Journey To Become A True God Chapter 90

90 Fake Feng Xue
\"Hey Wait\", the woman just now called Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen turned \"what is it? \"Asked Ye Chen.

\"Can you take me somewhere I am lost and do not know the direction\" beautiful woman begged Ye Chen for getting lost.

\"Sorry, I'm in a hurry, you can just ask someone else for help.\" Ye Chen did not have time for this, and continued to go to Zhao Yanyan's place.

\"Wait Wait\" again this beautiful woman stopped Ye Chen.

\"What else? \"Ye Chen is helpless in response to this woman.

The beautiful woman hesitated, but she began to open her sunglasses and her beach hat.

Now Ye Chen could see this woman's real face, this woman had a perfect oval face, with long straight brown hair, the blue eyes she had made her look like a beautiful princess.

\"Beautiful\" Ye Chen slightly admired the Beauty in front of him.

\"Now can you help me go to the place I want to go\" this beautiful woman asked Ye Chen to help her.

\"I told you I don't have time you can find someone else to help you, bye\" Ye Chen turned and left.

Beautiful women were made shocked by Ye Chen's attitude just now, it needed to be known by many people who wanted to take her away but she always refused, and now she suddenly was rejected by the person in front of her. \"Does this person not know me, who does not know me in the country?\" Beautiful women overtook Ye Chen and blocked his way.

\"Stop, what is your relationship, do you not know me?\" the beautiful woman blocked Ye Chen's path with a slightly dissatisfied face.

\"So who are you? Have we met before?\" Ye Chen did not remember seeing this woman before.

\"You, you,\" Feng Xue pointed at Ye Chen with her finger, her breathing began to pull down very angry, this person really didn't know her at all.

Seeing Ye Chen's face not lying Feng Xue sighed, he felt his popularity was lacking until the man in front of him really didn't know him at all.

\"I am Feng Xue a female star.\" Feng Xue introduced herself to Ye Chen.

\"Ahahahaha\" Ye Chen laughed seeing this woman claiming to be a female star of Feng Xue, how could a star be in a place like this? Impossible.

\" why are you laughing? is there something funny ? \"Feng Xue doesn't understand why the man in front of him suddenly laughed.

\"Yes, there is something funny that is you, where there is a super star in a place like this, what's more he claims to get lost, if you want to lie you should not be too high, ahahaha\" Ye Chen kept laughing.

Feng Xue was angry because this man dared to doubt his identity \"I'm not lying, have you never seen me on TV before\" Feng Xue puffed up his cheeks feeling dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

Seeing the woman who claimed Feng Xue was dissatisfied, Ye Chen felt even more funny \"I will take you to the place you want but don't lie like that anymore\" Ye Chen pinched the cheeks of the woman who claimed Feng Xue.

\"I am Feng Shui Xue and I never lie\" Feng Xue tried to release Ye Chen's hand from her cheek.

\"Well, well, I understand, Feng Xu is a fake, so where are you going?\" \"Asked Ye Chen.

\"I Want to Go to a Musical Instrument course in this city, do you know the place?\" Feng Xue told me where she wanted to go.

\"What a coincidence I also intend to go there, then let's just go together\" It seems like this girl like Zhao Yanyan intends to meet the real female star Feng Xue.

Feng Xue wore black sunglasses and her beach hat again and walked next to Ye Chen.

\"Hey, what's your name?\" Feng Xue doesn't know the name of the person who saved her.

\"I am Ye Chen, what is your real name? Ye Chen told Feng Xue his name.

\"I told you my name is Feng Xue, why don't you understand?\" This man is so annoying why he doesn't believe what she says.

Seeing this woman still insisted Ye Chen said nothing more.

\"Miss Feng how did you end up with three intruders just now? \"Chen Chen wants to know how Feng Xue ended up with those three intruders.

\"Because the car I was riding in broke down I was forced to walk so that it wouldn't be stuck, unfortunately when in the middle of the trip my cellphone ran out of power so I didn't know the direction of the road, I intended to ask some people who were hanging out on the side of the road, they said that they can take me, but I never thought they would even want to do things that are not obscene to me \"Feng Xue tells the beginning of the incident that made him stuck with 3 intruders.

\"You are indeed very stupid huh, how can you believe so easily to strangers you just met\" Ye Chen laughed at the innocence owned by this fake Feng Xue.

\"Who are you calling stupid, my IQ above 130 you know\" Feng Xue did not accept being called stupid by Ye Chen.

\"Well, Miss Genius.\" Ye Chen felt this beautiful woman was a little funny.

\"Why did you go to the music class building yourself? Are you a student there too? \"Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

\"No, I went there because there was an appointment with someone to see the female star Feng Xue together.\" Ye Chen smiled at Feng Xue.

Feng Xue blushed slightly when looking at Ye Chen, Feng Xue just realized that although this guy was annoying but he was very handsome, Feng Xue had met many male stars and male actors who were handsome, but they still lost when compared to Ye Chen.

Feng Xue just heard that Ye Chen wanted to see Feng Xue, wasn't she already in front of him, was this person blind, Feng Xue smiled wickedly, she wanted to see Ye Chen's reaction when he found out that he was the real Feng Xue.

The two continued to walk together towards the instrument course..