Journey To Become A True God Chapter 91

91 Do You Dare To Be
Ye Chen and Feng Xue arrived in front of the musical instrument course building, strangely there was no one outside this building.

there are only a few luxury cars parked neatly outside the building.

Ye Chen asked where the Feng Xue fans were, if Feng Xue really wanted to come here there would be many people waiting outside this building.

\"Why is it so quiet, are we wrong building\" Ye Chen looked carefully at this building, this is the same as pointed by Liu Yue.

\"Indeed, because this is a private event so not many people know about it\" Feng Xue explained to Ye Chen.

\"Oh, I see.\" Ye Chen now understood why the outside of the building was quiet, maybe inside it was filled with many people.

\"What are you waiting for, let's go inside\" Feng Xue invited Ye Chen into the building.

\"Sorry Miss, please show your invitation or membership card\" Feng Xue and Ye Chen were stopped by security officers who were standing in front of the entrance.

Feng Xue took out an invitation paper and handed it over to the security officers.

The security guard took Feng Xue's invitation paper and checked its authenticity.

The security officer saw the name printed on this invitation paper, Feng Xue.

\"Miss Feng finally you came, the Chief was waiting for you on the 10th floor\" the security officer immediately changed his attitude to Feng Xue.

Feng Xue nodded and walked in.

\"Wait for your invitation paper to show\" Ye Chen was stopped by the security officer

\"Didn't you see me coming to accompany her \" Ye Chen pointed at Feng Xue.

Ye Chen didn't have an invitation so he could only ask for fake Feng Xue for help.

\"Hahaha, are you kidding me? \"Security guesses are laughing at Ye Chen, how could a big star Feng Xue invite someone like this to attend this way is impossible.

\"Hurry and issue your invitation letter otherwise you may not enter,\" the security officer did not let Ye Chen enter.

\"Let him in, I invited him\" Seeing the tension between Ye Chen and security officer Feng Xue decided to speak.

\"You heard her \" Ye Chen arrogantly passed the Security Officer.

The security guard guarding the door could only see Ye Chen and FengXue disappear. \"Damn, that boy is too lucky to be that close to the big star Feng Xue.\" Officers where Ranting is not satisfied.

Ye Chen contacted Zhao Yanyan to ask for her location.

\"So where are you going now?\" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

\"I will go to the 6th floor, there is the person I will be looking for,\" Ye Chen answered.

\"Okay\" both of them then take the elevator to the top floor.

The elevator finally reached the 6th floor \"I went first, see you fake Feng Xue\" Ye Chen then came out of the elevator.

\"You still dare to doubt my identity again, we'll see\" Feng Xue smiled wickedly.

Ye Chen went in the direction Zhao Yanyan had told, Ye Chen finally arrived at a fairly large hall.

In the hall filled with hundreds of people, there were some food tables that were neatly placed, some people sat and talked to each other.

Ye Chen searched for Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts, Ye Chen finally found Zhao Yanyan. Zhao Yanyan was currently sitting alone, her face looked dissatisfied, many people were trying to get close to Zhao Yanyan but Zhao Yanyan drove them all away.

Ye Chen approached Zhao Yanyan \"beautiful. May I sit by your side?\" Ye Chen slightly changed his voice.

\"Someone is sitting here, you better leave here\" Zhao Yanyan didn't see Ye Chen coming, he thought this was someone else who was trying to approach him again.

\"Ah too bad\" Ye Chen looked disappointed and prepared to leave.

Zhao Yanyan immediately realized that this voice belonged to Ye Chen \"Ye Chen, wait\" Zhao Yanyan immediately pulled Ye Chen away from going.

Ye Chen: \"Why did you pull me, didn't you say this chair was ordered by someone else, was it someone else that you just liked\" Ye Chen looked very angry when he said it.

\"That's not my intention, I think it's someone else who tried to approach me, I'm sorry\" Zhao Yanyan apologized to Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan's face looked very guilty.

\"Hahaha, I'm just kidding, don't be too serious\" Ye Chen laughed at seeing Zhao Yanyan like this.

\"Hate, you're playing with me again\" Zhao Yanyan's hand pinched Ye Chen's waist.

\"Help, my wife intends to kill me\" Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan looked very cool while joking.

People who had previously tried to approach Zhao Yanyan looked at Ye Chen with hostile eyes.

Ye Chen had unwittingly become an enemy of all the men here.

\"Everyone welcome to the welcoming ceremony of the great star Feng Xue,\" someone climbed onto the podium and spoke.

Ye Chen had heard this voice this morning, Ye Chen saw the sound coming, it turned out it was Yun Hao who crashed into his car.

Even though Yun Hao's face was slightly swollen, he was still very confident in appearing in public.

\"Why is he here?\" Ye Chen wondered why Yun Hao came to this place.

\"I forgot to introduce myself, I am Yun Hao, the young master of the Yun family, I came here to see my dear Feng Xua.\" Yun Hao said it out loud.

Yun Hao was not afraid of being a public enemy, these people in Yun Hao's eyes were an ant that would not threaten him.

Some people felt dissatisfied with Yun Hao unfortunately they could not take it out on Yun Hao, because Yun Hao's identity was too strong for them to offend.

\"Well, because Feng Xue is experiencing a delay, I will play a piano music for you, I hope you will like it\".

Yun Hao went to the piano nearby, Yun Hao sat down and relaxed his fingers. \"Okay, I started.\" Yun Hao started playing the piano.

\"Tone. . . . . , nada. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . ., tone. . . . . \"

\"Truly Extraordinary, Young Master Yun's skills must have practiced his abilities for many years\".

Some people began to praise Yun Hao's piano playing skills.

\"Ding\" finally Yun Hao ended his piano playing.

\"Pat. . . , pat. . . , pat. . . , pat. . . , pat. . . , pat. . . \"Everyone applauded praising the Yun Hao Piano.

\"Yawn, boring\" Ye Chen who heard Yun Hao's piano sound felt sleepy because of boring.

\"Who dares to say my piano playing skills are boring\" Yun Hao heard as Ye Chen mocked his piano playing.

\"I, why do you have a problem?\" Ye Chen said loudly so Yun Hao would listen.

Yun Hao looked at the person who insulted him, apparently he was the one who extorted ten million dollars this morning.

\"This is my chance to get revenge on him\" Yun Hao laughed grinning.

\"So you think my piano game is boring? \"Asked Yun Hao.

\"It was so boring that it made me sleepy, where did you learn to play the piano like that?\" Ye Chen yawned slightly as he said it.

\"Damn, watch out. You\" Yun Hao felt so angry, this person really dared to embarrass him in front of the public.

Yun Hao: \"Do you really play Piano better than me? \".

\"For me, your play just farts when compared to piano Play I have\" Ye Chen told me the truth.

\"If that's the case let's fight, who is better at playing the piano\" Yun Hao gritted his teeth and won over Ye Chen.

\" fight ? \"Asked Ye Chen.

\"Yes?, What's wrong are you afraid of what you just said\" seeing Ye Chen a little hesitant made Yun Hao believe that Ye Chen just bragged just now.

\"Who's scared, I just want to say the fight won't be fun without a bet, do you dare to bet with me? Ye asked whether Yun ha would bet with him or not