Journey To Become A True God Chapter 86

86 Yun Hao
\"I am Yun Hao, one of the 4 princes in the capital,\" The man named Yun Hao said it very proudly.

The title he got acknowledged that he was one of the young masters who was very strong and feared in the capital, in the capital no one dared to take Yun Hao's feelings, instead they were as much as possible to make Yun Hao happy in order to get a tantalizing benefit.

Unfortunately Ye Chen did not care at all, want That Young master or whatever it was still this person from the beginning who made a mistake because of Breaking the red light.

\"Ye Chen, what happened? Seeing the chaotic situation outside, Zhao Yanyan decided to get out of the car and walk towards Ye Chen.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan very beautiful Yun Hao's eyes immediately lit up, Yun Hao did not expect in the city. There was a very beautiful woman, even Yun Hao's saliva was almost dripping when he saw Zhao Yanyan.

\"If you don't want to pay for the loss of my car, then just give this woman to me for one night\" Yun Hao held out his hands and wanted to reach Zhao Yanyan's body.

Yun Hao's hand was only a few centimeters from Zhao Yayan's body, \"pahhh\", Yun Hao was directly slapped by Zhao Yanyan until his cheeks were swollen.

Zhao Yanyan was now a cultivator about the strength that Zhao Yanyan had Increased, the slap must have been very painful for Yun Hao

ZHao Yanyan is very difficult to be angry, but this time she really didn't like this shameless guy.

Yun Hao Rubbed His Cheek The sick, Yun Hao looked at Zhao Yanyan with an angry look \"you bitch, how dare you hit me on my face\" Yun Hao raised his hand preparing to hit Zhao Yanyan.

How could Ye Chen let Yun Hao hurt Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen stopped Yun Hao's hand \"Hey you keep your dirty hands away from my wife, Bang\" Ye Chen hit Yun Hao until he flew several meters away.

Ye Chen was not as good as Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen hit Yun Hao because Yun Hao made him annoyed.

Yun Hao immediately stood up and pointed at Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan \"You two dare to dare to hit me, do you not know, I am the young master of the Yun family one of the four Great families in the Capital City\" Yun Hao Scared Ye Chen by using the background behind him as the young master of the Yun family.

Ye Chen was not afraid of the big family in this country, if they were looking for trouble Ye Chen would not hesitate to fight with them.

so this man is very rich Why not rob more than this person \"so you are the young master of a very rich family, then you should immediately replace the damage to my car, if not maybe there will be some teeth scattered on the ground\" Ye Chen smiled smirking.

Yun Hao Swallowed Saliva when he heard what Ye Chen had said just now, Yun Hao felt shudder when he saw Ye Chen's smile \"Uncle Han saved me\" Yun Hao asked the help of Uncle Han who was in the car.

Out of the passenger car came a middle-aged man ,, the name of this middle-aged man was Li Hun, Li Hun walked towards Yun Hao and stood in front of Yun Hao, this person was very calm like calm lake water.

Ye Chen saw a middle-aged man who just came out \"a cultivator?\" \"Ye Chen felt the strength of this middle-aged man was in the early stages of the Realm's spirit formation.

\"Son, you should immediately apologize to our young master, those who offended the Yun family will not have a good ending\" LI Hun tried to warn Ye Chen not to offend the Yun family for his own good.

\"Uncle from the start, I just wanted him to apologize and compensate for the damage to my car, but who knows this idiot is looking for trouble with me\" Ye Chen pointed at Yun Hao who hid behind Li Hun.

\"Uncle Hun, why bother talking to this person? You should just break some of his bones so he knows the place.\" Yun Hao asked Li Hun to make Ye Chen deformed.

Li Hun didn't want to move, but Li Hun felt that the young man in front was very dangerous to fight.

Years of experience of fighting made Li Hun able to see the strength of the enemy he was fighting, but when dealing with the young man in front of him Li Hun really felt unable to measure the strength of this young man.

\"Uncle Hun, hurry up and make this bastard kneel under my feet and beg for forgiveness from me\" Yun Hao pushed Li Hun to take care of Ye Chen immediately.

\"Son, I'm giving you the last chance you should apologize to our young master right now, if not. . . \"Li Hun gave Ye Chen a second chance.

\"If not what? \"Asked Ye Chen.

\"Don't blame me for not warning you\" Li Hao immediately ran towards Ye Chen.

\"Enhance earth arm\" Li Hun's arm turned to stone and began to expand.

Li Hun jumped and prepared to hit Ye Chen \"Bang. . . ! \"The collision between Ye Chen's body and Li Hun's middle was very strong.

Li Hun's ehance earth arm technique was destroyed, so he had to Retreat Backward, Li Hun was very surprised that Ye Chen had not been scratched in the slightest even after being hit by his attack, Li Hun was very confident in his technique. This was because it could destroy an iron.

But Ye Chen really fended it off with only his Body.

\"So you want to use violence, okay if that's what you want\" Ye Chen used the Nine-Shadow Step and went to Li Hun's side.

Because this place did not exist, Ye Chen did not hesitate to use his own power.

Li Hun was very surprised to see Ye Chen already beside him, Li Hun intended to retreat as far as possible.

How could Ye Chen let it go? So easily, Ye Chen used his elbow to hit Li Hun's chest.

Li Hun immediately used both of his hands to resist Ye Chen's \"bamm. . \" Li Hun bounced a few dozen Meters.

Li Hun swirled in the air to stabilize his body and landed on the road, even though he successfully landed both of Li Hun's arms were broken from Ye Chen's attack just now.

After receiving Ye Chen Li Hun's attack he could no longer calm down like before.

\"Uncle Hun why are you still playing fast for him to kneel for me: Yun Hao still doesn't understand that Li Hun's situation is cornered.

Li Hun really cursed Yun Hao, this idiot didn't know that the person he was referring to was very strong.

Li Hun can't call in for help. right now they were not in the capital region, if they were in the capital city Li Hun would not be afraid of Ye Chen, because Li Hun could call on other masters in the Yun family.

Ye Chen went to Yun Hao, he grabbed Yun Hao's neck and lifted him up.

\"You said you want to make me kneel at your feet, now do you still dare to talk like that? Ye Chen slightly strengthened the strength of his grip.

Yun Hao felt unable to breathe because he was suffocated by Ye Chen's very strong hand \"Please let me go, I will apologize and change all your car's losses, cough cough\".

\"Release our young master or I will kill this woman,\" Li Hun pointed a knife at Zhao Yanyan's neck.