Journey To Become A True God Chapter 81

81 Unexpected Visitors At Nigh
\"I think that's pretty good, then what product do you want to sell? Liu Yue asked what beauty products Ye Chen had for sale.

\"I have several beauty recipes that are ingredients that are easy to get, for example.\" Ye Chen took an ointment from inside the Fairy Gate storage room.

\"I named this the Quchu ointment. This saleb effect can remove scars, so that there are no more visible marks\" Ye Chen explained the effect of the Quacu ointment to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue was a little surprised to hear the effects of the Quchu ointment, currently on the market Salve like this can only remove 70-80% of the scars, that means there will still be scars that are slightly visible, women will usually be dissatisfied with small scars like this , women will definitely be very happy to hear Ointment Quchu which can eliminate their Scar 100%.

\" then what again ? \"Liu Yue is increasingly interested in the items Ye Chen has, if these items are sold it will definitely be very in demand in the market.

This time Ye Chen released a beauty cream \"next is a beauty cream that can make women look 10 years younger, if you use this cream continuously then the effect will be permanent\" Ye Chen explained the effect of this cream.

Liu Yue immediately took the beauty cream in Ye Chen's hand. \"Husband, is this effect really the beauty cream like you said before? \"

\"Yes, the effect of this cream is indeed like that\" Ye Chen nodded at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue looked at the beauty cream in her hand, if the effect of this cream was as good as Ye Chen was talking about, it would shake the global market.

\"This husband is truly extraordinary, with these two things I'm sure the company that you will set up is a huge success, has enormous profits.\" Liu Yue looked very excited when she said that.

Ye Chen: \"Really? \"

\"Yes, I guarantee 100%\" Liu Yue nodded, \"then how much budget do you have now? \", Liu Yue wondered how much money Ye Chen currently has.

To make a small company require at least 20-50 million dollars in capital.

\"Right now I only have a few hundred thousand dollars in my account.\" Ye Chen was a little embarrassed when he said the amount of money, Ye Chen intended to sell heaven peaches to get extra money.

Liu Yue began to think about giving Ye Chen initial capital, and besides, 50 million dollars for Liu Yue was not too big.

\"Your husband does not need to think about this, I will take care of everything for you, all you need to do is just control it from behind the scenes when the company is set up later\" Liu Yue will take care of everything for Ye Chen, after all Ye Chen is still sitting in school, it was impossible for Ye Chen to take care of the conditions needed to set up a company.

\"Yes, okay,\" Ye Chen didn't want to continue to reject the good intentions of Liu Yue, because after all they were a couple.

\"Good, I'll ask for a recipe for Quchu ointment and a beauty cream to register for copyright tomorrow.\" Liu Yue asked for a recipe for these two items to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wrote all the ingredients needed to make Quchu ointment and beauty cream, then handed it over to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue received the recipe written by Ye Chen \"Oh yeah you haven't told me what name to use for the company later\" Liu Yue asked the name of the company that Ye Chen would set up.

Ye Chen began to name what was good for his company \"how about Xiannu\" it looked very good.

Liu Yue: \"Yes, not bad, but are you sure you can still think about it again?\"

\"I'm sure this name is the most suitable for the company\" Ye Chen made up his mind.

\"Well, if that's what you want,\" after finishing discussing everything with Ye Chen, Liu Yue borrowed Ye Chen's cellphone and called the Secretary to take care of all the processes of establishing the company.

\"Tomorrow my secretary will take care of all the processes of establishing a company, you don't need to think about it\" Liu Yue has left all the affairs to the secretary.

Ye Chen then took Liu Yue to a relaxing room in the family, both of them sitting on the couch watching TV.

Liu Yue leaned on Ye Chen's shoulder while watching a romantic drama.

\"Ding\" The doorbell rings.

\"Who's the one who is visiting at night? Ye Chen got up from the sofa and intended to open the door.

\"Husband just let me open the door\" Liu Yue immediately pulled Ye Chen's hand and told him to sit down again.

Liu Yue looked happy when she went to the entrance, \"ding\" the doorbell continued to ring \"for a moment I dantang\" Liu Yue then opened the door.

Liu Yue saw who was in front of the door, Liu Yue's expression immediately changed to see the beautiful woman who was in front of the entrance.

Liu Yue did not know what to say in her current condition. Lil Yue Yue felt like a thief who was interrupted by the first wife.

The person at the door was of course Zhao Yanyan's First wife Ye Chen, this time Zhao Yanyan was wearing a casual dress, Zhao Yanyan looked very beautiful wearing a monitor dress and a blue butterfly ribbon in her hair.

\"Yue sister, is Ye Chen inside? \"Zhao Yanyan Asked whether Ye Chen was inside, Zhao Yanyan actually knew that Ye Chen was in this Villa.

Liu Yue nodded and invited Zhao Yanyan to enter the villa.

Zhao Yanyan immediately entered the villa, Zhao Yanyan saw the interior of this large villa, Zhao Yanyan did not expect Ye Chen to have a large villa like this.

Zhao Yanyan \"Where is Ye Chen right now? \"

\"He is in the family lounge,\" Liu Yue then led Zhao Yanyan to the room where Ye Chen was.

When on the way Liu Yue always looked down, Liu Yue did not say a word to Zhao Yanyan, more precisely Liu Yue was a little afraid that Zhao Yanyan would find her relationship with Ye Chen at this time.

Zhao Yanyan slightly looked at Liu Yue who was afraid of him.