Journey To Become A True God Chapter 83

83 Psect Want To Get Revenge
in a very dark forest, with this man's body full of wounds going through the dark forest, if Ye Chen was here surely he would recognize it, this was Du Yao who managed to escape, after escaping, Du Yao immediately returned to the sect to report What happened .

\"Damn I have to immediately report what happened to the teacher, only the teacher can save Uncle Khun,\" the Du Yao sect is not far from here.

Some time later, Du Yao reached the Poison sect, at the entrance of Du Yao, it was stopped by 2 guards who were guarding the gate.

\"Take out your identity token\" the two guards immediately told Du Yao to issue the membership token.

Du Yao immediately issued the Sect of Membership Sect, Du Yao then handed over his tokens to the two guards

\"Oh it turns out Brother Du Yao, what happened to you why your body is full of wounds, did someone attack you\" one of the gate guards asked Du Yao.

\"The story is long, I want to talk to the teacher do you know where my teacher is now? \"Du Yao immediately asked where the teacher is now.

\"Elder Gou is currently in the meeting room, you can find him there.\"

After getting the answer that Du Yao wanted, Du Yao immediately went to the meeting room, while there Du Yao was not only see the master Du Gou, the first elder of Du Naru also in this room.

\"Master, first elder, Du Yao reports back to the sect\" Du Yao immediately bowed and saluted Du Gou and Du Naru

\"Du Yao you are back, jade Du Khun's life goes out, tell me what happened to my third brother, if your answer is not satisfying you will know the consequences\" Du Gou looks very angry at Du Khun.

Du Yao did not think that Khun's uncle was dead, Du Yao immediately explained what had happened to his master and the first elder \"what?, Bamm! ! \"When Du Gou was angry he slapped the table with his hand, the wooden table was immediately smashed to pieces.

\"Who is that, how dare he interfere with my sect's affairs\" Du Gou immediately asked the person who killed Du Khun.

\"Teacher, that person's name, if I'm not mistaken Ye Chen, that person really hid his strength very deeply, I think he is also the one who killed Du Khun's uncle\" Du Yao immediately told Ye Chen his name to his master.

\"Ye Chen\" Du Gou murmuring \"I myself will go to avenge the death of the third brother, I will bring the man's head to be presented to the third brother\" Du Gou immediately headed to the exit.

\"Second brother, don't be so rash, we don't know how strong that person is, if you go in this situation, you might catch up to the third brother.\" Du Naru stopped Du Gou from being rash in his decision.

\"But first brother, do you not want to take revenge on the third brother? \"Du Gou is not satisfied with being stopped by Du Naru.

\"I also want to take revenge for the death of the third brother, but we don't know how strong the man named Ye Chen is, if we rash ourselves that will lose\" Du Naru is a person who is very careful in making every decision.

\"We will send people to search for Ye Chen's information first, after knowing his weaknesses we will immediately kill him\" Du Naru Comes with a Plan.

\"That's a very good plan, then let's send our best students to watch over him, then find out the weakness of the man named Ye Chen\" Du Gou nodded and followed the plan Du Naru suggested.

\"Du Yao come back and take care of your wound, from now on you are not allowed to get out of this sect, unless we disgust you\" Du Gou ordered Du Yao to return.

Du Yao saluted and then left the meeting room.

The next morning

Sunlight illuminated Ye Chen's bed, Ye Chen opened his eyes, in Ye Chen's hands laying down two Beauty of Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue who were still sleeping comfortably on Ye Chen's arms.

Ye Chen moved his hands slowly so that they didn't wake up, Ye Chen's slight movements turned out to wake Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan Rubbed her two eyes with his hand, Zhao Yanyan looked very cute when she did \"husband good morning\" Zhao Yanyan gave a greeting to Ye Chen.

Liu Yue was still fast asleep, it seemed she was still very tired from exercise last night.

Zhao Yanyan immediately Get out of bed \"husband, I'll make breakfast, you take a shower first\" Zhao Yanyan then left this room to make breakfast for the three.

Ye Chen also immediately got up from bed, Ye Chen stroked the hair of Liu Yue who was fast asleep, Ye Chen then went to the bathroom,

after Ye Chen left Liu Yue opened her eyes, Liu Yue still thought that this was a dream, Liu Yue tried to pinch her cheek \"ahh it hurts, so this is not a dream\" Liu Yue remembered what happened last night, now she and Zhao Yanyan were Ye's women Chen.

Liu Yue got off the bed then left the room, Liu Yue wanted to help Zhao Yanyan make breakfast.

When Ye Chen finished bathing, Liu Yue was not in bed, Ye Chen then changed his clothes, after finishing changing Ye Chen's clothes went down to the first floor.

When he got to the kitchen Ye Chen saw his two women cooking, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue looked very well together while cooking food.

after 20 minutes the table was filled with food that had been made by Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue \"I use all the ingredients that I can find in this kitchen, hopefully my husband likes the food we make\".

Ye Chen did not think much and began to eat all the food made by Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue \"This is delicious\" Ye Chen continued to devour all the food on the plate.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue smiled. Seeing how greedy Ye Chen ate \"husband slowly, no one will take it away from you\" Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue also began to eat their food.

Within a few minutes all the food on the table was gone, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue's meals were quite a bit so Ye Chen was the one who consumed all the food on the table.

After finishing eating well Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue washed the dishes.

\"Oh yeah, Yue's wife, you don't have any cultivation techniques yet, we should find the one that suits you.\" Ye Chen wanted Liu Yue to immediately cultivate like himself and Zhao Yanyan so as not to lag far behind.

\"Have we eaten?\" Liu Yue asked

\"Alright close your eyes\" Ye Chen told Liu Yue to close his eyes.

Liu Yue did what Ye Chen wanted and then closed her eyes, Liu Yue felt that the floor she stepped on suddenly turned into Grass.

Ye Chen \"Now you can open your eyes\".

When Liu Yue opened her eyes, Liu Yue was very surprised to see the scenery in front of her, this place was very beautiful and amazing, even the air here was very fresh.

Liu Yue didn't know where they were right now, Liu Yue asked Ye Chen \"husband, where is this? \"

\"This is the fairy gate, only my woman can enter it, right now the only one who can take you in is Yanyan and me\" Ye Chen began to explain the fairy gate to Liu Yue.

\"Welcome to the fairy gate,\" a woman's voice came from the sky.

Liu Yue immediately looked up, Liu Yue saw a very beautiful woman flying in the sky, this woman had wings on her back, this woman's face and body were very perfect, this woman was like a fairy coming out of the painting, Liu Yue felt nothing compared to that with this woman.

Chu Yuechan immediately descended from the sky and stood in front of Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue.

\"Hello, I am Chu Yuechan, guard at this place, nice to meet you,\" Chu Yue Chan introduced herself to Liu Yue.

\"Not only is this beautiful woman's voice also very beautiful to hear, is she the Ye Chen woman?\" Liu Yue said in her heart.

\"My name is Liu Yue, nice to meet you Miss Chu\" Liu Yue also introduced herself to Chu Yue Chan.

Chu Yuechan \"You don't need to be too formal, you can call me Yuechan's sister\".

Liu Yue: \"well, Yuechan's sister\".

\"Then let's find cultivation techniques that are suitable for you\" Chu Yuechan dragged everyone away.