yue, sometimes Ye Chen would bite.

when Ye Chen bit Liu Yue's cherries, Liu Yue would shout in a sassy tone.

After being satisfied playing with Big Rabbit Yue Liu, Ye Chen immediately opened his clothes.

Ye Chen's younger brother who was below had already raised his spear ready to fight.

This was the first time Liu Yue saw a male meat stick, Liu Yue was very surprised when she saw Ye Chen's meat stick, its size was not only long but also very big.

\"Is that thing going into my body?\" Liu Yue was a little scared when thinking about that thing.

Ye Chen helped Liu Yue to sit on the outside of the bed.

Ye Chen then brought his younger brother closer to Liu Yue's face, Ye Chen took one of Liu Yue's hands and put it on his younger brother's \"let's touch don't be afraid\".

Liu Yue felt this thing was so hot and so hard, the smell made her a little dizzy.

\"Yue wife's movements of your hands are rising\" Ye Chen coaxed Liu Yue to move his hands up and down.

Liu Yue was a bit scared while holding this thing, Liu Yue ventured and did what was said by Ye Chen, Liu Yue began to move her hands up and down, because one hand of Liu Yue was unable to hold this thing, Liu Yue had to use both hands to holding Ye Chen's younger brother.

Ye Chen Feeled Liu Yue's Gentle hands continued to move up and down on his younger brother, This felt very delicious.

Liu Yue looked up, she saw Ye Chen's satisfied face, Liu Yue was very happy Ye Chen enjoyed the service from him, Liu Yue further accelerated her up and down movements.

After 20 Minutes Liu Yue's hands were very tired but Ye Chen's younger brother still hadn't come out either.

\"Is your husband still not? Liu Yue's hands are very tired.

Ye Chen saw that Liu Yue was very exhausted helping her younger brother, Ye Chen lifted Liu Yue onto the bed and laid him down.

Ye Chen helped Liu Yue take off her underwear, this was the last cloth on Liu Yue's body, after being released Liu Yue was completely naked.

Liu Yue was very embarrassed and tightly closed her legs, Liu Yue's hands also blocked the most important place of hers.

Seeing this Ye Chen smiled, Ye Chen opened Liu Yue's two legs to form a crash M, Ye Chen moved Liu Yue's hand.

\"Beautiful\" Ye Chen praised this beautiful work, wrinkling the lower part of Liu Yue was more intense than Zhao Yanyan.

Liu Yue's lower lip looked very fat, Ye Chen immediately put his finger into the cave under Liu Yue.

\"Ahhh. . . . the husband. . . . hold on. . . . Liu Yue felt an electric shock on her body as Ye Chen stuck his finger in her lower body.

Ye Chen then smoked Liu Yue's pink cherries while continuing to play with Liu Yue's bottom.

From now on Ye Chen used the art he had learned from the king's heart technique.

Liu Yue Having great pleasure, Liu Yue felt herself flying to the seventh level, her brain could not even think clearly anymore.

In less than 50 seconds, Liu Yue had come out twice, Liu Yue's body shook violently.

Ye Chen looked at the juice in his hand, and showed it to Liu Yue \"Yue's wife saw that there was a lot of water underneath you\".

Liu Yue was very embarrassed to see this, she did not want to be labeled a pervert by Ye Chen, but Liu Yue could not stand the Ye Chen technique.

\"Let my husband rest for a while\" Liu Yue wants to rest for a while to recover her strength.

\"Okay\" Ye Chen understood and let Liu Yue rest for a while.

After 10 Minutes finally Liu Yuu's body stopped shaking, and her breathing had begun to stabilize.

Liu Yue: \"My husband is better, let's continue\".

Ye Chen eagerly embraced Liu Yue, the main event was about to begin, Ye Chen grabbed his younger brother and rubbed it at the entrance of the Liu Yue Cave.

This stimulation was extraordinary, Liu Yue felt increasingly itchy in her lower body \"husband what are you waiting for, I can't take it anymore\" Liu Yue could not stand it anymore and wanted to be immediately inserted by Ye Chen's big meat stick.