Journey To Become A True God Chapter 80

80 Build A Company
Ye Chen flew back to his own villa, Ye Chen immediately entered the villa and headed for the kitchen.

Ye Chen searched for Liu Yue's existence by using his spirit sensei, it turns out that Liu Yue was still in the bathroom.

Ye Chen started to cut chicken and vegetables, then Ye Chen washed all the ingredients that had been cut.

Ye Chen intended to make Sauteed Spicy Soy Chicken.

Ye Chen turned on the stove and started to heat the water, after the water boiled Ye Chen put some herbs into the water, the chicken that Ye Chen had washed was put into the seasoned water.

After all the seasonings had absorbed Ye Chen removed the chicken from the water, Ye Chen put the chicken into the skillet and started to stir-fry it, Ye Chen also made several other dishes as a complement.

After 20 minutes the entire table was filled with food that Ye Chen made.

\"It's time to call Liu Yue\" Ye Chen went upstairs and went to his room.

When Ye Chen entered, Ye Chen saw Liu Yue in front of the glass, Liu Yue was touching the skin with her hand.

Ye Chen walked up to Liu Yue and hugged her from behind, Liu Yue was surprised Ye Chen was behind her, \"Wife, what are you doing? \"

\"Husband, are you seeing something different from me?\" Liu Yue released herself from Ye Chen's arms and twisted her body 360 in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked up at Liu Yue's body, Liu Yue now looked more glamorous than before, Liu Yue's skin now looked healthier and more beautiful than before.

This was the effect of Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, only Doing the Dual Cultivation of Liu Yue's body had been moisturized.

Not only was the dual benefit of Cultivation with Ye Chen, Liu Yue had also broken through to the level 6 condensation Realm , now Liu Yue had entered the beginning of the cultivator stage.

\"Now, Yue's wife looks more beautiful\" Ye Chen praised Liu Yue.

\"You mean before I didn't look pretty? Humm, \"Liu Yue sniffed coldly and looked away, looking dissatisfied.

It seems like Ye Chen mispronounced \"Don't be angry, Yue's wife always looks beautiful all the time\" Ye Chen approached and held Liu Yue's hand.

\"Giggling\" Liu Yue Laughing \"husband, just now I just teased you a little\" Liu Yue then hugged Ye Chen.

After being satisfied, Hug Yue released Ye Chen.

\"The food is ready, let's go down\" Ye Chen invited Liu Yue to go to the dining room on the 1st floor.

Liu Yue trembled slightly while trying to walk.

\" What is wrong ? \"Ye Chen asked.

\"Husband, isn't this your fault for being too rude while doing it this afternoon?\" Liu Yue complained to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen understood, Liu Yue, who was doing the Dual Cultivation for the first time, must feel pain in that part, every normal woman would be the same as Liu Yue right now.

Ye Chen lifted Liu Yue and held her like a princess \"I will take you down,\" Ye Chen then came out of this room and went down to the 1st floor.

This was the second time Liu Yue was carried like a princess, Liu Yue who was in the arms of Ye Chen was very happy.

After arriving at the dining room Ye Chen lowered Liu Yue, Liu Yue saw several plates of food that were placed very neatly.

The food on the plate looks good to eat.

\"Sit down\" Ye Chen prepared a sitting chair for Liu Yue.

Liu Yue immediately sat on the Chair Ye Chen had prepared, while Ye Chen sat opposite Liu Yue.

Both of them then began to eat dinner, when Ye Chen was about to take the food he was stopped by Liu Yue, Liu Yue took what Ye Chen wanted and put it on a plate.

Now it was Liu Yue's turn to serve Ye Chen to eat, both of whom ate very happily.

Ye Chen: \"Oh yes, Yue's wife, I forgot to say it, you are now a cultivator, so you can practice to become immortal from now on.\"

\" Immortal ? \"Liu Yue is a little confused about what Ye Chen just said, what is it that cultivator Liu Yue never knew.

Because Liu Yue did not understand, Ye Chen explained to Liu Yue from the start, after Ye Chen's lecture for 20 Minutes, Liu Yue finally began to understand.

\"Oh, so from now on I can do things like those in martial arts drama? \"Liu Yue really likes martial arts films, Liu Yue always imagined she could fly and meet a handsome and great man on a cliff, and now Liu Yue has found him.

Ye Chen: \"Yes, it depends on how high your level is, for now you can't possibly imitate the scenes on TV, anyway you also haven't learned the basics from cultivators,\" Ye Chen explained to Liu Yue.

\"Then husband, besides flying, what else can you do?\" Liu Yue was very interested in wanting to know.

In the eyes of Liu Yue Ye Chen could see the glitter of the stars, Ye Chen was helpless and showed a little of his abilities.

\"Look carefully\" Ye Chen raised his hand up. A fire appeared and covered Ye Chen's hand.

\"You See I can Put out fire in all parts of my body\" Ye Chen proudly flaunted it to Liu Yue.

\"Pat. . . pat. . . \"

seeing this amazing thing Liu Yue applauded \"Husbands are indeed great\".

\"You don't have to praise me one day, you can also be like me\" Ye Chen then removed the fire in his hand.

\"But if I can do it, I don't even know anything about the World of Cultivators.\" Liu Yue was a bit pessimistic because she didn't know anything about the world of cultivators.

\"I will guide you, as long as you have the determination you can do everything\" Ye Chen gave encouragement to Liu Yue.

\"Yes\" Liu Yue smiled and nodded to Ye Chen.

After finishing eating, Ye Chen helped Liu Yue wash the dishes.

\"Wife, I plan to make a small company, what do you think? Ye Chen asked Liu Yue who is the Business Queen for advice.

\" a company ? Why suddenly? \"Liu Yue wants to know the reason Ye Chen wants to create a company.

\"You know that to become a cultivator we need herbs to quickly move up, the price of herbs is also very expensive, we need money to buy it\" Ye Chen had to resolve his financial crisis, otherwise it would be very difficult for Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue to increase their strength.

\"Why are you confused, you can use my money, after all, now I am your wife, my money is also your money\" Liu Yue did not mind the money used by Ye Chen, as long as it was for their benefit.

Ye Chen shook his head \"no, I can't use your money, as a man I also want to make my own money\" as an independent man Ye Chen wanted to make money, Ye Chen didn't want to use the money that Liu Yue earned with hard work.

\"Yes, I understand\" Liu Yue did not expect Ye Chen to be this adult, if it was replaced by someone else, they would definitely be very happy to use her money.

Liu Yue will always support Ye Chen's decision \"then what do you want to create a company for? \"Liu Yue wants to know what company Ye Chen will make.

\"I want to make a Cosmetic Company, what do you think? \"Since returning to Earth Ye Chen has always wanted to create a cosmetics company.

Ye Chen has several recipes for making beauty creams and ointments that have extraordinary effects for beauty.