Journey To Become A True God Chapter 84

84 Blue Moon God Ar
Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Chu Yuachan Arrived outside the entrance of the pagoda \"come on in\" Chu Yuechan invited everyone to enter the room.

\"Now,sister Yue please choose the technique that you think is suitable for you\" Chu Yuechan pushed Liu Yue to go to the technique she wanted.

Liu Yue was very confused about what kind of cultivation technique to choose, Liu Yue began to look at the cultivation books one by one.

After reading dozens of books Liu Yue still had not found a cultivation technique suitable for her, until Liu Yue saw a book placed on the top shelf.

Liu Yue felt that the book was emitting blue light which made Liu Yue slightly interested \"Yuechan's sister can you get the technique for me\" Liu Yue pointed to the technique she wanted.

Chu Yuechan flew and took the manual that Liu Yue wanted and saw \"Blue Moon God Art\" Chu Yuechan then gave the technique to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue happily accepted the technique given by Chu Yuechan, Liu Yue began to see the contents of this technique.

Blue Moon God art is like the Moon in a very beautiful sky, this technique cultivates a very beautiful blue moonlight.

The first stage: Blue Moon Shadow blink, move to the desired place with a blink of an eye, there will be a shadow replacing in the previous place.

The second stage: Blue Moon Light, controlling the power of the Blue Moon Light at will, can be used to attack and also defend, the stronger the user the faster and stronger this technique

Third phase ??????

It seems like this technical manual is still incomplete, continued this technique is on the top floor

\"Are you sure you want to take this technique, even though this powerful technique is still incomplete, it looks like the Continued page of this technique is on the top floor.\" Chu Yuechan warned Liu Yue first so that Liu Yue made no wrong decision.

Again the continuation of the Blue Moon God Art is definitely on the top floor, and currently the upper floor is still not accessible by anyone.

\"I have decided to take this technique\", Liu Yue hugged the Blue Moon God art manual on her chest, for some reason Liu Yue was very interested in this technique.

\"Okay, if that is your decision,\" continued Chu Yuechan, intending to lecture Liu Yue.

On the other hand

\"Yanyan takes out the marrow washing pills, I'll help you\" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan Take out the marrow washing pills that he had previously given.

Zhao Yanyan immediately issued a marrow washing pills \"husband, what should I do\" Asked Zhao Yanyan.

\"Just take the pill, then sit down\" Ye Chen gave directions to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan followed the direction Ye Chen gave, she ate marrow washing pills, Zhao Yanyan then sat down cross-legged.

Ye Chen went behind Zhao Yanyan and placed his palm on Zhao Yanyan's back, Ye Chen began to use his energy to guide the marrow washing pills on Zhao Yanyan's body.

Existing stools in the body of Zhao Yanyan started out through skin pores.

If Zhao Yanyan consumed it herself the time needed would definitely be very long and his efficacy depended on Zhao Yanyan's ability, but if assisted by Ye Chen, it would not only be faster but the efficacy of marrow washing pills would be 100%.

After 5 minutes had passed Ye Chen pulled his energy from Zhao Yanyan's body, Zhao Yanyan's body was currently filled with black dirt, all the dirt in Zhao Yanyan's body had been completely discharged by marrow washing pills.

Now Zhao Yanyan's cultivation speed will be even faster.

Ye Chen: \"Yanyan you should take a shower first, I will help Yue to consume marrow washing pills\".

Zhao Yanyan immediately went to the baths that were inside the Fairy Gate, Zhao Yanyan was uncomfortable with the impurities that clung to her body, Zhao Yanyan wanted to quickly take a shower and remove all this black stuff from her body.

Ye Chen immediately went to Liu Yue and Chu Yuechan's \"how did Yue have you found a technique that suits you?\" Because it focused on helping Zhao Yanyan consume marrow washing pills Ye Chen did not pay attention to Liu Yue and Chu Yuechan.

\"Yes, I've found it\" Liu Yue showed Blue Moon God Art to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded \"this technique seems to suit you, this is for you\" Ye Chen gave Liu Yue a marrow washing pills.

\" What is this ?\" Liu Yue asked.

\"It is a marrow washing pills that can get rid of all the impurities in the body, now eat I will help you fix it\" Ye Chen explained the effect of marrow washing pills to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue did not ask many questions and immediately took this pill.

\"Now sit cross-legged\" Ye Chen then walked behind Liu Yue.

Liu Yue immediately crossed, Ye Chen then began to guide the marrow washing pills on Liu Yue's body.

After 5 minutes all the dirt in Liu Yue's body also came out, Liu Yue who saw her body filled with dirty black liquid Liu Yue wanted to leave this place immediately and take a bath.

Women most do not like his body Dirty \"husband, where is the bath in this place? \"Liu Yue immediately asked Ye Chen a place to take a bath.

Ye Chen gave Liu Yue directions.

After knowing the direction to the bath, Liu Yue immediately ran there as fast as possible.

Now only Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan were left in this place.

\"Looks like the two of them can get along with each other\" Chu Yuechan was already standing beside Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded \"Yes I'm glad they both can accept each other\".

\"Then who will it be? Next, Lin Rouxi or any other woman, I can't wait to see this place filled with beautiful sisters\" Chu Yuechan whispered in Ye Chen's ear in a very seductive voice.

\"How do I know?\" Ye Chen said helplessly.

\"Giggling\" Chu Yuechan laughed \"it's good time to play with two sisters\" Chu Yue chan then disappeared from this place.

Ye Chen shook his head Seeing the departure of Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen wondered how Chu Yuechan knew that Ye Chen was also starting to like Lin Rouxi, did this woman have the technique of reading other people's minds.

Ye Chen didn't bother thinking about it, Ye Chen looked at the ownership status of the fairy gate

Details of the Fairy Gate ruler

Lvl: 2

Name: Ye Chen

Age: 19 years old

Strength: Ancient warrior Realm

Inherited: God of Sage

Techniques: Heart King Technique, Gods Path Technique, Step Nine Shadow, DESOLATE PALMS Technique, breaking meteor blow, one hundred thousand fire swords,? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(Author's note: Other Technical Details follow: V).

Woman: Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue

Current Exp: 75/84

It seems like doing Dual Cultivation with Liu Yue increases the exp from the fairy gate, but it's still not enough to go up to the next level.

From the beginning Ye Chen was very curious as to why the Fairy Gate makers made such a system, if only this system did not exist it would have been extraordinary. What mystery was inside this fairy gate Ye Chen was truly more curious.

Meanwhile in the baths Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue are currently cleaning their Whole Bodies from dirt.

Liu Yue who was here for the first time really Really enjoyed the water in this pool, Liu Yue had never bathed as comfortable as this before, the warm water that was here was really warm and soothing to the soul.

\"Ah, Yanyan's younger sister, what are you. \"Liu Yue's words stuck in her throat, because when she looked back it turned out to be Chu Yuechan.

\"Wow, this is pretty big, surely Ye Chen really likes this thing,\" Chu Yuechan squeezed Liu Yue's two big rabbits.

Zhao Yanyan watched from the side, Zhao Yanyan began to look at her own even though it was already quite large, if compared to Liu Yue's it was still defeated.

\"Yanyan's younger sister help me\" Liu Yue could only ask for Zhao Yanyan's help on the side.

Chu Yuechan immediately released Liu Yue's chest and approached Zhao Yanyan \"Yanyan's younger sister in the past few days I have not touched her, it looks like it has grown even bigger so I can touch her\".

\"Ah don't\" the woman's scream echoed throughout the baths