King Of Gods Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Battle Of Lord Dynasties

Chapter 1009 – Battle of Lord Dynasties

Zhao Feng’s and Zhao Wang’s soul injuries were mainly healed after five days. Zhao Feng immediately exited seclusion and left Zhao Wang in the Misty Spatial World. Right now, Zhao Wang needed to use every possible moment in order to increase his strength.

The first order of business was that Zhao Wang needed to fuse with the Eye of Death, so it would be best if he cultivated techniques that were related to Death. The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was obviously not a good choice.

Zhao Wang soon found a technique from his memories the Yin Lightning Death Manual. This was a Heaven-grade skill that Zhao Feng had found in the bookroom of Xie Yang Palace.

The Yin Lightning Death Manual was based off the power of Yin Lightning and the Intent of Death. It could completely unleash the characteristics of both the Lightning Soul Body and the Eye of Death.

The rarity of this skill wasn’t any lower than something cultivated by the core disciples of the Eight Big Families.

Zhao Wang started to cultivate the Yin Lightning Death Manual within the Misty Spatial World with Zhao Feng’s guidance.

At the same time, Zhao Feng could receive all the comprehension and experience that came from Zhao Wang cultivating this skill. Even if Zhao Feng did nothing, experience would enter his mind as if he was cultivating it himself.

“Master, Duke Nanfeng has waited for you for some time already.” Bi Qingyue arrived outside of Zhao Feng’s hall.


Bi Qingyue sent Zhao Feng some news through the Dark Heart Seal after he finished cultivating the Soul Splitting Technique. In particular, Zhao Feng received a pieceof shocking news from her.

“My Lord.”

Zhao Feng and Bi Qingyue walked to a wide hall, and Zhao Feng could guess why Duke Nanfeng was here.

“Zhao Feng, the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty have started a war,” Duke Nanfeng said in a very straightforward manner.

“This should have started while the Crown Prince trial were still happening, right?” Zhao Feng asked. The non-humans must have attacked when the Crown Prince trial started since that was when the draconic providence outside was at its weakest.

“That’s right.”

The experts of many forces could already guess that from the assassination attempt in the Great Gan Imperial Palace half a year ago, but most of them still thought that it was just a small clash and that nothing big would happen. However, an outright war had started between the two lord dynasties.

However, even if the Great Gan and Dark Moon Lord Dynasties fought against one another, Duke Nanfeng didn’t need to come and wait for Zhao Feng to exit seclusion. This made Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrow.

“The war has just started, and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty is already at a disadvantage.” Duke Nanfeng knew what Zhao Feng was puzzled about and explained.

“From the looks of it, the non-humans were ready for this and have made plentiful preparations.”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly. According to what Zhao Feng knew, the Tie and Yu Families both guarded the border region. One could see how strong the non-humans were from the fact that the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was at a disadvantage straight away.

“Therefore, the Great Gan Lord Dynasty sent a Clan Summoning Order,” Duke Nanfeng continued.

“The Clan Summoning Order means that all forces within the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty will be forced to send a certain number of fighters to the front lines,” Bi Qingyue’s voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

The forces within the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were protected by the Great Gan Lord Dynasty’s draconic providence, and so, to a certain degree, they were able to order the forces around.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything after hearing this.

This definitely wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Now that the Crown Prince was confirmed, the various forces all stood behind different factions. This included those at the front lines. For example, the Tie Family supported the Fourth Prince while the Yu Family supported the 8th Prince.

A war between lord dynasties was horrible for the Ninth Prince.

“How are the forces distributed when they go to the battlefield?” Zhao Feng asked.

“They’re under the command of Sacred King Feather Spirit, but all the small tasks are given to his subordinates. I’ve come for this as well”

Duke Nanfeng also supported the Ninth Prince, and he obviously didn’t want to see the other princes use this chance to deal with the Ninth Prince.

Duke Nanfeng was also an imperial, and he had a few connections within the family.

“I still have some contacts there. At that point in time, your forces will be with my guards,” Duke Nanfeng said.

Being the ruler of a great island zone, Duke Nanfeng also needed to send forces over to the battlefield.

“I’ll leave it to my lord then,” Zhao Feng smiled and said. With Duke Nanfeng’s help, the forces that the Ocean Smoke Pavilion sent over wouldn’t enter a situation of despair.

“I’ll try my best to gather all the other forces supporting the Ninth Prince together.”

Duke Nanfeng had a serious expression. If the Ninth Prince became the Sacred Emperor, then Duke Nanfeng’s status and power would rise by several tiers. He would be more than just the ruler of a great island zone.

Furthermore, this would also help Zhao Feng get rid of any danger. He knew about the feud between Zhao Feng and Nine Darkness Palace.

“That would be best.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

He couldn’t let the forces supporting the Ninth Prince become too weak. If the forces supporting the Ninth Prince were completely wiped out, how would he be able to become the Sacred Emperor on his own?

Zhao Feng and the Ninth Prince were in the same boat now. If the Ninth Prince failed, then Zhao Feng’s forces alone wouldn’t be enough to handle Nine Darkness Palace.

If the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, Shi Family, and others were weakened, the chances of the Ninth Prince becoming the Emperor would decrease.

“Bi Qingyue, gather our forces quickly,” Zhao Feng ordered.

The earlier they made their preparations, the bigger advantage they would have.

“Is there anything wrong with the Ninth Prince right now?” Zhao Feng asked.

“Relax. After what happened last time, even a fly won’t be able to enter the Imperial Palace,” Duke Nanfeng said with a smile.

“On the other hand, your forces are expanding pretty well,” Duke Nanfeng said with a sigh.

He had received news of what had happened to the Eight Star Tower and the Ghost Fire Clan.

Zhao Feng’s forces had expanded once again, and his own strength had increased in many respects as well. The overall strength of his force had already surpassed normal three-star powers. The only thing they lacked were peak experts and resources. The Ocean Smoke Pavilion being called by the Clan Summoning Order at this time was not a good thing.

“Also, the mastermind behind the Ghost Fire Clan and the Eight Star Tower was Nine Darkness Palace.”

Duke Nanfeng found out that the Ghost Fire Clan and Nine Darkness Palace actually had a very hidden relationship, and he was worried for Zhao Feng. If it wasn’t for the Crown Prince trial, Zhao Feng probably would’ve already been killed by Nine Darkness Palace.

At the same time, he admired Zhao Feng for the fact that he was able to survive against Nine Darkness Palace for such a long time and still expand his forces.

“I understand.”

A cold light flashed through Zhao Feng’s eyes.

One day later, a Quasi-Sacred Lord from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion led a big group of people and left the Misty Moon Island Zone with Duke Nanfeng. Zhao Feng then entered seclusion once more.

Within the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang sat opposite one another.

“I’ll start refining and merging the Eye of Death now.”

Golden light spun around Zhao Feng’s left eye, and the Eye of Death that existed in a soul-like state appeared in the air.

Because the Eye of Death was too strong, Zhao Feng had to personally refine it. Zhao Feng’s expression became serious as a strong surge of Soul Intent covered the Eye of Death and slowly merged it into the position of Zhao Wang’s right eye.

The Eye of Death suddenly started to shake.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng instantly suppressed it with his Soul Intent. The merging last time only failed due to Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye rejecting the Eye of Death. It was slightly scared of Zhao Feng’s soul body, and it finally gave in against his powerful Soul Intent.


A surge of soul power shot out from Zhao Feng’s soul and turned into a gray-and-purple flame, just as the Soul Refining Eye Technique said.


A ball of gray-and-purple fire burned where Zhao Wang’s right eye would be, and he gave a deep howl.


The refining process was extremely successful. The color around the Eye of Death started to change as it merged into Zhao Wang’s soul. At the very end, even the symbols of the God Tribulation Lightning were able to move around the Eye of Death.

Zhao Feng stopped helping when the color around the Eye of Death was almost the same as Zhao Wang’s soul. Zhao Feng then needed to help Zhao Wang use the Soul Refining Eye Technique himself and direct his own soul so that it fully merged with the Eye of Death.

The moment the Eye of Death merged with Zhao Wang’s eye, the latter would have the abilities of the Eye of Death.

At this moment, Zhao Feng left the Misty Spatial World and gave a few orders before leaving the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Using the marking left behind by the Misty Spatial World, he arrived directly at the Duke’s Palace, but since Duke Nanfeng wasn’t present, Zhao Feng headed toward the Haili Province. When he arrived at the Haili Province, he left a spatial marking with the Misty Spatial World behind.

On a certain day, around the forest surrounding the Ji Family:

Weng~~ Shua!

A layer of silver flashed, and a golden figure appeared from within a spatial ripple.

Zhao Feng had left a spatial marking here when he left the Ji Family, and his eyes moved the instant he arrived.

“The Eye of Death has finally merged?” Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect Zhao Wang within the Misty Spatial World.

“It has indeed completely merged.”

The speed of fusing with the Eye of Death had exceeded his expectations, but Zhao Wang couldn’t use the Eye of Death yet since his Soul Intent was only at the level of a Great Origin Core Realm while the Eye of Death was at the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank. Trying to use any technique with it would just use up all the energy in his soul.

Zhao Wang’s Intent had only just been born from the powerful Lightning Soul Body, but it would be able to reach the level of an Emperor, then a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and then chase straight after Zhao Feng within a couple years.

However, Zhao Wang obtained some of the other effects that the Eye of Death brought along, such as the vision abilities, the aura of Death, the Intent of Death, and some other comprehensions, just like Zhao Feng had received the reaction speed, half-transparency ability, and super vision when he first merged with the God’s Spiritual Eye.

While all of this came from the soul, it also applied to his physical attributes. With the Eye of Death, the problems Zhao Wang had regarding the laws of Death were solved, and the rate of his progress in the Yin Lightning Death Manual would increase.

At the same time, Zhao Feng sensed from Zhao Wang that there was indeed a Dimension of Death within the Eye of Death, but Zhao Wang was unable to open it for now.

Zhao Feng still remembered how the Emperor of Death had summoned three Emperor-ranked spirits of hatred during the Pursuit of Death in the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land. This was one of the Dimension of Death’s abilities.

“How about you go to the mainland and join a force that cultivates in the Dao of Ghosts? For example, one of Nine Darkness Palace’s subordinate forces.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes shifted as he spoke with a smile.