King Of Gods Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Familiar Person

Chapter 1012 – Familiar Person

On a certain day, a seven-colored light flashed.

“Senior Zhao, I cultivate the Chaos Yuan Purple Eye Technique, and I don’t understand this part.” Ji Tianming, who was the youngest of the group, asked Zhao Feng respectfully for help.

Ji Tianming was different from Ji Wuye and Ji Lan. This was the first time he had actually interacted with Zhao Feng, so he was the most warm and welcoming. Ji Wuye met Zhao Feng just after the latter’s God Eye evolved, and he lost to Zhao Feng in one move from his disintegration ability. As for Ji Lan, she was Zhao Feng’s enemy in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

“Let me have a look at your technique.”

Zhao Feng hadn’t actually cultivated the technique Ji Tianming was talking about, but over the last couple months, he had stayed in the Ji Family and learned some knowledge regarding the Ji Family’s techniques.

With his stunning ability to copy things, in just a short month or two, his progress was the same as someone else studying for five or six years. Furthermore, the books that Zhao Feng read were very deep, and he also had Sacred Lord Star Demon helping him, so Zhao Feng could be considered a scholar in terms of Soul and eye-bloodline techniques.

“This is probably because of how you cultivate the Purple Star Eyes.” Zhao Feng analyzed this low-levelled skill and was able to find where the problem was.

Apart from answering the questions of the three Ji Family disciples, Zhao Feng would enter a state of seclusion.

Many treasures appeared before Zhao Feng in the Misty Spatial World. Zhao Feng had bought a lot of resources within the Heaven’s Legacy City, and they would be enough for him to reach the Mystic Light Realm.

Zhao Feng started to circulate his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and absorb the energy of Wind, Lightning, and Fire.

Part of his consciousness within the dimension of his left eye directed the power of God Tribulation Lightning into his Lightning Soul Body. The power of God Tribulation Lightning within the Demigod head kept decreasing.

Zhao Feng would also occasionally enter the Ancient Dream Realm to work on his Little World of Illusions.

The flying chariot soon arrived before a Spiritual Palace. Zhao Feng revealed his identity and handed over some Primal Crystal Stones to use the teleportation array and go to the next city.

“Senior Zhao, the next stop is the Chen Province. It’s known for its Mechanisms Masters and blacksmiths,” Ji Tianming told Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng understood what he was trying to say. Although Zhao Feng’s flying chariot was convenient, it was a bit slow, and they could ask some blacksmiths to increase its attributes.

“That’s a good idea,” Zhao Feng agreed to Ji Tianming’s suggestion.

The flaming flying chariot was not as useful to Zhao Feng as it was before, mainly due to its speed. It was a long journey from the southern region of the continent to the northern region. No one knew how long it would take if they had to use the flaming flying chariot to fly all the way, which only had the speed of a Peak-tier King.

Several dozen days later, the flying flaming chariot entered the borders of the Chen Province.

“We’re almost at the Spiritual Palace,” Ji Tianming, who was currently controlling the flaming flying chariot, said.

The others, who were in cultivation, opened their eyes.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty had eighteen provinces, and each province had many cities. The most populated places in the cities were large Spiritual Palaces. One could see many experts and flying spiritual pets around the Spiritual Palaces. There were even flying items like Zhao Feng’s chariot.


A black figure flashed by Zhao Feng’s flying flaming chariot, and two figures followed closely behind.

“Emperor Ghost Scales, let’s see where you can run to!”

“Just give up already!”

A white figure and a black figure were chasing from behind. They were both Emperors, and the aura that the black figure gave off made the nearby people move aside.

Everyone was used to this. No fighting was allowed within the Spiritual Palace, so there were all types of people, including those who had committed many crimes and those who were escaping capture or confinement.

Zhao Feng didn’t put this in his eyes, but the words spoken by the middle-aged white-clad person alarmed him. Zhao Feng’s eyes changed slightly as he scanned over with his Spiritual Sense.

“Stop!” Zhao Feng’s voice suddenly rang.


A powerful Intent descended onto Heaven and Earth and covered the three figures. The speed of all three instantly slowed down, and Emperor Ghost Scales at the very front felt like he had entered a swamp.

“Who are you? Why are you interrupting the issues of the Divine Official Gate!?” The Emperor in black had a grim expression as he looked at Zhao Feng. He was certain that he hadn’t met Zhao Feng before. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng’s strength was also at the peak Emperor level, on par with himself.

“What’s going on?” Emperor Ghost Scales, who was looking ruffled, looked at the golden-haired youth who suddenly interrupted them. He didn’t recognize Zhao Feng, but now that Zhao Feng had stopped them, Emperor Ghost Scales would do anything as long as he could live.

The expressions of the three Ji Family disciples also faltered. They didn’t expect Zhao Feng to care about this small matter.

“Let him go!” Zhao Feng said.

He didn’t expect to see someone from the Cang Ocean here. Emperor Ghost Scales was the same King Ghost Scales from the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land.

Back when Zhao Feng was being pursued by the Emperor of Death and went to the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land for help, King Ghost Scales, the Cold Moon Emperor, and the Giant Shark King had helped him block the Emperor of Death. Zhao Feng still hadn’t repaid this favor yet.

“This” Emperor Ghost Scales’ expression changed. He didn’t expect this young Emperor to actually help him. Emperor Ghost Scales only just came to the continent zone and didn’t recall meeting anyone.

The middle-aged person in white had a grim expression. He didn’t expect Emperor Ghost Scales to be so lucky and meet a friend. Furthermore, he seemed to recognize the golden-haired youth a little bit.

“You’re a bit too full of yourself, aren’t you!?” the Emperor in black roared.

He could tell that Zhao Feng was not simple since he had such great strength at such a young age, but there were too many people watching. If he let Emperor Ghost Scales leave just like that, all the face of his clan would be lost.

While the Divine Official Gate was just a peak two-star power, their Grand Elder would be able to become a Sacred Lord within a hundred years.

“Come with me.” Zhao Feng didn’t care about the two Emperors and spoke to Emperor Ghost Scales directly.

“Young Master, thank you!” Emperor Ghost Scales’ expression changed. Although he felt that there was something off, there was nothing else he could do. Besides, Emperor Ghost Scales could feel that this youth in front of him had no enmity with him, and the other three on the flying chariot were all elites as well.

Emperor Ghost Scales immediately flew toward Zhao Feng, and the expressions of the two Emperors from the Divine Official Gate became ugly.

“You’re courting death!” The Emperor in black attacked, causing True Yuan to ripple through space nearby.

He could tell that Zhao Feng and the other disciples of the Ji Family were unusual, so he didn’t attack them. Instead, he punched toward Emperor Ghost Scales.

The sky instantly became dark as black beams of light blinked around the black-robed Emperor’s fist.

“How dare you not listen to my warning!” Zhao Feng’s expression became cold as he released a surge of Soul Intent and formed a dark purple crystalline spike that shot into the black-robed Emperor’s mind, and the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning on the spike flashed.


A scream sounded in the soul-dimension, and the nearby experts all felt the aura of an Emperor being killed.

The body of the black-robed Emperor fell.


The nearby spectating experts all took in cold breaths.

The Emperor in white robes felt a coldness spreading from the bottom of his feet across his body, and he hiccupped. The black-robed Emperor had been instantly killed by Zhao Feng just like that!

Emperor Ghost Scales trembled as he looked at Zhao Feng, and he felt that this youth was rather scary. However, he suddenly thought of another youth who was similar to this golden-haired youth.

“Tell the leader of the Divine Official Gate to apologize to me within ten days’ time!” Zhao Feng’s tone was cold as he looked at the Emperor in white.

If these Emperors knew what was good for them, Zhao Feng would have let this go. He didn’t put a measly peak two-star power in his eyes.

One of the main reasons he killed that person was because Zhao Feng could tell that Emperor Ghost Scales had severe injuries, and many of them were left behind a long time ago. He could tell that Emperor Ghost Scales had been chased for a long time, so he did this to allow King Ghost Scales to let out a breath.

The white-robed Emperor then started to run away in a rush.

“King Ghost Scales, we haven’t met for a long time. I didn’t expect you to come to the continent zone.”

Zhao Feng looked at Emperor Ghost Scales.

“You are Zhao Feng?”

When Emperor Ghost Scales heard those words, he thought about the Cang Ocean. He thought about how this youth attacked as well as his image.

Back then, Emperor Ghost Scales was still just a Peak-tier King, but he eventually became an Emperor within a couple years of reaching the continent.

Emperor Ghost Scales then followed Zhao Feng and entered the Spiritual Palace.

“Ji Wuye, I’ll leave the task of upgrading the flying flaming chariot to you then.”

Zhao Feng handed over this task to Ji Wuye, who was the most mature and intelligent of the three.

Upgrading the flying flaming chariot would probably require some time, so the three from the Ji Family left and entered the Spiritual Palace to buy whatever they needed.

“Zhao Feng, thank you!” Emperor Ghost Scales had a joyful expression and expressed his thanks to Zhao Feng.

“Why were they chasing after you?” Zhao Feng asked.

“I found the tomb of a Sacred Lord by accident when I arrived at the continent.” Emperor Ghost Scales sighed as he started to tell his tale.

In reality, several other pirate captains had come with Emperor Ghost Scales. They found the tomb of a Sacred Lord by accident, and while they were fighting for the inheritance, they killed a disciple of the Divine Official Gate. King Ghost Scales and the Divine Official Gate both managed to obtain some stuff from the inheritance, and the Divine Official Gate chased after Emperor Ghost Scales and company until only Emperor Ghost Scales was left alive.

“This Divine Official Gate!” Zhao Feng’s expression became grim.

He originally thought that Emperor Ghost Scales may have done something wrong and brought this upon himself, but he still decided to help Emperor Ghost Scales first since he owed the latter a favor.

“Zhao Feng, I can’t believe you’ve accomplished so much in the continent already!”

Emperor Ghost Scales revealed a joyful expression as awe and admiration flashed through his eyes. He had heard about the miracles of a Zhao Feng in the Crown Prince trial before, but he thought that it was just someone with the same name.

As expected, no matter where Zhao Feng went, he was unable to hide his talent.

Zhao Feng told Emperor Ghost Scales about the story of his re-cultivation. Emperor Ghost Scales had just come to the continent, so he didn’t have a force behind him and didn’t know that Zhao Feng had to re-cultivate. However, with Emperor Ghost Scales’ attitude, it wasn’t really suitable for him to join a clan.

After learning that Zhao Feng was going to the front lines, he said that he also wanted to follow Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng would obviously not reject this offer.

Zhao Feng received Ji Wuye’s message five days later that the flying flaming chariot had been successfully upgraded.

“We can get ready to leave now.”