King Of Gods Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 A Brief Glance

Chapter 1016 – A Brief Glance

Outside the hall, the three from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales were fighting against several dozen armored guards. Zhao Feng didn’t plan on them coming in, so he left a little more than a dozen guards so they could test themselves.

These guards were all Peak-tier Kings or Emperor, and they were subordinates of Sacred Lord Black Shark. They were all professional assassins, so they were more experienced in fighting than the others here.

“Let’s try this move Black Wind Ghost Claw!” A giant black claw on the back of Emperor Ghost Scales’ hand flashed with a cold light and radiated a terrifying ghastly aura.


Several dozen black claws suddenly appeared and shot forward like sharp blades.

Peng! Boom!

Four black-armored guards started to panic against Emperor Ghost Scales’ move, and many holes were sliced open on their armor.

“Hehehehe, this Inheritance Sacred weapon isn’t too bad.”

Emperor Ghost Scales had been inspecting this Inheritance Sacred weapon for a long time. This was the first time he had actually taken it into combat, so he kept on trying out different skills and techniques with it.

On the other side, the three from the Ji Family worked together to fight the remaining guards. Amongst them, Ji Lan was responsible for restraining the guards and supporting them with illusions while Ji Wuye and Ji Tianming used illusion attacks.

“Purple Star Illusion Domain!” Purple mist spread through Ji Lan’s eyes and enveloped the black-armored guards nearby.

These guards’ minds instantly became chaotic, and they made many mistakes.

“Falling Meteors!” Blue-and-purple flames suddenly blasted out from Ji Wuye’s eyes.

Boom! Boom!

Countless blue-and-purple flaming meteorites filled the sky in the soul dimension and crushed downward. The momentum could crush one’s mind and make them unable to resist.

Ji Wuye’s mutated Purple Star Eyes were the strongest amongst their trio.

The battle within the teleportation hall obviously attracted the attention of many experts in the Spiritual Palace.

“What’s happening within the teleportation hall?”

“I can feel several Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords fighting there. Let’s not approach.”

Due to the shocking Mystic Light Realm-level Magnificent Power, many experts could only watch the situation with their Divine Sense. They didn’t dare to enter.

However, an elder in gray had a calm expression as he slowly approached the teleportation hall.

“Let’s see if we can use this teleportation array or not.” The elder in gray had a normal expression on his face as he looked at the chaotic fight between the Ji Family members and the black-armored guards.

At this moment in time, Sacred Lord Black Shark charged out from the entrance.

“Get ready to leave!” Sacred Lord Black Shark’s voice sounded, and the black-armored guards outside immediately retreated and prepared to leave with Sacred Lord Black Shark.

“All of you are Zhao Feng’s accomplices die!” Sacred Lord Black Shark looked at the three disciples of the Ji Family, Emperor Ghost Scales, and the elder in gray not far away, and deadliness appeared in his eyes.


A surge of Sacred Lord-level Magnificent Power suddenly descended and created explosions across the entire palace. The three from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales all felt their bodies freeze under the pressure of a Sacred Lord. They were unable to move their True Yuan or bloodlines, and the terrifying pressure was about to crush them.

However, this Sacred power instantly disappeared, and the three from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales all let out a breath.

“Is the teleportation array still useable?” the elder in gray suddenly asked.

“This!” Sacred Lord Black Shark revealed a stunned expression, and his heart started to thud as cold sweat poured from his forehead. That elder managed to destroy his Sacred Lord-level Magnificent Power so easily!

He hadn’t actually inspected this elder’s cultivation and only thought that he was on Zhao Feng’s side. Since he was standing outside instead of fighting inside, then his cultivation shouldn’t have been very high.

However, after closely inspecting him, Sacred Lord Black Shark realized that he couldn’t see through his elder’s cultivation level at all.

The three from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales held their breath and looked toward the elder in gray. They only knew that Sacred Lord Black Shark was at the beginning stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but this elder seemed to be even stronger than Sacred Lord Black Shark.

Sacred Lord Black Shark had a complicated expression. If he didn’t leave now and was caught by Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Cang Qiong, he would definitely die.

“Explode!” Sacred Lord Black Shark didn’t expect Zhao Feng to bring such an expert along with him, and his eyes became even deadlier.

The bodies and souls of his subordinates started to expand, and a surge of destruction started to brew.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The black-armored guards exploded, and the terrifying force destroyed the entrance to the hall.

“I will avenge all of you!” Sacred Lord Black Shark turned into a streak of black light that sped into the distance.

“Come back!” an old voice sounded from the center of the explosions.

Boom! Weng~~

The sky became dark, and limitless Intent passed through the air.

“How is this possible!!?” Sacred Lord Black Shark’s body froze in the air; he was unable to move forward. His body was restrained by an ultimate power.

The smoke faded away and revealed the elder in gray, who was completely unharmed. His eyes were like calm water as he looked at Sacred Lord Black Shark.

Elsewhere, a tall gold-and-blue body stood in front of the three from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales.

“Zhao Feng, thank you!” Emperor Ghost Scales felt extremely lucky.

When the guards exploded, Zhao Feng arrived and circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and his Sacred Lightning Protection to block the blast in front of them. Even Zhao Feng would be unable to handle the self-destruction of more than a dozen Kings and Emperors if he took it head-on.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he looked at the elder in gray not far away. This elder had easily restrained Sacred Lord Black Shark; his true strength was at least at the late-stage Sacred Lord level, or perhaps he was even a Sacred King!


Sacred Lord Black Shark couldn’t move as he wished as he slowly returned to the ground. He had an expression of despair on his face; he didn’t think that Zhao Feng’s helper would be so strong. The assassination had failed, and now he had nowhere to escape to!

“Hahahahaha, let’s die together then!” Sacred Lord Black Shark contorted as his power condensed and instantly exploded.

“Not good, watch out!” Even Zhao Feng didn’t dare to overestimate himself against Sacred Lord Black Shark’s self-destruction.

Zhao Feng spread his wings and his Little World of Wind Lightning as he pulled up the three Ji Family members and Emperor Ghost Scales and rushed into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everything around the teleportation hall was destroyed, and many Emperors watching the show were injured by the blast. Even a Sacred Lord had self-destructed, so the spectators all ran away. However, the elder in gray just stood there and protected himself with some Intent. No damage was done to him.

“Thank you, Senior, for helping me kill this assassin.” Zhao Feng went forward to give his thanks. It didn’t matter if this elder had done it on purpose or not if he had done nothing, Sacred Lord Black Shark might very likely have gotten away.

“Little Friend, is the array within the teleportation hall still useable?” the elder in gray asked.

Zhao Feng’s left eye scanned toward the direction of the teleportation array. A defensive array around it had been destroyed, but the teleportation array itself was still fine.

“The array is still fine. It can still be used.” Zhao Feng landed on the ground and released the three Ji Family members and Emperor Ghost Scales from his Little World of Wind Lightning.

“Zhao Feng, we need to leave as soon as possible,” Old Ying messaged.

Old Ying, the Ninth Prince, and Sacred Lord Cang Qiong were relatively far away from the explosion, so they weren’t injured. However, the three of them were injured earlier, their positions had been revealed, and this place was extremely unsafe. For example, the elder in gray outside had immeasurable strength. If he was an enemy, they would have been dead already.

They needed to go to the battlefield and report this to the imperials.

“Senior, if you don’t mind, you can come with us.” Zhao Feng invited this elder since he felt no ill intentions from him.

“There’s no need. I’m still waiting for my disciple.” The elder in gray rejected Zhao Feng’s invitation.

“Goodbye then.” Zhao Feng, the members of the Ji Family, and Emperor Ghost Scales said goodbye to the elder in gray.

Old Ying put in several peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones in the ancient teleportation stage, and a white light started to flash as countless silver array lines started to extend.

Sacred Lord Cang Qiong and Old Ying looked at the mysterious elder and felt lucky that the he wasn’t their enemy. At the same time, they felt that Sacred Lord Black Shark’s luck was rather bad.

At this instant in time, a figure in white headed toward the elder in gray. The girl wore snow-white clothes, and her peerless beauty was like a pure and white lotus. She gave off a faint smile and gave others a peaceful sensation.

Zhao Feng’s eyes suddenly shook as he looked toward this elegant girl who seemed to come from a painting. Even Zhao Feng, who was used to seeing beauties, was deeply attracted.

At the same time, he also felt an unknown familiar sensation. Just like when the little thieving cat unveiled Liu Qinxin’s face back at Flooding Lake City in the Azure Flower Continent, and her beauty was enough to dazzle anyone for a short moment.

“So pretty!” Emperor Ghost Scales was dazed as he looked at the girl in white. Even Ji Lan was completely attracted by her.

At the same time, the girl in white looked toward the Ninth Prince and company in the teleportation array, and her eyes landed on Zhao Feng. The aura given off by the golden hair and the golden eye made her feel a close affinity, but in the next instant, the Ninth Prince, Zhao Feng, and company disappeared from the teleportation stage.

“Master, I bought a decent qin!” The girl in white revealed her teeth in a smile.

“You haven’t been paying attention; you actually left your qin behind!” the elder in gray said.

“Little beauty, why did you come here?”

“Don’t run little goddess, we just want to be your friends, hehehehe!”

The playful voices of two males sounded from outside as two bulky males jumped over. They were both Quasi-Sacred Lords, and they didn’t feel much of a threat from the elder next to the girl, so they didn’t really bother with him.

“Causing trouble for me again!” the elder in gray revealed a helpless smile, and the girl’s face went faintly red as she gave an awkward smile.


The color of the elder’s left eye suddenly started to change, and a black figure jumped out. This black figure only existed in a soul state, and it had countless curses and talismans on it. The appearance was similar to Sacred Lord Black Shark.

“What is this?”

The two males’ expression changed. This weird scene gave them a bad feeling.

Sacred Lord Black Shark’s soul suddenly charged out, and a terrifying Sacred Lord Soul Intent smashed forward.

“Run!” The two males’ expressions turned to fear and panic as they immediately tried to run.

Hu~~ Boom…!

The two big males fell to the ground their souls had been completely destroyed. Sacred Lord Black Shark’s soul then turned into a streak of black light and merged into the left eye of the elder in gray.

“Let’s go. The teleportation array is still useable.” The elder in gray and the girl in white walked toward the ancient array stage.