Journey To Become A True God Chapter 88

88 Four Beauty Flower School
Zhang Liao: \"The first news came from Sen Tu, because yesterday he tried to **** the same sex spread on the internet, now he has been expelled from this school\"

\"So he was really expelled from this school, it's good that no one will bother Yanyan anymore, then what else?\" Ye Chen asked.

\"Now the most popular is the list of the four most beautiful flower schools, all the women who enter the four beauty flower schools are very beautiful women,\" Zhang Liao was very excited when he mentioned.

\"The four beauty flower schools?\" Muttered Ye Chen, Ye Chen had heard that every year there would be the election of the most beautiful women in this school, the men would vote by votes, the 4 most votes would be the beauty recognized by all students in the school this.

\"So whoever it is\" Ye Chen wondered who the 4 newest school flowers were, whether in the first year there would be a new beauty or not.

Zhang Liao smiled. \"The 4th place was Cheng Mengyan, he was in the second year of class A, not only was beautiful. Cheng mengyan was also very smart, last year at the exam she got perfect scores in several lessons.

Zhao Yanyan who hadn't previously paid attention to the conversation suddenly looked at Zhang Liao with a cynical look.

Zhang Liao immediately drank his saliva, seeing Zhao Yanyan looked at him sarcastically. Zhang Liao didn't dare to continue his words.

This did not escape Ye Chen's eyes, \"Yanyan what's wrong?\" Ye Chen did not understand why Zhao Yanyan looked at Zhang Liao with a cynical look.

\"I just don't like a girl named Cheng Mengyan,\" Zhao Yanyan said nonchalantly.

\"What did she do to make you dislike her?\" Ye Chen wanted to know the reason Zhao Yanyan didn't like Cheng Mengyan.

\"We were classmates when we were in elementary school, but the girl always wanted to take what I liked so I and she always competed for what we liked\" Zhao Yanyan was very unhappy when talking about Cheng Mengyan.

\"So you and Cheng Mengyan are Rival\" Ye Chen did not expect that Zhao Yanyan and Cheng Mengyan were Rival as a child.

\"Huh, I really don't like that girl, Ye Chen, you should look as far away as possible from that Cheng Cheng girl,\" Zhao Yanyan warned Ye Chen not to be close to Cheng Mengyan.

\"I understand\" Ye Chen nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

\"Zhang Liao continue I want to know Next\" Ye Chen urged Zhang Liao to continue the conversation earlier.

Zhang Liao \"number 3 is Xia Ningzi, she is in her first year,\" Zhao Liao approached Ye Chen's ears slightly and whispered \"even though she was in her first year Xiao Ningzi has a very well-developed body shape, if you see her you will definitely understand I mean \".

Ye Chen understood what was meant by Zhang Liao just now. \"Ahem continued\" Ye Chen pretended not to know and told Zhang Liao to proceed to Number 2.

Zhang Liao: \"Now in the second place is Li Qingzu, this woman is very beautiful and has a cold nature to all men who try to approach her, even the rich young masters who try to approach her are also driven away by her, some people call her flowers that are not touched \".

\"And who is ranked first comes from Our Class, she is Zhao Yanyan the most beautiful woman in this class\", It turns out that Zhao Yanyan Entered in the top list of school flower beauty let alone it was in the First Place.

\"Look Yanyan we got the first order of beauty flower school\" Ye Chen congratulated Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan's face was red like a tomato, Zhao Yanyan was very happy to get the first degree of beauty school flower.

\"All of you soon book your family\" without Zhang Liao knowing that the teacher had already entered the classroom.

The lesson goes as usual the teacher explains in front of the class and some students are still chatting with each other.

Because Ye Chen had learned all the lessons that Ye Chen preferred to sleep to kill time.

\"Hey pig lazy to wake up, it's time to go home from school\" Zhao Yanyan woke up Ye Chen who was sleeping.

\"Huh, it's time to go home from school\" Ye Chen didn't expect that time would go so fast.

\"Everyone has gone home, let's go home too\" Zhao Yanyan invited Ye Chen to go home together.

Ye Chen followed behind Zhao Yanyan \"Yanyan, are you going to go back to the dorm or go back to my villa? \".

Zhao Yanyan: \"I'm going back to the dormitory, maybe Rouxi's sister is already home\"

\"Where did Teacher Lin go last night? \"

\"Last night she went to accompany her mother to stay at the hotel, actually I was also invited by Rouxi's sister to come along but I refused and instead went to your place\".

\"Ding\" notification Enter Zhao Yanyan's cellphone, Zhao Yanyan immediately looked into her cellphone.

\"Husband, big star Feng Xue will visit the music instrument course. Now, accompany me there\" Zhao Yanyan dragged Ye Chen to the place where the musical instrument Yang Zhao Yanyan followed.

\"Ringing Ringing\" this time the phone was Ye Chen, the one who called Ye Chen was Liu Yue.

Ye Chen immediately answered it. Maybe there was something important \"hello\".

\"Husband, where are you?\" Liu Yue asked where Ye Chen was right now

\"Yanyan and I just came out of the school gate, so why did my wife miss me\" Ye Chen teased Liu Yue.

\"Hate, go to my company now, I need your signature for the company permit\" Liu Yue immediately asked Ye Chen to go to his company.

\"Okay\" after that Ye Chen hung up the phone.

\"Sorry Yanyan I have real business with Yue, you go first I'll follow later\" Ye Chen apologized for not being able to go with Zhao Yanyan now.

Zhao Yanyan: \"It's okay what's important is you promise after your business is over you will go there\".

\"Well I promise\" Ye Chen swore in front of Zhao Yanyan.

\"OK, then I'll go first\" Zhao Yanyan Stop the taxi and go to the music instrument course alone.

After escorting Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen's departure also went to Liu Yue's company