Journey To Become A True God Chapter 98

98 Contract With The Nine Tailed Fox
Ye Chen was bounced as far as Tens Km, he crashed into a mountain before stopping.

"Cough, cough" Ye Chen coughed up blood

"Damn very strong" Ye Chen did not expect the impact of the attack. It was very strong, if Ye Chen was too close he would definitely be hurt worse than this.

"Of course they are strong, the strength of both Parties is in the Overlord Realm stage, you are still lucky to be saved, if it were someone else they would have been dying," Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "Overlord Realm? It's only proper that I can't feel their level of strength, apparently they are much stronger than me".

It seems like this is a dangerous place, many powerful cultivators are in the holy land of Kunlun.

"The two of them have used up all their deep energy in the attack just now, now whoever wins doesn't have any deep energy left, you better go there and see, who knows you can get the booty from both of them" Chu Yuechan suggested Ye Chen to go there again .

Ye Chen was also very curious. Who won the fight, whether the Fifth Tao / Fox with nine tails.

Ye Chen flew towards the battlefield, now everything in front of Ye Chen had changed, all the trees had disappeared, there was only a pile of earth and dust.

A large basin of 15 Km in diameter was formed in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went down to look around, Ye Chen looked around and found the fifth Tao's body, there was no life energy in the bodies of these five people.

As for the nine-tailed fox Ye Chen could still feel life energy, even though it was very weak.

it looks like the winner of this fight is a nine-tailed fox

"Master, this is a very good opportunity for you," Chu Yuechan said excitedly.

"What good opportunity? "Ye Chen was confused by what we said by Chu Yuechan.

"Of course contracting with a nine-tailed fox, with such a wounded condition, the nine-tailed fox will definitely not be able to fight when you give it a contract" Chu Yuechan had to explain to Ye Chen.

"Are you sure the Nine-tailed fox won't fight back? "Asked Ye Chen.

"Take it easy, I will give you a soul contract technique, this technique is the strongest technique in the world of gods, after you use this technique to the nine-tailed fox, the nine-tailed fox will always obey you, prepare yourself I will transfer this technique to you" Chu Yuechan the soul contract technique transfer to Ye Chen.

A collection of information entered Ye Chen's mind, Ye Chen began to study the Soul Contract Technique that Chu Yuechan had just given.

In just a few minutes Ye Chen had mastered it.

It was time for Ye Chen to try out the Soul Contract technique he had just learned.

Ye Chen walked towards the nine-tailed Fox which was currently lying weakly on the ground.

The nine-tailed fox slightly opened its eyes and looked at Ye Chen with great hostility.

"Calm down, I won't harm you," Ye Chen tried to calm down the nine-tailed fox.

Ye Chen touched to the Nine-tailed Fox began to use the Soul Contract Technique to the nine-tailed fox.

Ye Chen felt his soul and the nine-tailed fox began to be bound to one another, the contract was finally formed, the nine-tailed fox did not fight at all when the contract process was in progress.

The nine tailed fox turned into particles and entered Ye Chen's left hand.

Ye Chen's left hand appeared a contract sign, proving that the nine-tailed wolf now belonged to Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, congratulations master has gotten a very powerful Magic beast" Chu YuuChan congratulated Ye Chen for successfully taming the Nine-tailed Fox.

"Not bad," Ye Chen saw, the contract mark in his left hand.

Ye Chen tried to summon a nine-tailed fox, unfortunately the nine-tailed fox did not respond to Ye Chen's call.

Ye Chen: "It looks like the nine-tailed fox is resting"

Ye Chen then went to see the five old Taoist corpses.

Ye Chen tried to find valuable objects in the bodies of the five Taoist corpses.

After searching the bodies of these five corpses, Ye Chen only found 5 storage rings, it seemed that the five Daos were storing all the valuable objects they had in this storage ring.

Ye Chen definitely had a way to break into this storage ring.

Ye Chen then buried the five corpses properly, after finishing burying the corpse, Ye Chen immediately left this place.

Today Ye Chen's target of searching for medicinal plants has been fulfilled.

The Holy Land of Kunlun was still dangerous for him, Ye Chen decided to return first to heal his wounds and increase his strength, in the future he could come again.

Ye Chen flew towards the gloomy Forest where he had first entered.

After 15 minutes Ye Chen left, there were two people who came one woman and one man who came, this woman wearing a red shirt and wearing a mask, it was very difficult to see this woman's real face.

While the man next to this woman wore a complete golden armor, this man looked dashing with the golden spear he was holding.

"General Shun seems like there has just been a battle here" the woman in red looked around the former battlefield.

"Miss Fu, you're right, who do you think is the person who just fought here? "General Shun asked the woman in red.

The name of the woman in the red shirt is Fu Lanling, while the name of the man wearing the Iron shirt is Shun Buzi

Fu Lanling and Shun Buzi looked for directions in this place, they found a tomb, it seems like this had just been dug up by someone.

"Let's see who is buried here" Shun Buzi raised his palm the ground was immediately split into two. The bodies buried in the ground can now be seen by Fu Lanling and Shun Buzi.

"Isn't this the five twin brothers of the Taoji Sect, how the five of them died" Shun Buzi recognized the five Tao corpses.

"General Shun, do you know these five people? "Asked Fu Lanling to Shun Buzi.

"They are elders in the Taoji Sect, their strength should be in the 7th stage of Overlord Realm" Shun Buzi explained their identity to Fu Lanling.

"I see." Fu Lanling didn't really care about these five corpses, she was more curious as to who had killed these five people.

Fu Lanling "I really want to know who the person who killed them, maybe that person is not far from here".

"Then I will report this to the Taoji Sect first" Shun Buzi flew to the horizon and left Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling looked for clues around the former battlefield.

Fu Lanling flew for a while before she found a torn shirt, this shirt was Ye Chen's

Fu Lanling called a bird doll, Fu Lanling then put a torn shirt in the mouth of the bird doll, the bird doll immediately flew towards Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling followed behind the bird doll.