Journey To Become A True God Chapter 93

93 Su Yuya
On the tenth floor of this building Feng Xue was in front of the chief's room.

\"Knock. . . ,Knock. . . \"Feng Xue knocked on the door.

\"Please come in\" the person in the room is asking to enter in black.

After getting approval, Feng Xue entered the room, inside the room there was an adult woman who was around 35 years old, she wore after the teacher's clothes with wavy hair, this woman looked beautiful, glamorous and sexy, her body had developed maturely.

\"Hehehe, sister Yuya hasn't met for a long time\" Feng Xue looked very close to this woman.

This woman's name is Su Yuya, she is Feng Xue's senior and is also Mr. Ji's student.

\"Finally you came, Xue's sister, I think you have forgotten me after becoming a big star\" Su Yuya's expression was a little sad.

\"How could I possibly forget Yuya's sister, I actually miss you so much\" Feng Xue ran into Su Yuya's arms.

\"See you have become a big star but your ego still spoiled like before\" Su Yuya rubbed Feng Xue's hair.

\"Heheheh\" Feng Xue laughed in the arms of Su Yuya.

Feng Xue has not seen Su Yuya in almost 3 years, of course he misses Su Yuya.

\"Why are you so late? Didn't I tell you to come on time, you can't even be contacted \"Su Yuya asked why Feng Xue was late coming here.

Feng Xue told me why he was late coming here.

\"Are you okay\" Su Yuya immediately asked Feng Xue's situation, whether she was injured or not.

\"I'm fine, fortunately there are good men who want to help me,\" Feng Xue said thankfully.

\"Thank God, then where is that guy?\" Su Yuya wanted to know who the person who had saved Feng Xue.

\"Right now he should be on the 6th floor,\" Feng Xue said.

Su Yuya \"The sixth floor, isn't that where everyone gathers, is he one of your fans? \"

\"Humf, what fan even he doesn't know who I am and he said that if I was a fake Feng Xue, that person was really annoying anyway\" Feng Xue called Ye Chen annoying.

\"Ahahaha, Xue's sister, I am curious about who that guy is, in this country where there might be people who don't know our beautiful Feng Xue Star\" Su Yuya was quite curious about the person Feng Xue meant.

Feng Xue was a little embarrassed \"Yuya's sister is prettier than me\".

\"Now I have and do not deserve a title like that, after all I have become an old woman now\" at the age of 35 years stepped Su Yuya felt that he had begun to feel old.

\"Yuya's sister who would believe you are old, you still even look like a 20-year-old woman, if we walk together people will definitely think we are sisters, Hehehe\" Feng Xue told the truth to Su Yuya.

\"You are still great at making me happy, let's go to the hall, there are already many of my music students waiting for you\" Su Yuya invited Feng Xue to go down to the floor of Enah.

\"Alright\" Feng Xue followed behind Su Yuya.

When the two of them got out of their room listening to someone play Piano very beautifully, this music was no stranger to Su Yuya and Feng Xue.

\"Little sister, what is this piano music might be Teacher\" Su Yuya asked Feng Xue.

Feng Xue \"Yuya's sister, this is indeed Master's piano playing style, maybe she came here? \"No one can play piano this well except their teacher.

\"Impossible, teacher can't come here, after all, teachers rarely leave the capital, if he comes, he must have contacted me first.\" Su Yuya knows that this is their teacher Mr. Ji.

\"Then what are we waiting for, let's see who it is\" Feng Xue said they went and looked.

\"Alright let's go\" Su Yuya led Feng Xue to take a look.

Ye Chen came back to Zhao Yanyan \"Yanyan is a present for you\" Ye Chen knelt down and handed the White Angel Pendant to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was very touched by what Ye Chen was doing right now, she touched the Pendant that was inside the jewelry box, from the beginning it was shown that Zhao Yanyan really liked this Pendant.

\"Ye Chen, can you put it on me?\" Zhao Yanyan wanted Ye Chen to put this pendant on her neck.

Ye Chen stood up then took the pendant in the jewelry box

Zhao Yanyan turned around, this was done to make it easier for Ye Chen to put her Pendant on.

Ye Chen put a pendant around Zhao Yanyan's neck, Ye Chen's hands were sometimes dishonest and touched Zhao Yanyan's Jade Neck.

\"Finished\" Ye Chen finally finished helping Zhao Yanyan wear the White Angel pendant.

Zhao Yanyan looked at the pendant that was around her neck happily, Zhao Yanyan would look after the pendant as well as possible.

\"Thank you,\" Zhao Yanyan immediately hugged Ye Chen.

because she was too happy Zhao Yanyan did not realize that there were many people around.

What's more some women are quite jealous of Zhao Yanyan to get this handsome and romantic man.

\"Bang\" the hall's door is opened by someone.

Everyone immediately saw who was entering, apparently there were two beautiful women standing at the door.

Everyone who was here except Ye Chen certainly knew her .they were Su Yuya and Feng Xue.

Feng Xue and Su Yuya looked around to look for Teacher Ji's whereabouts, unfortunately both of them did not see any sign of Teacher Ji's whereabouts.

\"I want to know who just played piano\" Su Yuya immediately asked who played piano just now.

\"That's me\" Yun Hao immediately advanced forwards Su Yuya and Feng Xue.

Yun Hao recovered very quickly and gave a smile to Feng Xue.

some people looked at Yun Hao in contempt, the person just now was Ye Chen not Yun Hao

\"Who are you?\" Su Yuya did not know this young man.

\"Yun Hao, why are you here?\" Feng Xue shouted at Yun Hao with dissatisfaction.

\"My dear Xue'er I miss you so much\" Yun Hao tried to grab Feng Xue's hand to kiss her.

Unfortunately Feng Xue brushed aside Yun Hao's actions. \"Yun Hao, I ask you again why did you come here? \"Feng Xue looked even more angry with Yun Hao.

\"Xue's sister is he your acquaintance?\" Ask Su Yuya.

\"No, I don't know him at all\" Feng Xue really hated Yun Hao who always clung wherever she was, even the guards she hired all the time didn't dare to get rid of Yun Hao so he wouldn't get close to her.

Yun Hao was very awkward when Feng Xue said she did not know him \"come on Feng Xue I am your only number one, how can you forget me?\" Yun Hao did not give up on getting close to Feng Xue.

\"Hate, go away\" Feng Xue kicked Yun Hao away once more.