King Of Gods Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Organizing The Forces

Chapter 1007 – Organizing the Forces

“Dammit, why did it turn out like this?” Sacred Lord Dark Shadow cursed.

Before the Crown Prince trial began, he had been sent over from Nine Darkness Palace to encourage and threaten the forces near the ocean as well as take over the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

His main goal was to use the Sacred Lord experts of other three-star powers to force Zhao Feng to use the last God Slaying Arrow. After using the God Slaying Arrow, Zhao Feng would die.

However, after the Crown Prince trial ended, Nine Darkness Palace quickly sent information to Sacred Lord Dark Shadow. The upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace told him that Zhao Feng now had the strength to kill beginning-stage Sacred Lords. With the addition of his beast horde, he wouldn’t be scared of overwhelming numbers either.

One had to know that, while there were differences in strength between Sacred Lords, it was still very difficult to kill those at the same rank. Sacred Lord Dark Shadow had to believe what the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace told him, but instead of leaving right away, he was hiding somewhere nearby.

He didn’t expect to see such a terrifying scene. With this level of strength, the God Slaying Arrow, the members of the Ji Family, and his beast horde, even three beginning-stage Sacred Lords wouldn’t be enough to take down Zhao Feng. Luckily, Nine Darkness Palace had sent him news long ago or else he would have died here.

“What terrifying speed!” Sacred Lord Dark Shadow felt the booming of wind and lightning as well as a cold killing intent from behind him.

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow specialized in speed but still wasn’t able to throw off Zhao Feng.

“Dark Night Flowing Shadow!” Sacred Lord Dark Shadow turned into a streak of dark light and sped forward several dozen thousand miles.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!” Zhao Feng circulated his Fire of Wind Lightning and completed his first flash.

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was the fastest beginning-stage Sacred Lord Zhao Feng had seen so far. Zhao Feng wasn’t able to catch up even with his Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

“Sky Locking Bow!”

A golden arrow of Wind Lightning started to condense in Zhao Feng’s hand and shot through part of the limitless ocean.


When the golden arrow of Wind Lightning appeared, it pierced through Sacred Lord Dark Shadow’s chest.

“Dammit, this brat!” Sacred Lord Dark Shadow stopped in the air.

This arrow contained a chaotic power of Wind Lightning. The Destructive power of God Tribulation Lightning within it also heavily countered Sacred Bodies.

After attacking continuously, Zhao Feng used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash once more and decreased the distance between himself and Sacred Lord Dark Shadow.

A faint undulation of mental energy flashed through the limitless ocean. The Mark of the God Eye had been successfully implanted.

When Zhao Feng left the Mark of the God Eye, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was amidst a storm of wind and lightning, so he dismissed the faint sensation.


Sacred Lord Dark Shadow felt danger arrive and instantly merged into space without care for his injuries.

“Let’s see where you can run to.” Zhao Feng floated in the air and closed his eyes as he sensed Sacred Lord Dark Shadow’s location and suddenly pulled his bowstring.


A purple arrow of light shot through the air, and it contained a soul attack.


Zhao Feng could feel his soul attack land on Sacred Lord Dark Shadow.

“How is this possible? I’m so far away, and his Sky Locking Bow hasn’t locked onto me either.”

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow’s heart jumped. He knew about the Sky Locking Bow, and he felt that something was wrong because Zhao Feng wasn’t chasing after him anymore. He could feel that the Sky Locking Bow hadn’t locked onto him.

Right as Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was thinking about it, another arrow of light shot over. Sacred Lord Dark Shadow immediately flew to the side but was still hit by the arrow of light.

He still didn’t feel like anything had locked onto him at all, but the arrow of light still followed closely behind him.

“This is weird I need to leave!” Sacred Lord Dark Shadow didn’t dare to stay behind, so he continued to run. However, arrows shot at him one after another, and he was unable to avoid any of them.

“Dammit, this is definitely not the Sky Locking Bow. Could it be some sort of ancient unique bow?”

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow’s figure was extremely ruffled. The Sky Locking Bow definitely didn’t have this ability.

He kept on running, but he was unable to dodge these arrows of light. Sacred Lord Dark Shadow finally managed to arrive at a teleportation array within a city and teleport to another city.

“I’ll let him live.”

Zhao Feng put the Sky Locking Bow away.

The power of the Sky Locking Bow would decrease if the distance was too long. Besides, if Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was killed from so far away, it would make Nine Darkness Palace suspicious, and the Mark of the God’s Eye might be discovered.

It was better to let him live. He might be more useful in the future.

As long as a Sacred King or a Demigod didn’t come out, it would be very hard to find Zhao Feng’s Mark of the God Eye.

The feud between Zhao Feng and Nine Darkness Palace had reached a level where one side must die for it to end. Right now, Zhao Feng was a very important member supporting the Ninth Prince, and he had the help of many forces. Nine Darkness Palace couldn’t do anything on the surface or else everyone would think that the Thirteenth Prince was making a move to weaken the Ninth Prince’s forces.

Even if the Thirteenth Prince was favored by the Sacred Emperor and the Sacred Empress, he would lose all chances of becoming the Crown Prince if he did such a thing.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and the Ninth Prince were in the same boat. If the Ninth Prince had an accident and lost the seat of Crown Prince, Nine Darkness Palace would try to kill Zhao Feng with all their power.


Zhao Feng waved his armguard, and a layer of silver appeared, then dimmed until it disappeared.


The next instant, Zhao Feng appeared above the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.


The golden-armored male and the forces of the Ghost Fire Clan and Eight Star Tower instantly felt a bone-chilling coldness. Many experts had been planning to find a chance to escape, but they were frightened by Zhao Feng’s sudden appearance.

At this moment, the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were freed while Supreme Emperor Dark Night, Old Monster Xu, and company were rescued.

Bi Qingyue instantly calmed down after seeing Zhao Feng arrive.

Everyone outside the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was busy.

Only those from the Ji Family, the Eight Star Tower, and the Ghost Fire Clan remained in the sky.

“Zhao Feng, you finished off Sacred Lord Dark Shadow?” the golden-armored male asked.

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was known for his ability to escape. It would be incredible if Zhao Feng could even find Sacred Lord Dark Shadow, let alone finish him off.

Ji Lan and those from the Ji Family were puzzled as well.

“The Ghost Fire Clan will become a subordinate force of Supreme Emperor Dark Night’s assassination organization. Those who don’t listen to orders shall be killed. We will now discuss what the Eight Star Tower owes us.”

Zhao Feng first announced what would happen to the Ghost Fire Clan, then looked at the golden-armored male.

While the disciples and elders of the Ghost Fire Clan were unwilling, there was nothing they could do. Once their Grand Elder died, other forces would deal with them if Zhao Feng didn’t take them in.

“Thank you, Master,” Supreme Emperor Dark Night messaged through the Dark Heart Seal.

The Ghost Fire Clan was a force that cultivated the Dao of Ghosts, so they had far more potential as assassins than the disciples from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. This would allow him to truly start up his assassination organization.

The golden-armored male’s heart shook. Zhao Feng completely ignored what he asked and went directly to negotiations in a forceful tone. Furthermore, Zhao Feng just announced the fate of the Ghost Fire Clan before talking about negotiations.

The golden-armored male and members of the Eight Star Tower cried out in their hearts. It would have been better if Zhao Feng told them what he wanted specifically, but he didn’t, so they didn’t know what to give. If they gave too little, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be happy. If they gave too much, they wouldn’t be happy.

“The Eight Star Tower will pay for all the Ocean Smoke Pavilion’s losses this time. The Eight Star Tower will also give a certain amount of resources and manpower to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion every year,” the golden-armored male finally spoke after a moment of silence.

“Join the Ninth Prince’s faction as well,” Zhao Feng said in a decisive tone after listening to what the golden-armored male proposed.

The expressions of the golden-armored male and elders of the Eight Star Tower became slightly ugly. If the Ninth Prince had the same number of forces as the Fourth Prince, the golden-armored male would join even without Zhao Feng telling him to. However, the “Crown Prince” wasn’t strong enough. The Fourth, Thirteenth, and Seventh Princes would definitely do something in the future.

The chance of the Ninth Prince succeeding in staying the Crown Prince and actually becoming the Sacred Emperor was very low.


At this moment in time, those from the Eight Star Tower weren’t able to run away, and they couldn’t win if they decided to fight. What else could they do apart from agreeing?

The golden-armored male and the elders from the Eight Star Tower felt extremely frustrated.

“You can go now,” Zhao Feng said.

Those from the Ji Family took in a deep breath. Just like that, Zhao Feng conquered a three star-power and made another three-star power join the Ninth Prince’s faction.

Zhao Feng then allowed the Ji Family members to enter the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Zhao Feng knew what Sacred Lord Star Demon wanted, but he didn’t know what the Eighth Prince’s intentions were. However, it was already great that the Ji Family was supporting the Ninth Prince. This would allow the Ninth Prince’s overall strength to rise by another level.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion was fixed after three days and started to run normally again. The Eight Star Tower also sent the promised resources.

Expanding Zhao Feng’s forces required more resources than what he obtained in the Divine Illusion Dimension and the Imperial Tombs.

“I will go visit Senior Star Demon after a while.”

Zhao Feng said goodbye to Ji Lan. He still hadn’t finished reading Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private collection yet, and the Purple Star Tower was a great place for cultivation. He also still needed to investigate the owner of the Eyes of Samsara. This meant that he had to go back to the Ji Family at some point, but Zhao Feng first needed to organize everything here.

Within the Misty Spatial World, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had already used the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and fallen asleep. The Sky Shaking Golden Apes also had signs of breaking through after the little thieving cat’s care.

Zhao Feng’s return after the Crown Prince trial caused an invisible air of draconic providence to surround the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Zhao Feng organized the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night’s assassination force before returning to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and entering seclusion.

His main focus was the Soul Recovery Divine Technique and analyzing the Soul Splitting Technique.

Zhao Feng’s dark purple Lightning Soul Body suddenly started to glitter after a month, as if it had its own consciousness and had moved beyond the limits of a soul.

This unique scene happened for a couple reasons.

Firstly, Zhao Feng’s soul body had undergone an unknown mutation after merging with his God’s Spiritual Eye. After the evolution of the God’s Spiritual Eye last time, his purple Soul Sea, the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning, and his soul had combined to form the Lightning Soul Body.

The other reason was that Zhao Feng had the help of many precious resources, and his Soul Recovery Divine Technique had reached the 8th level.

“I can start cultivating the first level of the Soul Splitting Technique now.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. At this moment, his soul had met the requirements and even surpassed what the author had set to cultivate the Soul Splitting Technique. Although his Soul Recovery Divine Technique hadn’t reached the peak yet, Zhao Feng’s soul already exceeded the requirements with the 8th level.

“Once I succeed in splitting my soul, I will be able to put the Eye of Death into the split-off soul.”