Journey To Become A True God Chapter 96

96 Take A Picture
\"That was a great performance\" Ye Chen gave praise to Zhao Yanyan and Feng Xue.

Feng Xue: \"This is thanks to Zhao Yanyan, she plays the zither very well\".

Zhao Yanyan was still ashamed of being continuously praised by Feng Xue.

\"Feng Xue may I take a picture with you? Zhao Yanyan made a photo request with Feng Xue.

\"It doesn't matter\" Feng Xue nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

\"Ye Chen come take a picture with us\" Zhao Yanyan invited Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: \"Yanyan if I join then who will take photos of you? \".

\"We can ask other people to do it, let's just go\" Zhao Yanyan dragged Ye Chen to come with her.

Ye Chen was helpless when being dragged by Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan took out her cellphone that was going to take pictures, unfortunately when Zhao Yanyan tried to turn it on it could not.

\"I forgot to charge last night\" Zhao Yanyan just remembered that she didn't charge her cellphone last night.

\"Ye Chen, let's just use your cellphone\" Zhao Yanyan wanted to use Ye Chen's cellphone to take pictures.

Ye Chen gave his cellphone to Zhao Yanyan.

\"Roughly we ask for help who to take pictures\" Zhao Yanyan looked around to find someone who can help.

\"Let me take the picture for you,\" Su Yuya offered to help Zhao Yanyan.

\"Sorry to bother you Su head\" Zhao Yanyan is not comfortable bothering Su Yuya.

\"It's okay\" Su Yuya doesn't mind helping

Zhao Yanyan handed Ye Chen's cellphone to Su Yuya.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Feng Xue looked for the right position to take the picture

Zhao Yanyan's current position was on the right side and put her arm around Ye Chen's arm, Feng Xue was on Ye Chen's left side, while Ye Chen was in the middle of the two beautiful women.

Su Yuya \"Xue's sister, move to the right a little\" Su Yuya told Feng Xue to move to the right.

Feng Xue shifted her body to the right, Feng Xue leaned on Ye Chen's arm, Feng Xue was a little embarrassed, until now Feng Xue had never been this close to any man.

\"Defend your position 3, 2, 1, click\" Su Yuya finally took a picture of the three.

Feng Xue immediately moved away from Ye Chen, Feng Xue felt her heart beat faster than usual, her face was a bit hot.

Zhao Yanyan immediately ran to Su Yuya's side to see the results \"good\" Zhao Yanyan was quite satisfied with the picture taken by Su Yuya.

\"Ye Chen come and see the results\" Zhao Yanyan called Ye Chen to see the results of the picture that was just taken.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue approached to see the results of the picture taken.

When she saw the photos, Feng Xue suddenly wanted to ask for a copy, but she was ashamed to tell Zhao Yanyan.

\"Zhao Yanyan may I borrow the cellphone properly, I want to call my personal driver to immediately pick me up\" Feng Xue searched for an excuse and wanted to borrow the cellphone in the hands of Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan didn't think much and handed Ye Chen's cellphone to Feng Xue.

Feng Xue deftly Sending photos to her contacts, Feng Xue then called the driver and told him to pick her up.

fter finishing calling the driver, Feng Xue returned the cellphone to Zhao Yanyan \"Thank you\"

\"Sister Yuya I have to go, there are still many meetings scheduled in other places that I must attend today\" Feng Xue said goodbye to Su Yuya.

\"Well, I understand\" Su Yuya didn't hold Feng Xue knowing that the current Feng Xue is a super busy female star.

\"You two see you later\" Feng Xue also said goodbye to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

Feng Xue left this hall and headed down.

After Feng Xue's figure disappeared there was nothing to do here \"Yanyan let's go home too\" Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go home.

Zhao Yanyan nodded \"Su's head thanks for before\" after Zhao Yanyan thanked her, Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen left the hall too.

Seeing Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan leave, Su Yuya smiled terribly. \"Ye Chen, interesting man.\" Su Yuya was attracted to Ye Chen, her intuition said that this young man must have an amazing secret.

Because Ye Chen's car was damaged both of them were forced to take a taxi to return to the hostel where Zhao Yanyan lived.

\"Husband thank you for today\" today Zhao Yanyan looks very happy, Zhao Yanyan kissed Ye Chen's cheek, after giving a farewell kiss Zhao Yanyan immediately entered the dormitory.

\"Sir, where do we go next? \"The taxi driver asked where Ye Chen wanted to go.

\"Just go to the alley in front.\" Ye Chen pointed to an alley in front of this car.

After arriving at a narrow alley Ye Chen paid a taxi and then got off, after receiving payment the taxi driver immediately left from here.

Ye Chen entered the alley, seeing that there was no one around here. Ye Chen immediately bounced up the sky

Today Ye Chen intended to find the Kunlun Faction that Zhao Jinshan had talked to himself about, if that was said

Zhao's grandfather was right there would definitely be many rare medicinal plants.

Because Ye Chen didn't have the money to buy ingredients to make pills, Ye Chen was forced to try to find the land of the Kunlun Faction, there must be a lot of valuable ingredients, Ye Chen could only hope that the place really existed in this world.

Ye Chen flew towards the mountains towards the Kunlun mountains

Ye Chen flew with the highest speed he had, within 15 minutes Ye Chen arrived near the entrance of Kunlun Mountain.

Ye Chen could feel that the Qi energy that was here was far purer than anywhere else Ye Chen had visited.

according to grandfather Zhao the entrance to the kunlun faction was within this vast mountain range, grandfather Zhao did not know exactly where it was located and only dared to say that there really was.

Ye Chen went around trying to find the entrance to the Kunlun Faction, day by little it began to get dark Ye Chen could not even find where the entrance was, what Zhao's grandfather said was lying.

\"Hey Yuechan, can you help me a little to find the entrance that was told by Zhao's grandfather?\" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan for help.

\"Hehe, you finally asked me to help as well, if you did it earlier you should have found that place\" Chu Yuechan laughed at Ye Chen.

\"You mean you already knew where the entrance was from the start? Why didn't you tell me that earlier\" Ye Chen almost burst into anger, Ye Chen almost searched for hours and found no results, and it turns out Chu Yuechan already knew the entrance to the Kunlun faction. .

Chu Yuechan \"It's because you didn't ask the beginning\"

Ye Chen \"-_-\"