Jun Lan

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Jun Lan
Jun Lan
Her father was beheaded, her mother was thrown into the cold prison, her brother was cut down in front of her eyes. She was known for her ugly looks . She married him, believing her aunt's and cousins words like a fool. She begged her husband to spare her family. He smiled coldly and said ruthlessly " You are a pawn in my game of chess. You helped me in removing your family, who are a threat to me. So, I will give you a less painful death." Her sister visited her in prison " Sister, I am marrying your husband." Thanks to her visit, many things became clear to her. At the time of her death, she realized how many sacrificed their lives for her and she smiled mocking herself for being so weak and foolish for trusting others. She was killed with poison. The heavens did not abandon her. She woke up in her 13 year old body. The girl smiled coldly " I, Jun Lan has returned! In this life I will see who can touch my family." Protecting her family from sinister plots, Face slapping her foes, Embarking on a whole new path of cultivation, meeting new friends and a shameless flower boy tagging along with her like a tail, Jun Lan starts her new life with adventures all along her way. Release rate: 4-5 chps / week