King Of Gods Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Samsara Death Eyes

Chapter 1001 – Samsara Death Eyes

The arrays on the right bookshelf disappeared, and Zhao Feng walked straight up to it. Although Ji Lan’s heart raced at the sight of the array disappearing, she didn’t dare to touch it without Sacred Lord Star Demon’s permission.

Zhao Feng took a random book.

“Analysis of Fire eye-bloodline techniques?”

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Most of the contents in the bookshelf on the left side were based on the Dao of Illusions, which was helpful to disciples of the Ji Family, who had the Illusion-type Purple Star Eyes.

On the right shelf were eye-bloodline techniques of every kind, including some extremely rare and obscure ones.

Zhao Feng flipped through the books and tried to find what he was interested in.

“Found it Samsara Death Eyes!”

There weren’t many books here, and Zhao Feng soon found what he wanted.

“The Eyes of Samsara contain the laws of Heaven and Earth’s samsara. It can gather the shattered soul of someone dead in the world and give them new life through the Samsara of Death.”

Zhao Feng read this book very carefully.

The Eyes of Samsara were related to the fundamental laws of Heaven and Earth. The Samsara of Death couldn’t be replicated without the eyes. Therefore, even if one could understand the theory behind the Eyes of Samsara, it was almost impossible for any other eye to use it.

“To ‘revive’ a person, one must first leave a Mark of Samsara on them.”

Zhao Feng understood. Only the souls of those who had a Mark of Samsara on them could have their souls pulled out of the samsara of Heaven and Earth. The power of samsara was everywhere and could move through space, so this process could be completed even if they were several hundred million miles apart.

This was why the Emperor of Death could still be revived even though he died so far away from the continent zone.

“Not everyone can be revived through the Eyes of Samsara.”

Zhao Feng’s expression slightly dimmed as he continued reading.

“The souls that are revived through the Samsara of Death can’t take over any living body and can only exist in the Immortal Samsara Bodies that the Eyes of Samsara create. As the Samsara Immortal Bodies are also created through the Samsara of Death, they cannot die.”

Zhao Feng was stunned as he started to understand. Heaven and Earth had a samsara, and the Eyes of Samsara had access to the laws of Samsara. This basically meant that the Eyes of Samsara had their own individual world contained within them. Everything contained within the Samsara of Death was no longer part of this world anymore. The owner of the Eyes of Samsara was basically the god of samsara.

“My God Eye seems to have its own world as well.” Zhao Feng thought about the Ancient Dream Realm, but he didn’t have control of it. Maybe when his God Eye completely awakened, he would be able to rule over that world.

The Eye of Death seemed to have a dimension of Death as well, but he wasn’t very sure about its abilities.

“This means that the Eight Great God Eyes and their descendants all have their own individual worlds,” Zhao Feng analyzed after reading about the Eyes of Samsara. He now had a further understanding of the Eight Great God Eyes.

Zhao Feng finished reading it after a while.

“The Samsara Death Eyes introduces the Samsara of Death, but it only mentioned one point regarding the Samsara of Life: the Samsara of Life can revive someone within a certain time after their death.”

Zhao Feng was stunned. As expected, the Eyes of Samsara had the ability to bring people back from the dead. However, this didn’t give them new life, it only let them continue existing in a different state.

“This style seems to be extremely similar to how Liu Qinxin gained new life,” Zhao Feng murmured in a soft tone.

All in all, Zhao Feng finally understood a certain amount about the abilities of the Eyes of Samsara. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Zhao Feng didn’t want to be enemies with the owner of the Eyes of Samsara.

After reading through the Samsara Death Eyes, Zhao Feng spent the rest of his time on the other books. The rarity of any book here was around the same level as the Samsara Death Eyes.

Zhao Feng soon looked at a book in his hand Soul Recovering Divine Technique.

Zhao Feng was already completely attracted by the author’s name before he even read the contents.

“It’s actually the same author who wrote the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Splitting Technique!”

Zhao Feng finally understood what Sacred Lord Star Demon meant, and he hoped that this book wasn’t incomplete too.

Zhao Feng then started to read through it.

“So descriptive!” Zhao Feng exclaimed. This Soul Recovering Divine Technique wasn’t just a cultivation technique; it also contained a lot of theories and notes.

This technique could condense the soul, but most importantly, it could increase the soul’s recovery speed.

Souls were just like bodies; they both had a certain recovery speed when they were damaged. However, the soul recovered very slowly; therefore, most people would bring some medicine that could heal the soul with them.

“This Soul Recovery Divine Technique isn’t very useful.” Zhao Feng rated it. Even if he cultivated the Soul Recover Divine Technique to the maximum, its recovery speed was inferior to a lot of soul-healing medicines. Furthermore, the Soul Recovery Divine Technique had a very strict requirement, and even those that specialized in the soul might not be able to reach this requirement.

However, the last line in this technique attracted Zhao Feng’s attention.

“If one cultivates the Soul Recovery Divine Technique, it can increase the rate of success with the Soul Splitting Technique.”

Zhao Feng really liked the Soul Splitting Technique, but it was a rather risky technique to learn.

Zhao Feng also realized that the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique increased the effect of the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

“From the looks of it, the Soul Splitting Technique isn’t the one directly after the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique the Soul Recovery Divine Technique is between them.”

Zhao Feng immediately memorized the contents of the Soul Recovery Divine Technique. Luckily, the grade of this skill wasn’t very high, so Zhao Feng would be able to completely learn it with his level of mastery in the soul.

“Maybe the author thought of the Soul Splitting Technique first but realized that normal people couldn’t cultivate it, so they decided to create the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.”

Zhao Feng finally understood how precious the Soul Splitting Technique now was. No wonder the machine in the Heaven’s Legacy City said that the complete Soul Splitting Technique was at least a peak Heaven-grade technique.

One had to cultivate two foundational skills before the Soul Splitting Technique, and the requirements for both were very high. For example, Duanmu Qing had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts for several thousand years and still hadn’t reached a very high level.

Luckily, Zhao Feng was about to finish the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, and he was confident that he could finish cultivating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique shortly. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but look at the Soul Splitting Technique in a more positive light.

“No wonder Sacred Lord Star Demon was so interested in the Soul Splitting Technique. He probably already understands the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to a certain extent, and he already has the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but wonder whether Sacred Lord Star Demon was going to cultivate the Soul Splitting Technique or not.

Just as Zhao Feng finished memorizing the contents of the Soul Recovery Divine Technique, Sacred Lord Star Demon’s voice sounded, “From the looks of it, Little Friend has gained a lot today. You can come back tomorrow.”

Ji Lan glanced at the bookshelf with extreme desire.

Zhao Feng put the book in his hand down and spoke humbly, “I heard that the Ji Family’s Purple Star Tower is extremely famous and can drastically help one’s illusion techniques and refinement of the soul.”

“Hehe, okay then, I’ll give you a Purple Star Token.”

A purple token with a hexagram inscribed on it floated before Zhao Feng.

“Purple Star Token!” Ji Lan was surprised. One had to know that the members of the Ji Family had to spend a large quantity of family contribution points to be able to enter the Purple Star Tower, and their time was limited as well.

The Purple Star Token was usually rewarded when a member of the family made very big contributions, or it was given out as the top reward for competitions within the family. Although the Purple Star Token only allowed the user to enter the Purple Star Tower once, there was no time limit.

“Thank you, Senior.” Zhao Feng bowed slightly as he took the token, then left Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private hall with Ji Lan.

Zhao Feng started to cultivate the Soul Recovery Divine Technique alongside the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique at night.

“It can increase the recovery speed of the soul. Basically, it’s just like a body-strengthening technique for the soul.”

Zhao Feng estimated that he only needed a couple more months to reach the peak of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. Since this was the first time Zhao Feng was cultivating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique, his progress was very fast; he reached the third level in just one night.

After cultivating the Soul Recovery Divine Technique, Zhao Feng found that his Lightning Soul Body now had an indescribable agility.

Ji Lan arrived like usual the next morning.

“Zhao Feng, let me take you to the Purple Star Tower.”

Technically, she kept coming to guide Zhao Feng because of Sacred Lord Star Demon’s orders, but Ji Lan didn’t mind. Because of Zhao Feng, she had already been allowed to enter Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private hall and read there for two days. Unfortunately, she had only memorized fewer than ten books.

“Let’s go.” Zhao Feng walked out of his room.

The Purple Star Tower was the most famous area for cultivation in the Ji Family. It was precisely because of the Purple Star Tower that the members of the Ji Family were so outstanding and had such a strong foundation in terms of the soul and the Dao of Illusions.

Some of the forces in the outside world would spend a large amount of resources to buy the right to enter the Purple Star Tower. This was also why some families were still able to be included within the Eight Big Families even though they weren’t as strong as they used to be. The Eight Big Families all had their own skills and special areas, and they formed good bonds with other forces.

The Purple Star Tower was at the very center of the Ji Family, and it had many more members there. The news of Zhao Feng’s arrival had also spread yesterday.

“Look, it’s Zhao Feng!”

“Ji Lan hasn’t really fallen in love with Zhao Feng, right?”

“Impossible! From my point of view, Ji Lian will definitely come to trouble Zhao Feng.”

Disciples discussed with one another.

The senses of experts that specialized in the Dao of the Soul were obviously very strong, and Ji Lan’s face went slightly red as she heard all of this. Ji Lan couldn’t help but think that Zhao Feng was indeed much better than Ji Lian.

“Elder, we want to enter the Purple Star Tower,” Ji Lan said to the elders responsible for the Purple Star Tower. At the same time, Zhao Feng took out the Purple Star Token.

“Eh? Purple Star Token?” An elder looked at Zhao Feng in surprise. Only a few members of the upper echelon had the right to give Purple Star Tokens.

“You two can go in now.”

They walked into the Purple Star Tower, but Ji Lan needed to pay contribution points.

Their sight became blurry after entering the Purple Star Tower. There was only thick purple mist ahead of them, and across the first floor, there would be a futon on the ground with a disciple sitting on it. Almost all of the futons on the first floor were taken by disciples of the Ji Family who were at the True Spirit Realm.