Journey To Become A True God Chapter 97

97 Kunlun Holy Land
\"Are you sure this is the place? \"Ye Chen saw the cliff beneath him.

\"I'm sure, I can feel the energy structure that is quite strong down there\" Chu Yuechan was very sure this was an arrangement of teleportation arays.

\"Alright\" Ye Chen dived into the abyss, under Dark enough, not even a light to touch this place.

After diving several thousand Meters, Ye Chen saw a red dot of light far ahead of him.

When Ye Chen approached the shape began to be clearly seen, this was clearly a Portal.

Ye Chen used his spirit essay to look at the situation around here, around here Ye Chen did not detect signs of life.

\"It's strange why no one is guarding this portal, if this is the entrance of the Kunlun Faction then there should be someone guarding this portal, right? \"Ye Chen is starting to doubt that this is a portal to the Kunlun faction.

\"What are you waiting for quickly enter, with your strength when you won't have to worry about anything\" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to enter this portal.

What was said by Chu Yuechan was also true, for what he doubted, this was also good to be an experience for him.

Ye Chen entered the portal, the view in front of Ye Chen turned white.

When Ye Chen opened his eyes Ye Chen was in a very scary Forest, the smell of blood in this place was very heavy.

Ye Chen looked around, there were a lot of piles of human skeletons scattered everywhere.

Ye Chen already felt something was wrong when he got here \"Roarrrr\" the cry of a magical beast was heard in this silent-looking forest.

There were a lot of Magic Beasts heading towards Ye Chen, the power of this Magic Beast was at least the same as cultivators who were in the early stages of the King Realm.

This Magic Beast began to swarm over Ye Chen as if Ye Chen was fresh meat that was just delivered.

\"Roar\" hundreds of magical beasts pounced on Ye Chen's collar.

\"One hundred thousand fire swords\", ten flying flame swords appeared behind Ye Chen \"attack\".

Ye Chen's fire sword cut every Magic beast that was close to Ye Chen, within 5 minutes Ye Chen cleared all the Magic Beasts that were nearby.

The second wave of Magic Beasts came again, this time the number was 5x more than before.

\"I will finish with a single attack, DESOLATE PALMS first finger\" the cloud began to form and a finger came out from behind the cloud.

\"Bammm,\" The ground trembled violently as DESOLATE PALMS struck the Magic beast on the ground, the Magic Beast within a 5 Km radius were all dead.

Stronger beasts \"roar\" were awakened by being provoked by Ye Chen's strength.

Ye Chen detected that there were hordes of magical beasts that were closing in again towards him, this time there were several Magic Beasts that had the power to be at the peak stage of the ancient warrior Realm, approaching towards Ye Chen at full speed.

\"Damn, this is dangerous\" Ye Chen chose to run instead of spending his deep energy to fight with this many Magic beasts.

Unfortunately these beasts can also fly, every time Ye Chen passes the forest in front of him there is always a Magic beast that will join and pursue him.

Ye Chen looked back, behind at least there were thousands of magical beasts that were catching up with Ye Chen

Seeing this Ye Chen increased his flying speed to the maximum extent.

with full flying speed, Ye Chen left the magical Beast far behind.

Seeing their prey have gone Away These magic stars no longer chase after Ye Chen, the Magic Beasts turn around and return to their respective places

Ye Chen flew for almost 1 hour before he reached the outer portion of this Forest.

\"Finally I managed to get out\" Ye Chen had not flown at the maximum speed he had, this was enough to drain his deep energy.

First of all Ye Chen recovered his profound energy by eating the Peaches of Heaven, Ye Chen's energy immediately recovered.

The scenery on the outside of the forest is quite beautiful, this is far different from what is inside the forest.

Ye Chen flew around to look for someone to ask for directions, on the way Ye Chen did not see anyone at all

\"Is this really the Kunlun holy land, why is there no sign of human life here?\" When Ye Chen looked down he saw a familiar herbal plant.

Ye Chen came down and looked closer to the plant.

\"This is the flower of life, if it is made in this pill it can extend the life of someone for several decades\" Ye Chen immediately picked the flowers and put them into the fairy gate storage room.

Ye Chen continued his journey to explore this Kunlun land, on the way Ye Chen discovered a lot of rare plants that were rarely seen by Ye Chen.

This place is indeed worthy of being called the Holy Land of Kunlun

Ye Chen's journey this time was not in vain, Ye Chen harvested a lot of rare plants in this place.

\"Master, it looks like in the southeast there is someone who is fighting very extraordinary.\" Chu Yuechan detected that someone was fighting in the southeast, the distance was about 500km from here.

\"Let's look over there\" Ye Chen flew towards the direction Chu Yuechan said.

When Ye Chen was less than 200 Km the place that Chu Yuechan said the sky here was filled with a bolt of lightning.

This must be the effect of the power of a high-level cultivator's fight \"what kind of battle can affect the area around here\".

Ye Chen flew even closer, Ye Chen descended on one of the nearby Tree branches.

From a distance Ye Chen could see that there were five middle-aged male cultivators fighting with a nine-tailed fox.

The situation of the two Parties was equally injured, five middle-aged male cultivators wearing old Taoist clothes.

Ye Chen wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation.

\"Nine-tailed fox surrender right now, or we will kill you,\" said the Taoist leader said to the nine-tailed fox.

\"Nine-tailed fox only incubates towards the five old Daos\" It seems like the nine-tailed fox does not want to compromise with these five Daos.

\"So it's your choice so we have no other choice, brother, let's attack together\" five Tao cultivators made a Five-pointed Attack Formation, the five Tao Cultivators focused all their deep energy in the middle of the pentagon.

In the center of the pentagon Emits a very strong Blue light.

The nine-tailed fox also doesn't stay still, the nine-tailed fox focuses deep energy in its mouth.

Yellow light began to gather in the middle of the mouth of the nine-tailed fox.

\"Shoot\", enegy gathered in a pentagon in a shot towards the tailed fox after \"bamm\".

The nine-tailed fox also moaned a laser towards the Five Daos.

\"Ye Chen quickly leave here\" Chu Yuechan tried to warn Ye Chen but it was too late.

The second \"bang\" of the great power that collided made a very violent explosion.

Even Ye Chen who had already kept a considerable distance was also affected.