Journey To Become A True God Chapter 99

99 Women With Pure Phoenix Blood
With the help of Chu Yuechan Ye Chen's instructions successfully escaping the ancient Holy Land, he immediately ascended to the surface.

It was already morning, Ye Chen came down and enjoyed the pleasant morning sun.

"I want to go home and rest", because today is Sunday school is on holiday, today Ye Chen can rest quietly.

"Master, there is someone from below, she is heading towards you with a very high speed" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that under the Abyss there was someone wanting to rise to the surface.

A few seconds later a woman dressed in red and wearing a mask came out of the abyss.

Ye Chen couldn't feel this woman's level of strength, but Ye Chen felt dangerous when he was near this woman.

A spotted flying bird swiveled above Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling looked at Ye Chen, she looked up and down at Ye Chen's body, her stuffed bird detected that the fragments of clothes she found were indeed the property of this young man.

What made Fu Lanling feel strange was that the strength of this leader was only at the second level of the Earth Realm.

It is impossible for someone who has this low level to survive through the forest of death, where in the forest of death the weakest magic monsters are at the Emperor Realm stage.

Fu Lanling made the bird doll back to its side, the bird doll then pulled a piece of cloth from its mouth before disappearing.

"Tell me what is this torn shirt you have" Fu Lanling showed the torn shirt that was the same color as the one Ye Chen was wearing right now.

Ye Chen saw the torn clothes that were in the hands of the masked female jade, he just realized that the clothes he was currently wearing in several places had holes.

Ye Chen began to think that this woman might be an ally of the old Taoist, the masked woman must be suspecting him to be the fifth killer of the old Tao.

"It's not mine" Ye Chen did not admit that the torn shirt was his.

Ye Chen suddenly felt that Aura was very strong pressing on him, Ye Chen was very difficult to move his body.

Ye Chen looked towards the masked woman who was flying above the sky, this woman's eyes looked at Ye Chen very sharply.

actually what level of strength this woman had, even just from this woman's pressure could make Ye Chen difficult to move.

"Yuechan, what level is this woman's strength? "Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"You really want to know?, This woman is only at the level of Emperor Relam," said Chu Yuechan playing around.

How could Ye Chen believe that this woman was only the level of the Emperor Realm, Ye Chen urged Chu Yuechan to tell the truth "just tell this woman's level of strength"

Chu Yuechan "Ah, the master cannot be asked to joke" how can Ye Che be invited to joke in this situation, Ye Chen's condition is not good at all, the aura pressure from this woman is getting stronger and is pressing Ye Chen.

"This woman is in the peak stage of the 8th Level Overlord realm, in the near future she will soon break through to the 9th level Overlord realm, another one in the female body has pure blood. From Phoenix, the strength is definitely not weaker than the ninth level Overlord realm. , this woman is tens of times stronger than the Fifth Tao or the nine-tailed fox you just contracted. "Chu Yuechan explained in detail the power of the masked woman to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was very surprised to know the power of the masked woman in front of him, the phoenix was a beast who in the past lived in the God realm, like this woman had pure blood of Phoenix, did this woman come from the God Realm like a teacher.

When Ye Chen was thinking the Masked woman asked him again.

"I ask once again if this torn piece is yours" Fu Lanling asked Ye Chen again, but this time his tone was very cold.

"Yes, yes. . . Why is that mine? "Ye Chen was forced to tell the truth, after all he was not the person who killed the five Daos.

Fu Lanling pulled all of her aura from Ye Chen's body, Fu Lanling then descended from the sky and stood a few meters away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was relieved that this woman's aura had vanished, now he could relax.

"Tell me if you were involved in the death of the five Daos" Fu Lanling immediately interrogated Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "How come, do you not see that I am weak, how can I possibly defeat a strong person like them".

"Then do you know why they could die?" Fu Lanling asked the chronology of the deaths of the five Daos.

Ye Chen explained all the details of the battle between the five Daos and the nine-tailed fox which was currently in his left hand, there were some important parts he did not mention such as making a contract with the nine-tailed fox.

Fu Lanling listened to everything Ye Chen said, Fu Lanling was intrigued by the nine-tailed fox Ye Chen said.

The nine-tailed fox is a very powerful Magic beast, in the Holy Land, the existence of a nine-tailed fox is very difficult to find, it is appropriate for the five tao to risk their lives, if they can tame the nine-tailed fox it can become a Guardian as Taoji.

"So you have nothing to do with all this, I don't need you anymore" Fu Lanling gave a torn shirt to Ye Chen, Fu Lanling turned to go back to the portal to the Kunlun holy land.

Ye Chen was relieved this woman hadn't done anything strange to him.

Ye Chen didn't want to stay any longer, Ye Chen immediately flew through the Kunlun Mountains.

Fu Lanling who had arrived at the portal entrance to the Holy Land Kunlun stopped entering the portal, he just remembered that the young man had only been in the level 2earth Realm "how can he go to the Kunlun holy land in a relaxed manner, did he hide the power from me?"

Fu Lanling was suspicious of Ye Chen, because his heart felt something was wrong, Fu Lanling returned to the surface to find Ye Chen's whereabouts, unfortunately Fu Lanling did not see any trace of Ye Chen's existence "where did the person go so fast he disappeared".

It turned out that Fu Lanling's suspicion was true that the person must have hidden his strength.

Fu Lanling tried to search around this mountain.

"That female master seems to have come back to you." Chu Yuechan sensed that Fu Lanling approached Ye Chen again.

"Huh? Ye Chen stopped immediately

Fu Lanling is already in front of Ye Chen "seems like you hid something from me?" Fu Lanling felt Ye Chen's strength was still in the second stage of the earth realm, how could this person fly this fast if he was only in the second level Earth Realm stage.

Fu Lanling became curious, what method this person used.

Fu Lanling again used her aura to suppress Ye Chen, the pressure this time was stronger than before, even Ye Chen who was in the sky immediately fell to the ground.

Fu Lanling also descended from the sky and walked towards Ye Chen: "I will let you go after you explain the truth to me."

Ye Chen felt it would be difficult to escape from this woman before he explained everything, Ye Chen began to think of escaping from the masked woman.

Ye Chen turned his head to find a way so he could get out of the current situation.

"Yes, I can try using that, it might work on this woman." There was an evil grin on Ye Chen's face.