Journey To Become A True God Chapter 79

79 Frozen Ice Sec
\"Rotten man, what kind of creature are you? \"Mu Lanyin began to doubt that Ye Chen was human.

\"Mu Lanyin fairy are you blind, isn't it clear that I am a human, and my name is Ye Chen is not a rotten man\" Ye Chen is not too happy when called by a rotten man by Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin \"shut up, to me you are a shameless man who is very shameless\".

\"What is wrong with me that you label me as a shameless man, I have never even done anything bad to you\" Ye Chen could not remember what made him in the stamp of a shameless man by Mu Lanyin.

Though Ye Chen had never even touched an Incident in Mu Lanyin's Body.

\"You are still trying to deny it, ever since you took the veil from me, to me you are a shameless man\" Mu Lanyin pointed to the veil that covered her face.

\"Oh come on. That only sees your beautiful face, anyway it won't hurt you\", after Ye Chen finished speaking Mu Lanyin looked at him with a killing look.

\"You rotten bastard, you won't understand that,\" Mu Lanyin let out a profound energy of ice and covered her entire body.

The temperature around this place immediately dropped dramatically, Even the ground on Ye Chen's Step was covered in Ice.

After hearing Ye Chen's words just now Mu Lanyin was even more angry, this was the first time Mu Lanyin had lost his composure.

For some reason when Mu Lanyin talked to Ye Chen she always lost, Mu Lanyin wanted to blow Ye Chen to pieces.

u Lanyin Soared to the night sky, the deep ice enegy in Mu Lanyin's body also became stronger and stronger.

In the sky Mu Lanyin made five very large floating ice swords, at least still from the length of this sword 15 meters with a diameter of 1 meter.

This time Mu Lanyin sincerely wanted to kill Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin used all of her profound energy to use this attack.

Mu Lanyin directed the Five Ice Swords towards Ye Chen who was underneath \"Die, Ice Sword of Destiny\" Mu Lanyin moved his two fingers Forward and 5 Flying Ice Swords towards Ye Chen.

A very strong gust of wind was released by the five ice swords, while moving towards Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin really did not play this time. With this much strength it was enough to destroy the building 100 meters away.

Ye Chen put his shopping bag on the ground and soared to the sky, now Ye Chen was above Mu Lanyin.

\"I don't have time to play with you, let's finish this with one strike.\" Ye Chen then made a special move.

Mu Lanyin was very surprised to see Ye Chen being able to Fly, because the cultivator who could fly was only a cultivator in the Sky Realm stage, and even then in a limited amount of time.

Ye Chen who was only in the second stage of the Earth Realm could truly fly?

Again Ye Chen opposed Mu Lanyin's common sense, Mu Lanyin repeatedly felt the level of Ye Chen's strength, but still it was only in the second stage of the Earth Realm.

Mu Lanyin's Ice Sword of Destiny technique that would pounce on the ground immediately turned upwards and headed towards Ye Chen.

The Ice Sword of Destiny truly will not release its prey unless the owner of this technique cancels it.

The night sky that was previously starred, suddenly filled with thick clouds that are very concentrated.

Ye Chen \"DESOLATE PALMS First finger\" Ye Chen pushed his palm forward with only one finger open, from behind the clouds a large palm with one finger appeared, the large palm that appeared from behind the clouds like a reflection from Ye Chen's palm when this, DESOLATE PALMS Technique radiates an intimidating Ancient Aura.

Even Mu Lanyin who was several tens of meters from the DESOLATE PALMS technique was shivering, Mu Lanyin felt a very strong pressure released by this palm.

Ye Chen's DESOLATE PALMS Technique Getting closer to Mu Lanyin's Ice Sword of Destiny Technique.

\"Bamm. . . \"Even before Colliding with DESOLATE PALMS, Mu Lanyin's Ice Sword of Destiny was destroyed first.

DESOLATE PALMS Ye Chen was getting closer to Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin at this time could not move her body at all, her body shivered and trembled violently, Mu Lanyin was afraid and closed her eyes.

Before reaching Mu Lanyin Ye Chen had withdrawn the power of DESOLATE PALMS back, DESOLATE PALMS immediately disappeared from this world.

\"Ah\" Mu Lanyin is still being flown by the remaining power of DESOLATE PALMS and hit the ground.

Ye Chen immediately descended and saw the condition of Mu Lanyin.

At this time Mu Lanyin was crouched on the ground with her eyes closed, 70 percent of Mu Lanyin's white Phoenix clothes were torn to shreds.

At this moment Ye Chen could see the body of Jade Mu Lanyin which was very perfect.

Mulanyin's eyelashes trembled slightly, Mu Lanyin opened her eyes and looked at Ye Chen in terror.

All pride in the eyes of Mu Lanyin vanished instantly and is now replaced by fear, Mu Lanyin does not have the confidence as before.

Ye Chen walked over to Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin was afraid as Ye Chen walked over to her, Mu Lanyin closed his eyes and resignedly accepted what Ye Chen would do to her.

Mu Lanyin could hear Ye Chen's footsteps approaching, Mu lanyin felt her body covered by Something.

When Mu Lanyin opened her eyes, there was a coat that covered her body.

Mu Lanyin looked at Ye Chen very confused.

\"The weather is getting colder you should go back to your house\" after giving the coat to Mu Lanyin Ye Chen turned around, Ye Chen took a shopping bag and rushed to leave this place.

Mu Lanyin was left alone in this place, Mu Lanyin was in the process of what had just happened.

\"It's very warm.\" Mu Lanyin grabbed at the coat Ye Chen gave.

Mu Lanyin was very strange with Ye Chen, even though she had twice tried to kill him, but still Ye Chen was good to him.

\"Your sister is okay? \"A voice came from the sky, after that there were two women coming down from the sky, these two women were wearing white Phoenix clothes like the one in Mu Lanyin, both of them were also wearing a veil to cover their faces.

Even though these two women's faces were covered with a veil, it still could not hide their beauty

Mu Lanyin immediately turned around and saw these two women. \"Zhue, Xi, you two have returned, what about the transaction? \"

The names of these two women are Mu Zhue and Feng Xi.

Mu Zhue was raised by master Mu Lanyin when she was a child, when she was found Mu Zhue was only 5 years old because she did not know her name, then Manster from Mu Lanyin gave her name to Mu Zhue and entered it into the sect.

Whereas Feng Xi entered the sect when he was 15 years old, the whole Feng Xi family was killed by bandits who made her homeless. One day Feng Xi met with a master from Mu Lanyin and after that master Mu Lanyin brought him back to the sect.

\"Everything is going very well, but sister actually what happened to you? \"Older Mu Zhue immediately asked me why Mu Lanyin, whose entire shirt was torn and is currently wearing a coat.

\"It's okay if I just met with a very strong senior, we swapped a few swords and the result I became like this\" Mu Lanyin ashamed to admit that she was defeated by a young man who was several decades younger.

\" What !! \"The two women shouted with great surprise that Mu Lanyin was defeated, Mu Lanyin was the master of the Frozen Ice Sect at this time, only a few people were able to fight with Mu Lanyin hand to hand.

Mu Zhue and Feng Xi did not expect that in such a mortal place a Great Cultivator was hidden.

\"Forget it, Let's Return to the Frozen Ice Sect\" Mu Lanyin extended her hand, the back of Mu Lanyin's palm appeared a symbol, this was a magical beast contract, A large Snow bird appeared in front of these three women, this bird had snow white feathers.

\"Let's go,\" Mu Lanyin invited Mu Zhue and Feng Xi to ride this Magic Beast.

All three climbed on the back of this large bird, the Snow bird immediately flapped its Wings and flew into the sky and left the city.

Mu Lanyin stood on the back of the bersar bird and looked towards the city that was getting further away, Mu Lanyin then muttered \"Ye Chen, I will remember this name\" after that Mu Lanyin averted her gaze from the city