Journey To Become A True God Chapter 94

94 Shes The Real Feng Xue
\"Ye Chen, see, she's coming? \"Zhao Yanyan was very excited when the two beautiful women entered.

Ye Chen saw that the woman who just barged in looked beautiful, glamorous and sexy. \"Is she Feng Xue? \".

Ye Chen immediately realized that Fake Feng Xue followed behind the original Feng Xue, Ye Chen was very curious about this woman's identity.

\"Yanyan do you know that woman?\" Ye Chen pointed at Feng Xue.

\"Huh, of course I know she is Feng Xue,\" Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen.

\"What\" Ye Chen couldn't believe that the woman he had helped was Feng Xue, Ye Chen thought she was a fake Feng Xue.

\"So what are you interested in Feng Xue, if you like it you can make it your woman, but it depends on your ability to conquer Feng Xue, hehehehe\" Zhao Yanyan laughed a little while saying that.

\"It is impossible for him to be attracted to me, we also just met,\" Ye Chen said helplessly to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Believe yourself, if you try it sure Feng Xue will be attracted to you\" Zhao Yanyan wanted Ye Chen to try it.

\"Well, it's up to you\" Ye Chen didn't really think about it, after all Feng Xue must be angry with him, for having said she was a fake Feng Xue.

Su Yuya saw the dispute between Feng Xue and Yun Hao, it seemed that the relationship between the two was not very good

\"Young master Yun, you said you were the one who just played the piano, is that true? \"Su Yuya wants to know if Yun Hao is someone who has just played Piano as well as Mr. Ji.

\"Of course it is me, who else is here who can play better than me\" Yun Hao looks proud of himself in front of Feng Xue

The people who were in this hall denounced Yun Hao, this person was truly shameless even after losing the bet.

Ye Chen didn't want to interfere, let Yun Hao act as he pleased.

\"Yun Hao, since when have you been able to play the piano that well, you must be bragging to me\" Feng Xue could not believe that Yun Hao was the one who played the piano just now.

\"Don't believe, let me show you\" Yun Hao confidently played the piano.

\"Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . ,. , Nada. . . Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , Nada. . . , \".

Su Yuya fell silent after hearing Yun Hao's game, this was even worse than Su Yuya's own abilities, it turns out the person who just played was not Yun Hao and then prepared for that person.

\"That's not the song that I heard just now.\" Feng Xue looked at Yun Hao in disgust, this person was still the same as usual, never changing

\"Hu. . . . \"All of Feng Xue's fans insulted Yun Hao.

Yun Hao was very embarrassed and came down from the stage, his efforts to make Feng Xue happy were in vain.

Feng Xue immediately ignored Yun Hao and turned towards the crowd \"everyone please tell me who just played Piano so beautifully\" Feng Xue asked everyone who was here in a very pleasant voice to hear.

All of Feng Xue's fans immediately pointed towards Ye Chen who was eating, Ye Chen was currently turning to eat the food that was on the table, he did not want to be seen by Feng Xue.

Unfortunately everyone here really points in his direction.

Su Yuya and Feng Xue immediately approached towards Ye Chen, Feng Xue felt familiar with this man.

\"Hello sir, are you the one who just played Piano beautifully?\" Su Yuya greeted Ye Chen very politely.

\"Not me, you might be mistaken, go\" Ye Chen did not turn around and continue eating.

Su Yuya and Feng Xue were equally surprised to get a reply like this, many people tried to get close to both of them, but this man actually took care of Feng Xue and Su Yuya

\"We only want to talk to you briefly\" this time Feng Xue spoke to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen ignored Feng Xue, Feng Xue was a little confused when Ye Chen ignored her,as the popular star Feng Xue was always the center of attention, this was the first time she was ignored, Feng Xue was a little upset with this guy.

Seeing Ye Chen ignore their idols, the fans of Feng Xue looked at Ye Chen with a look of hostility.

Feeling the piercing gaze of the fan Feng Xue Ye Chen was forced to turn around \"the two beautiful ladies, I told you you might be looking for someone wrong, I could not play the piano\" Ye Chen seemed reluctant to talk to these two beautiful women.

seeing that this was Ye Chen, Feng Xue immediately smiled, Feng Xue's smile seemed insincere and was planning something \"I'm not sorry if you can play the piano that well\" Feng Xue looks quite familiar with Ye Chen.

Su Yuya and Zhao Yanyan were immediately surprised to see Feng Xue being familiar with Ye Chen.

Su Yuya was more surprised because the person who had just played the piano was a very young man, moreover Feng Xue knew him \"Feng Xue you know him\".

Of course, earlier on the way here he understood me a little\" Feng Xue said quite strongly.

Fan Feng Xue immediately looked at Ye Chen with a killing look.

\"Damn this girl wants to get revenge on me\" Ye Chen cursed in his heart.

If this was known by the fans of Feng Xue out there Ye Chen would definitely be a public enemy.

\"Miss Feng what are you saying, this is the first time we have met, how could I possibly understand you, maybe you were mistaken.\" Ye Chen finally found an idea to get out of this situation.

\"You\" Feng Xue didn't expect Ye Chen to be very smart, Feng Xue had to find another way to deal with Ye Chen.

Feng Xue finally had a good idea to teach Ye Cehn a lesson \"Yes maybe I was mistaken, then would you be willing to accompany me to sing?\" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen very sincerely.

The crowd was waiting for Ye Chen's answer. If Ye Chen refused then Ye Chen would definitely be beaten in this place.

Ye Chen had to find a way to be separated from this woman, especially Ye Chen did not know Feng Xue's song at all.

Ye Chen got the idea \"Miss Feng what if my only girlfriend accompanied you to sing, you don't need to doubt her ability because I trained her\" Ye Chen made Zhao Yanyan replace her position.

Zhao Yanyan would definitely be very happy to be a duet with Feng Xue.

Feng Xue remembered, Ye Chen could still find a reason to avoid his plan, Feng Xue knew Ye Chen would definitely not recognize any of the songs he had, so he intended to embarrass Ye Chen in public.

\"If that's what you want then fine\" Feng Xue had no other choice, this time she would release Ye Chen.

\"Dear xue, you shouldn't let that woman play a musical instrument, the skills she has are very bad\" Yun Hao interrupted Feng Xue and Ye Chen.