Journey To Become A True God Chapter 77

77 Ye Chen Liu Yue 2
\"What wife do you want, if you don't say it clearly I don't understand\" Ye Chen said to Liu Yue,

Liu Yue knew that Ye Chen was teasing herself \"husband, you're bad\" Liu Yue was very embarrassed to say.

\"Say, if you don't say it clearly I won't give it to you\" Ye Chen continued to rub his meat stick to the entrance of the already very runny Liu Yue Cave.

Liu Yue's face turned even redder \"husband make me your woman by using your big stick\" Liu Yue said in a small voice.

\"The wife says louder I can't hear it clearly\" Ye Chen continued to tease Liu Yue.

\"Husband do me with your big meat stick, my little hole wants your big stick\" Liu Yue spoke louder so Ye Chen could hear it.

Ye Chen smiled very satisfied. Ye Chen put his meat stick into Liu Yue's hole with a single jerk.

\"Ahhhhhhh. . . . . . . . . . \"Liu Yue Feeling that her lower body was torn and it was very painful, Liu Yue's tears came out.

Ye Chen's 11-inch stick drilled into the virgin cave of Liu Yue.

Liu Yue's body stretched as Ye Chen put in his large meat stick \"does it hurt a little?\" Ye Chen asked while stroking Liu Yue's hair.

Liu Yue felt extreme pain as if her body had been split into two, perhaps because Ye Chen's was too big.

Ye Chen had to wait for Liu Yue's pain to disappear, after 5 Minutes Liu Yue had gotten used to Ye Chen's size and didn't hurt anymore.

\"Husband, you can Move\" Liu Yue wanted Ye Chen to do it.

Ye Chen nodded and began to Move Slowly, Liu Yue Cave's hole was very tight, it squeezed Ye Chen's younger brother strongly.

\"Ahh. . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . \"Liu Yue felt very extraordinary when Ye Chen's meat stick struck the innermost part of the Flower Path.

\"Husband. . . . Faster . . . . . . Make me more comfortable. . . . . . ahhh . . My hole. . . will be. . .in destroyed by. . . husband's big stick. . . . \"Liu Yue's voice was like music in Ye Chen's ears.

Ye Chen used the dual cultivation technique of the king's heart, and accelerated the pumping speed.

\"Ahh. . . . Ahh . . . Ahh . . . , this is amazing I will come out, Ahh. . . . . . . . . . . . \"In just a few minutes Liu Yue immediately came out, Liu Yue's body cramped because it had just come out.

\"Wife, we continue again, I still haven't come out\" Ye Chen started his movements again and continued to pump his younger brother inside Liu Yue's honey cave.

\"Ah husband wait let me rest\" Liu Yue tried to ask for mercy from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen ignored it and continued to move within Liu Yue's flower path.

Ye Chen tried various poses with Liu Yue and left a trace of their love in this room, starting from the floor, table and chairs.

After more than an hour Liu Yue had come out dozens of times, while Ye Chen was still not out.

Right now Ye Chen was sleeping comfortably and Liu Yue was driving it \"ahh. . . the husband. . . This is incredible. \"Liu Yue was up and down on Ye Chen's body, Liu Yue's hand was currently pressing Ye Chen's burly chest.

\" Wife, your hole is very tight. I feel like it will be squeezed by her \" Ye Chen while playing with the two big rabbits belonging to Liu Yue.

\"Husband, I want a kiss\" Liu Yue looked down and kissed Ye Chen, both of them kissed very greedy.

again Liu Yue came out, Liu Yue was exhausted and put her head into Ye Chen's chest \"husband, I'm tired let's change positions\", this position is very tiring for Liu Yue.

Ye Chen lifted Liu Yue and laid Liu Yue on the bed, Ye Chen opened Liu Yue's legs and immediately put his Large Meat Stick into Liu Yue again.

Ye Chen pumped very fast, every time Ye Chen's wand struck the inside of the Flower path, Liu Yue felt like he was flying up to the seventh heaven.

Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen tastes so amazing, this can't be compared to normal sex.

\"Ahhh. . . . husband, yours is too big. . . . it will kill me. . . . . . \"Even though Says that, Liu Yue still moves her waist and works the same as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's breathing grew more disorganized. Ye Chen felt that he would explode, so Ye Chen accelerated the pumping speed.

Liu Yue: \"My husband will come out again\",

Ye Chen: \"Let's do it together\"

Ye Chen accelerated his pumping movements again and released all of his burden into Liu Yue's body.

\"Ahhhh. . . . Liu Yue felt her body fill with a very warm liquid, Ye Chen's ejaculation continued for 40 seconds.

Liu Yue's stomach was slightly inflated because it was filled with Ye Chen's YangQi.

Ye Chen didn't Pull his younger brother out and hugged Liu Yue.

\"Husband, that was great, I never felt that good in this life.\" Liu Yue looked very happy

Liu Yue could feel that Ye Chen's flesh stick began to swell in his body.

This made Liu Yue very scared, normally normal people would last a maximum of 15 ~ 30 minutes, but Ye Chen really could last for an hour and a half.

Moreover, it was still as hard as before, Ye Chen suddenly Bergera in his body \"ahh. . . . , husband, do you still want to, but I'm already very tired right now \"Liu Yue complained to Ye Chen for being too strong.

Ye Chen was delighted to see this, this was exactly the same as when he first conducted Dual Cultivation with Zhao Yanyan.

\"No, let's just rest\" Ye Chen embraced Liu Yue in his arms while Ye Chen's younger brother was still lodged in Liu Yue's body.

Liu Yue nodded and huddled in Ye Chen's arms and fell asleep.