King Of Gods Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Heading To The Battlefield

Chapter 1011 – Heading to the Battlefield

“Young Master Zhao, please enter,” the elder in front of the Purple Star Tower stood up and said respectfully.

Zhao Feng entered the Purple Star Tower while the other disciples talked amongst themselves.

Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry about a time limit or a limited number of entries to the Purple Star Tower, so he went straight to the eighth floor, which was suited for Sacred Lords.

Of course, the effect the eighth floor had on Zhao Feng was much stronger than before.

Since the eighth floor was a place of cultivation suitable for Sacred Lords, it accommodated those at the beginning, early, and late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. Now that Zhao Feng’s soul had split, his Soul Intent had fallen to the very bottom level of the Mystic Light Realm, while the power of the purple mist on the eighth floor was generally more suitable for someone at least at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

There was a total of five futons on the eighth floor, and all of them were empty.

“Luckily, the Purple Star Tower can increase the rate at which I refine my Soul Intent.”

Zhao Feng sat on a random futon.

The Soul Splitting Technique was a soul-refining technique, and the original theory behind this technique was as such: two souls would mean twice the cultivation speed, and the two souls could then merge together again, increasing one’s Soul Intent to another level.

However, because the soul that Zhao Feng split off had merged with the Eye of Death, it wouldn’t be able to merge back into Zhao Feng’s soul anymore. While the original basis of the Soul Splitting Technique was to refine the soul, in Zhao Feng’s hands, it had become a secret clone skill.

Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, which he had cultivated to the maximum, and started to multi-task.

Only 20% of the God Tribulation Lightning in the Demigod head remained. Because he had split his soul, a portion of the God Tribulation Lightning symbols had also been split up. The God Tribulation Lightning was one of Zhao Feng’s strongest killing moves; now that it had been weakened, it had a big effect on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng split his thoughts up within the dimension of his left eye and started to direct the God Tribulation Lightning into his soul.

At the same time, Zhao Feng only had a small number of scorched black wood pieces left, and since they had been stored for too long, the power of ancient lightning within them had faded away.

Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng circulated his Intent and merged the power of ancient lightning into his Lightning Soul Body.

Time passed by slowly, and Zhao Feng eventually lasted ten hours on the eighth floor before getting up and leaving.

After returning to his residence, Zhao Feng rested for a while before entering the Ancient Dream Realm.

“If I want to form a Little World of Illusions, then it’d be best to make it in the Ancient Dream Realm!”

Zhao Feng had tasted the sweetness of the Little World of Wind Lightning. Even if he hadn’t had an advantage because the Imperial Tombs was an ancient dimension as well, Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning was much more powerful than normal Little Worlds.

Therefore, it would be best if the Little World of Illusions was on the same level as the Little World of Wind Lightning.

When Zhao Feng was cultivating last time, he analyzed how to form the Little World of Illusions, and now he could finally do so.

“The core of the Little World of Illusions shall be you.”

A sparkling white crystal pearl appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand. It seemed to contain infinity, and it radiated an alluring power.

Zhao Feng had obtained this God Crystal in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. The energy contained within it had been partially used up, but even if there was only 50% of its energy remaining, it was still a treasure to Zhao Feng.

God Crystals were something that only true Gods could create.

Hu~ Weng!

A purple mist appeared around Zhao Feng within the Ancient Dream Realm. There were different structures within it, such as a palace, a castle, a fountain, and more. Above the maze palace, there were dark clouds and booming lightning.

Zhao Feng’s Little World of Illusions would be extremely condensed in the outside world, but it was transparent in the Ancient Dream Realm.


Zhao Feng first carefully put the God Crystal within it, then he picked out a dark black inkstone that gave off a stunning amount of mental energy from among the other treasures he had obtained in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. Zhao Feng didn’t know what this stone was, but he could sense that there was nothing wrong with it.

Zhao Feng put this black inkstone next to the God Crystal.

He didn’t even know the names of many of the treasures he had obtained in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, but Zhao Feng didn’t dare to take them out in front of anyone and learn their value, so he could only leave them there for now.

Like this, Zhao Feng kept on going back and forth to Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private hall and the Purple Star Tower. Zhao Feng’s soul strength and knowledge both started to increase, and the creation of his Little World was also progressing.

More than a month later, Zhao Feng had cultivated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique to the peak 8th level, but the structure of his Little World of Illusions hadn’t been completed yet.

Creating a Little World was a very complex process. Zhao Feng had spent a year and a half to create his Little World of Wind Lightning. Zhao Feng estimated that he would need at least one more year to create his Little World of Illusions.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness suddenly moved.

“Great! Zhao Wang has infiltrated the Darkness Ghost Clan.”

Although Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang were several provinces apart, they could still contact one another. Zhao Wang could even send some images to Zhao Feng.

A soul clone was much better than a Dark Heart Seal slave in every respect.

At this moment in time, Zhao Wang had become an inner disciple of the Darkness Ghost Clan by relying on his shocking talent.

The Darkness Ghost Clan was an important three-star subordinate force of Nine Darkness Palace. Their tests for taking in new disciples was extremely rushed, so Zhao Wang didn’t raise any suspicions at all. However, the laws of the clan were extremely cruel and cold-blooded. The clan closed one eye and kept another open; anything could be done as long as no one was killed.

“Young Master Zhao, Ji Lan wishes to enter.”

On this day, Ji Lan’s voice sounded from outside Zhao Feng’s residence.

Zhao Feng pushed open the door.

“Young Master Zhao, your letter.”

Ji Lan handed over a letter with a complex expression before retreating away.

Zhao Feng was now the Grand Elder of a normal three-star power and the most important person supporting the current Crown Prince. He was someone that sat on the same level as Sacred Lord Star Demon of the Ji Family.

She never would have thought that Zhao Feng, who wasn’t even a King when they first met, to reach this level so quickly.

Ji Lan could only tell herself to put in more effort. After interacting with Zhao Feng, she realized that he never slacked. Even though he had reached such a high level already and was much stronger than those at the same level of cultivation, he still cultivated day and night.

Zhao Feng ripped open the letter. Within it was a white piece of paper. Zhao Feng instantly put his soul consciousness into it, and a surge of information appeared within his mind.

“Information from Old Ying!”

Zhao Feng was stunned.

The battle between the lord dynasties had been going for ten months, and while the Great Gan Lord Dynasty had summoned the clans to fight for them, that only made the situation even. In this situation, the Crown Prince was sent to the battlefield by the Sacred Emperor and Empress.

This was so the Crown Prince could raise the morale of the front line as well as train the Crown Prince’s strategic abilities and intelligence.

“Hehe. Excuses!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but mock.

If the Ninth Prince stayed in the Imperial Palace, he would be completely safe. The chances of him becoming the Sacred Emperor would be very high. However, if he was to sent to the front lines, accidents could happen.

“This should have been planned by the other princes and repeated to the Sacred Emperor!”

Zhao Feng’s tone was low.

After the Ninth Prince was sent out to the battlefield, the other princes asked to go to the front lines so they could protect their country. If the Ninth Prince was the only one on the front lines, he might still be pretty safe, but now that the other princes were going to the front lines as well, this war was no longer just between the two lord dynasties; it was also an internal battle within the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

The reason Old Ying sent this letter to Zhao Feng was because he wanted Zhao Feng to help the Ninth Prince.

“I also need to train myself through battle.”

The letter in Zhao Feng’s hands turned into ashes.

Zhao Feng had killed many people since he started his re-cultivation, but now that his strength had surpassed his previous life, it was time to go out and train himself. Furthermore, Zhao Feng heard that there were battle points, which could be traded for weapons, spiritual pills, or treasures.

On this day, Zhao Feng came to Sacred Lord Star Demon’s residence.

“Something like that happened?”

Sacred Lord Star Demon had a grim expression. This was obviously bad for the Ninth Prince.

“If Brother Zhao is heading to the front lines, please take a few disciples of the Ji Family with you,” Sacred Lord Star Demon requested.

Most forces were scared to let their peerless geniuses go to the battlefield unless they were like Xuanyuan Wen or Yu Tianhao, who had unparalleled battle-power.

It was obvious that Sacred Lord Star Demon trusted Zhao Feng and was willing to hand over the geniuses of the Ji Family to Zhao Feng.

“No problem.”

Although Zhao Feng found this slightly troublesome, he still agreed. After all, he had stayed at the Ji Family for some time, and Sacred Lord Star Demon had taken care of him. Countless precious books had been given to him, as well as the right to enter the Purple Star Tower. Sacred Lord Star Demon had also answered Zhao Feng’s questions and helped analyze the Soul Splitting Technique.

Sacred Lord Star Demon treated Zhao Feng like his own disciple, and Zhao Feng had done nothing to repay him yet.

The next day, Ji Wuye, Ji Lan, Ji Tianming three disciples of the Ji Family waited for Zhao Feng outside the Ji Family.

These three members of the Ji Family were very talented, and they were part of the middle-upper echelon of the Ji Family. They were young and lacked experience and knowledge, so they needed to train themselves.

“Listen to my orders from now on!” Zhao Feng said. He used his God’s Eye to leave three markings on them in case an accident happened to them.

“Understood!” the three spoke at the same time.

Zhao Feng easily stayed on the 8th floor of the Purple Star Tower meant for Sacred Lords during his stay at the Ji Family. Almost everyone from the Ji Family knew his name.

The three had no suggestions against Zhao Feng’s coldness or controlling tone. They knew that the Grand Elder had given them this chance to learn, and that it was an opportunity to train themselves.

Ji Lan’s eyes were tough, and she clenched her fists. Zhao Feng had become her goal, and this was the perfect chance to catch up.

“Let’s go!”

Zhao Feng took out the flaming chariot that he hadn’t used for a long time.

Although the flaming chariot wasn’t any faster than them, it was more convenient. The flaming chariot could perfectly fit them all, and it was going to be a long journey.

The three members of the Ji Family took turns controlling the flaming chariot, and everyone not controlling the chariot used this long period of time to cultivate or rest.

“Our destination the north.”