Journey To Become A True God Chapter 87

87 Curse Of Melody
\"What are you waiting for? Quick release the young master or this woman's life will be lost\" Li Hun threatened Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen did not let go of Yun Hao \"Yanyan why don't you show me the results of your training\".

Zhao Yanyan's power now was comparable to Li Hun.

\"Ah\" Li Hun cried out in pain and knelt on the ground, Li Hun's face blackened and holding his crotch with both hands.

Zhao Yanyan really kicked Li Hun's vital part, Ye Chen was a little horrified when Zhao Yanyan did that.

Where did this girl learn things like that \"Yanyan isn't the thing you did too extreme, where did you learn it from? \"

\"Yuechan's sister taught me, she said that part is the weak point of all men\" Zhao Yanyan smiled innocently.

Ye Chen Shook His Head, Looks like Chu Yuechan Teaches Zhao Yanyan A strange strange thing.

\"Hey you, if you don't release me immediately, I will make your whole family disappear from the face of this earth.\" Yun Hao still has the courage to threaten Ye Chen.

\"Pahhhhh. . ! \"The sound of a slap that is very Reyah sounded.

\"You still haven't learned too. Apparently, pahhhhh. . \" Ye Chen slapped Yun Hao many times.

Yun Hao's face turned into a pork butt \"well I'm sorry, please let me go\" Yun Hao is not strong because his face is really hot and sick

\"I asked for 10 million dollars to compensate for my car\" Ye Chen mentioned nominal.

\"Are you crazy, why not just rob me\" Yun Hao considered Ye Chen insane.

\"So you don't want it, OK, you're the one who forced me\" Ye Chen let go of Yun Hao and went to the side of Zhao Yanyan.

Yun Hao was very confused about what Ye Chen would do

Ye Chen then whispered in Zhao Yanyan's ear, Zhao Yanyan immediately nodded and took out the lotus zither from inside the storage clove.

One of Zhao Yanyan's hands grabbed the Zither Lotus and the other hand began to play it, very melodious music began to come out.

Ye Chen felt his soul calm down when he listened to the Zither lotus played by Zhao Yanyan.

\"Aghhhhhhhhh. . . . . . , stop your music \"Yun Hao and Li Hun feel their ears hurt listening to Zhao Yanyan playing the zither.

So this was the power of Zhao Yanyan's goddess Melody Technique, Ye Chen Seeing Yun Hao and Li Hun rolling around on the ground in pain, they covered their ears with their hands.

\"Stop it, stop it, I beg you, I will pay 10 million to compensate your car as long as the woman stops playing her zither\" Yun Hao was the first to surrender because he couldn't take it anymore.

Yun Hao had never heard of anyone playing a zither this badly, to the point that his head wanted to break.

That was because the goddess's melody technique gave curses to Yun Hao and Li Hun, music that was supposed to be beautiful turned out to be very painful for both of them.

moreover the Zither Lotus strengthened the goddess Melody technique. Belongs to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Why is this so melodious, Yanyan keeps playing I want to hear it again\" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to continue playing and he smiled wickedly at Yun Hao.

Zhao Yanyan was very happy and continued playing her lotus zither.

\"Please stop playing the zither, I can't take this anymore, just take all my money\" Yun Hao handed over a card in which there was more than 10 million dollars in cash.

Ye Chen immediately took the card from Yun Hao's hand \"If only you had done it earlier, we don't need to go through all of this, Yanyan let's go later we are late\" Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan into the car.

Even though the side of the body is broken, the tire part isn't damaged, so Ye Chen can still use this car.

Ye Chen immediately started the car and left this place.

\"Damn, just watch out you guys later, I'll reply you two with worse than this\" Yun Hao gritted his teeth because he was angry.

\"Young master, are you alright? \"Li Hun immediately approached Yun Hao and asked his situation.

\"Uncle Hun, how did you lose to that damn brat, you once said that your strength is even stronger than even trained soldiers\" Yun Hao scolded Li Hun for being incompetent in carrying out his duties as a bodyguard.

\"That young master's person is not an ordinary person. You should stay away from him. I'm afraid you will get hurt if you deal with him.\" Li Hun was not angry at Yun Hao's insults, instead Li Hun warned Yun Hao to stay away from Ye Chen.

\"Do you think I will release that person just like that, as a young master of Yun Yun's family heir to put where my face later, forget I will ask Dad to send a killer to kill that person, let's go I haven't seen Xue'er in a long time, I want immediately met her \"Yun Hao got back in the car.

Li Hun sighed, and joined in the car, Rolls Royce Yun Hao's car went to the airport.

\"Husband, you really blackmailed that person as much as 10 million dollars, he will definitely look for you back to get revenge\" Zhao Yanyan was worried that Yun Hao would take revenge.

\"If he dares to come revenge Next I will not be merciful to that person\" this time Ye Chen let him go but if Next he was still looking for trouble Ye Chen would not let him go.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan finally arrived near the school, both of them immediately got out of the car, Ye Chen put the car back into the fairy gate storage, Ye Chen intended to fix this car later.

Ye Chen walked alongside Zhao Yanyan, some of the male students who saw this were very jealous of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan entered the classroom and sat in their seats.

\"Hey Ye Chen, have you seen the news on the school forum today,\" Zhang Liao immediately turned to talk to Ye Chen.

\"Where have you been in the past few days? \"Ye Chen asked, Zhang Liao has been absent for a few days.

\"My girlfriend is sick so I have to take care of her in the hospital, fortunately she is already old so I can go to school again\".

\"Does your girlfriend not go to school here? \"Ye Chen didn't know that Zhang Liao already had a girlfriend.

\"Hehehe My girlfriend is a few years older than me and she graduated here so now she's studying at the university\" Zhang Liao was a little embarrassed when she talked about her girlfriend to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

\"Ohh, then what interesting news is in the school forum?\" Ye Chen asked, Ye Chen had never followed developments in the school Forum.