Journey To Become A True God Chapter 82

82 Happy Life
Liu Yue and Zhao Yanyan finally arrived at the room where Ye Chen was, Ye Chen was currently focusing on watching television.

Hearing the sound of the door opening Ye Chen immediately asked \"Yue's wife who is the one who nightly presses the door Bell? \"When he said Ye Chen did not look back.

Liu Yue immediately panicked when Ye Chen called her wife in front of Zhao Yanyan \"over, it's over\" Zhao Yanyan already knew everything.

Zhao Yanyan did not say anything, Zhao Yanyan approached towards Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan then wrapped her arms around Ye Chen's neck \"husband\" Zhao Yanyan whispered in Ye Chen's ear with a very gentle tone.

Ye Chen Immediately recognized this voice, Ye Chen stood in panic \"Yanyan what are you doing here? Ye Chen was quite surprised that Zhao Yanyan suddenly came to his villa.

\" Why ? Can I not come here? \"Zhao Yanyan was a little dissatisfied.

\"That's not what I mean, how do you know the location of Vhavior, I haven't even told you the location of this place to you\" Ye Chen might have said to Zhao Yanyan that he bought a villa, but Ye Chen had not yet told the location of his villa as to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Husband come with me, there is something I want to discuss privately with you\" Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to follow her.

Before exiting the room Zhao Yanyan gave a smile to Liu Yue, Ye Chen was helplessly following behind Zhao Yanyan.

\"Hahaha, Look who was caught cheating\" Chu Yuechan spoke in Ye Chen's mind, Chu YueChan did not talk to Ye Chen in a day at all, Usually Chu Yuechan would be the most noisy when it came to matters of women.

\"You. . , are you the one who told Yanyan about my existence? \"Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

\"Yes, I did tell Yanyan's younger sister your location, because she herself asked me, giggling\" Chu Yue laughed at Ye Chen's distress.

\"Husband\" Zhao Yanyan called out to Ye Chen.

\"Yes\" Ye Chen immediately stopped talking to Chu Yue and focused on Zhao Yanyan.

\"Husband, you said you had no connection with Liu Yue, but what I saw was that you called her Yue's wife, so you've been lying to me all this time? \"Zhao Yanyan said in a tone of loss.

Seeing this Ye Chen felt very guilty towards Zhao Yanyan \"Yanyan listen to me, before what I said was true, I also Did not expect my relationship with Liu Yue will develop this fast, but you can be sure that I will not lie to my beloved Yanyan\" Ye Chen said it earnestly.

\"Really, then tell me have you done that with Liu Yue?\" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

from the beginning Zhao Yanyan already knew everything from Chu Yuechan, Zhao Yanyan only wanted to test Ye Chen's honesty.

\"Yes, I did with Liu Yue, now she is my woman too\" Ye Chen answered honestly.

\"Giggling\" Zhao Yanyan laughed \"I'm glad you want to tell me the truth\"

\"Yanyan you're not angry? Ye Chen wanted to know if Zhao Yanyan was angry with him.

Zhao Yanyan \"Huh? , why should I be mad at you, you did not make mistakes, from the beginning I already said it very clearly, I allow you to have another woman, as long as in your heart there is always me That's enough for me, from the beginning I knew I could not monopolize you alone , considering you have a special ancient (Yang) body, where you need a lot of female Yin to balance (Yang) in your body \".

\"Yanyan dear, how did you know that I have such a special body, did Yuechan tell you? \"Ye Chen should never have said specifically body to Zhao Yanyan, so only Chu Yuechan might tell Zhao Yanyan.

\"You're right Yue Chan's sister told me all about you, because that is your first woman I must do what I can so that you do not die\" Zhao Yanyan then hugged Ye Chen.

\"My husband is very scared, if you suddenly die because of your body (Yang), I don't care how many women you have. As long as you stay alive, it makes me happy\" Zhao Yanyan cried in Ye Chen's arms.

Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan very tightly and stroked Zhao Yanyan's long hair, Ye Chen was very grateful to have a woman who could understand him like Zhao Yanyan.

After 10 minutes Zhao Yanyan finally calmed down \"husband let's go back to the room, sister Yue must have been waiting a long time\" Zhao Yanyan returned cheerful and smiled, Zhao Yanyan's smile was like a flower that blooms very beautiful, Zhao Yanyan then pulled Ye Chen back into the family room.

When Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan reentered the room, both of them saw Liu Yue sitting on the couch and lowered her head, even when Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan entered the room Liu Yue still kept her head down fearful of looking at Zhao Yanyan.

Liu Yue looked scared, Zhao Yanyan immediately went to Liu Yue's side, \"Sister Yue, are you alright? \"The first thing Zhao Yanyan asked was Liu Yue's situation.

Liu Yue shook her head \"I'm okay? \"

Zhao Yanyan \"good, then sister Yue what is your relationship with Ye Chen right now? \"

The thing Liu Yue feared finally happened, Zhao Yanyan caught her having an affair with Ye Chen.

Yanyan's younger sister forgive me, I was the one who teased Ye Chen first, so please don't blame Ye Chen for this\" Liu Yue apologized to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Hehehe, I'm not mad at you, sister Yue, I know that you love Ye Chen very much, so from now on we are family, welcome to this family.\" Zhao Yanyan welcomed Liu Yue as the new member of the family.

Liu Yue was astonished to hear what Zhao Yanyan had just said, the stone that had previously floated in Liu Yue's heart was now sinking, there was no longer any concern in Liu Yue's heart \"Yanyan's younger sister thanks\" Liu Yue and Zhao Yanyan hugged each other.

Ye Chen walked towards Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, Ye Chen then sat in the middle of the two and grabbed the Waist of Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, Ye Chen embraced these two beauties in his arms.

\"I really love you two\" The left and right hands held two incomparable beauties Ye Chen was very happy.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue put their heads on Ye Chen's chest.

Ye Chen's hands began to be dishonest and touched the breasts of Zhao Yanya and Liu Yue \"ah. . \" the two crab claws twisted Ye Chen's Waist.

\"Please, there is a wife who wants to kill him husband\" Ye Chen shouted in pain, actually Chen Chen did not feel pain, this was done so that the two women were just happy

\" husband began to be naughty again, sister Yue helped me pack it\" Laughter could be heard in this room.

\"Life like this is not bad\" Ye Chen was grateful to have a life like this.