Journey To Become A True God Chapter 95

95 Planned Murder
\"Yun Hao why are you still here, didn't I tell you to leave here, I think I don't like liars like you.\" Feng Xue was unhappy because Yun Hao always interfered in all her affairs.

\"Xue, dear, I'm saving you from this woman's music, I've heard this woman play the zither, it gives me a headache.\" Yun Hao recounted his experience this morning.

\"If you keep calling me like that I'll start ignoring you, anyway you and I don't have any relationship\" Feng Xue was disgusted when called by Yun Hao.

\"Fine, but listen to me this time, don't let this woman play a musical instrument for you, or you will regret it\"

Yun Hao warned Feng Xue earnestly.

Feng Xue ignored Yun Hao and brought Zhao Yanyan up on stage, Feng Xue wanted to see how bad Zhao Yanyan was playing musical instruments, because Ye Chen himself said that he was training this girl.

Zhao Yanyan looked very cheerful and happy, because it was on the same stage as Feng Xue.

\"May I know your name? \" Feng Xue just realized that this girl was a little prettier than her, Feng Xue was a little suspicious of how this beautiful girl could be with that annoying Ye Chen.

\"My name is Zhao Yanyan\" Zhao Yanyan introduced herself.

\"So, Zhao Yanyan, which of my songs do you want to play?\" Feng Xue asked Zhao Yanyan.

\"What if love is eternal. I like the song the most \"Zhao Yanyan's request is the song Eternal Love.

Feng Xue is \"fine\".

Zhao Yanyan went to where the zither had been prepared beforehand, an eternal love song must be accompanied by using a zither.

\"I thank you for coming to this event, to cheer you up I will bring my song which is eternal love for all of you, Zhao Yanyan let's play\", Feng Xue immediately told Zhao Yanyan to play her zither.

All of you will definitely be very sorry to let that woman play the zither\" Yun Hao has already closed his ears so as not to hear the music of Zither Zhao Yanyan.

Only a few people cared about Yun Hao's words

\"Feng Xue. . . Feng Xue . . Feng Xue . . Feng Xue . . \"Some people started shouting calling Feng Xue's name.

\"Hey, do you still want to be hit again?\" Ye Chen was not satisfied. Yun Hao mocked Zhao Yanyan in public.

Yun Hao was speechless and didn't dare to speak anymore, Yun Hao only wanted to see everyone's suffering.

Zhao Yanyan started playing the zither \"tone, tone, tone,\"

\"Wow is very melodious\" everyone felt comfortable in their bodies when Zhao Yanyan played zither.

Su Yuya was very surprised to see that Zhao Yanyan could play so well, this was a very high level

a few weeks ago when Su Yuya taught Zhao Yanyan's class, to her knowledge, Zhao Yanyan was still unable to play this well.

What could make Zhao Yanyan develop that fast, was this related to the young man next to her.

Su Yuya became curious about Ye Chen.

Feng Xue was also immersed in Zhao Yanyan's zither, to the point that Feng Xue forgot to sing.

Yun Hao closed his ears very tightly, but the melody of Zhao Yanyan could still be heard a little by him, Yun Hao's head began to hurt again, \"aghhh stop, your music makes my ears and head hurt\" Yun Hao could not stand it anymore and shouted in a loud voice.

People who enjoyed Zither Zhao Yanyan's music were disturbed by Yun Hao's screams.

Zhao Yanyan also stopped playing the zither.

\"Yun Hao, what's wrong with you, didn't you hear that he plays the zither very well? \"Feng Xue glared at Yun Hao.

\"If you don't like to just get out of here\"

\"Get out of here you are disturbing us enjoying this beautiful music\"

\"Let's kick him out of here\"

Fan Feng Xue drove Yun Hao out of the hall, Yun Hao was dragged by so many people to the exit, these people then threw Yun Hao out of the hall \"if you dare to come in again we will all hit you\" before leaving everyone warned Yun Hao so as not to re-enter the hall

Yun Hao is helpless against so many Feng Xue fans, \"just watch I'll make you regret.\" Yun Hao took out his cellphone and called someone.

\"Bipp\" call connected.

\"What's wrong boy? \"The voice on the other hand spoke.

\"Father, I want you to kill someone for me,\" Yun Hao told his father to kill someone.

\"Who is the person does he have a great background or not? \"Yun Hao's father did not immediately approve of Yun Hao's request and first asked the background of the person who wanted Yun Hao to Kill.

\"Your father doesn't need to worry about that person's background, even if he dies there won't be anyone suspicious,\" Yun Hao said, reassuring his father.

\"If so, do whatever you like\" Yun Hao's father immediately hung up.

After getting his father's approval, Yun Hao could now hire an assassin to kill Ye Chen, and kidnap Zhao Yanyan, Yun Hao could not wait to punish Zhao Yanyan in bed.

Yun Hao left this building, he couldn't wait to see Ye Chen die.

In the room Feng Xue and Zhao Yanyan collaborated so amazingly, everyone seemed to really enjoy the show that Feng Xue and Zhao Yanyan did.

Feng Xue and Zhao Yanyan didn't just play one song, they tried lots of Feng Xue's songs.

\"Young master may I know your name\" Su Yuya who from now on she wants to get acquainted with Ye Chen.

\"I am Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan's boyfriend\" Ye Chen doesn't mind getting to know beautiful women like Su Yuya.

\"Oh so you are young master Ye, my name is Su Yuya the owner of this place\" Su Yuya introduced herself to Ye Chen.

\"Before you said you were the one who taught Zhao Yanyan, is that true? \"Asked Su Yuya.

Ye Chen \"yes that's right\".

There was no way Ye Chen could say that Zhao Yanyan learned the goddess Melody technique.

\"Young master Ye, if you don't mind if you want to teach in this place, recently we have a shortage of teachers\" Su Yuya offered a job to Ye Chen.

\"Sorry Miss, but I have to refuse it,\" Ye Chen politely refused Su Yuya, Ye Chen didn't really know about musical instruments, anyway Ye Chen just copied what he saw in the video last night.

\"Oh, too bad, if you change your mind you can contact me\" Su Yuya handed her card to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received Su Yuya's business card and put it in his pants pocket

\"That was amazing, I have never been this happy before\" Feng Xue gave praise to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Thank you very much\" Zhao Yanyan was a little embarrassed when praised by her idol.

Zhao Yanyan and Feng dropped from the stage and headed towards Ye Chen and Su Yuya