King Of Gods Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Body Strengthening Breaking Through

Chapter 1019 – Body Strengthening Breakthrough

“This old man was planning to make Hongling experience the battlefield, so I’ll leave her to Little Friend then!” the elder in white robes said with a meek smile.

“The battlefield is extremely dangerous. This junior is useless and will probably be unable to protect Lady Hongling.”

Zhao Feng was surprised as he finally understood the white-robed elder’s intentions. If Tie Hongling stayed by his side, then it would make the situation between him and the Tie Family more complicated. If an accident really happened to Tie Hongling, then Zhao Feng would never be able to escape the Tie Family.

“Does Young Sir Zhao already dislike me?” Tie Hongling had a playful smile as she looked at Zhao Feng.

“Little Friend Zhao, don’t be humble. We’ll settle it like this then!” the white-robed elder said with a smile, and Zhao Feng’s expression changed. The actions of the Tie Family’s Grand Elder reminded Zhao Feng of Flooding Lake City’s Lord from the Azure Flower Continent.

However, he could obviously see that there would be no results if he went against the Grand Elder of the Tie Family.

The Tie Family just wants to put Tie Hongling with me. If I just completely ignore her, I believe that Tie Hongling will eventually start to dislike me.

Zhao Feng thought of a plan. As long as Tie Hongling started disliking Zhao Feng, then all of this nonsense would end.

In the end, Zhao Feng said no more and let the situation be decided like this.

Figures started to appear in the hall after Zhao Feng left.

“Hongling, what do you think of Zhao Feng?” the white-robed elder asked with a smile.

“Grandfather, can you not tell what I’m thinking?” Tie Hongling’s face was slightly red as she revealed a decisive look.

“Hahaha, I told you so. Zhao Feng’s potential definitely exceeds any genius on the Imperial Dao rankings. There’s no need to test him at all!” Tie Hongnan’s voice sounded.

Zhao Feng told everyone else everything after returning to where the Ninth Prince and company were staying.

“Brother Zhao, this is good! I heard that Tie Hongling’s potential isn’t any weaker than Tie Lingyun, but because Tie Lingyun’s senior has too much power in the Tie Family, Tie Hongling wasn’t able to obtain a spot in the Crown Prince trial!” Old Ying had a joyful expression as he immediately said.

“Hahaha, apart from that, Tie Hongling’s battle-power is quite decent as well. She’ll be of great help to you all.” Sacred Lord Cang Qiong laughed.

Many geniuses among the Eight Big Families and other forces had all tried to chase Tie Hongling and hadn’t succeeded, but now the Tie Family was just giving her to Zhao Feng. This was horrendous in the eyes of the rest of Great Gan’s younger generation.

“That’s right, Tie Hongling’s battle-power is quite decent.” Old Ying agreed as well.

Zhao Feng then heard from Old Ying that Sacred Lord Cang Qiong was only sent here to protect the Ninth Prince and wouldn’t fight for him. This meant that the Ninth Prince’s battle-power was actually very low, but luckily, after the Ninth Prince arrived in Lan Province, he would be able to order around the forces that supported him.

For example, if the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were in Lan Province as well, then the Ninth Prince could move them to his stronghold.

On top of that, Zhao Feng also learned what the Ninth Prince’s main mission was taking over a city. Over half the territory in the three provinces had been taken over by the non-humans, so they obviously needed to take it back.

It was easier to defend than attack, and almost all cities or strongholds had someone with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord defending, which meant attacking would be even harder.

This meant that Tie Hongling would indeed be very useful. Although she was only a Quasi-Sacred Lord, her strength was comparable to normal Sacred Lords. While she couldn’t win against the non-human Sacred Lords, she could at least stall them.

The next day, Tie Hongling followed everyone else and headed toward Lan Province.

“Isn’t this the Crown Prince?” a voice sounded before everyone left the palace.

“Oh, it’s Thirteenth Brother.” The Ninth Prince was full of smiles as he greeted.

Alongside the Thirteenth Prince was about one hundred or so subordinates. There were also five unique and powerful auras next to the Thirteenth Prince.

“I heard that Your Highness is heading toward Lan Province. Maybe we’ll meet at the same battlefield. I hope that you’ll take care of me!” The Thirteenth Prince laughed.

Everyone’s heart shook. It was obvious what the Thirteenth Prince’s intentions were from the fact that he already knew the Ninth Prince’s destination and had come here at the same time.

“Of course, we’re both imperials and need to try our best to take back the fallen territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!” the Ninth Prince immediately said.

He had learned a lot after becoming the Crown Prince. He needed to put on a mask in front of certain people.

“I hope Your Highness has a safe journey!” the Thirteenth Prince said before leaving.

Everyone then sat on the flying flaming chariot and headed toward Lan Province.

Because there was one extra person, the flying chariot was extremely crowded. Tie Hongling obviously tried to trouble Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng entered seclusion and didn’t respond at all.

Brother Zhao’s self-control is so strong!Emperor Ghost Scales sighed in his heart.

Several dozen days later, everyone arrived at Jiabao City in Lan Province.

“Your Highness, I’ll be leaving this to you then!” The Sacred Lord that had been originally guarding this city took some of his close subordinates and left, heading toward the War Hall in Lan Province.

The War Hall was the same thing as where they stayed when they were in Ling Province. It was the battle headquarters in each province. Of course, the War Hall in Ling Province had the most power.

The captains and soldiers here were unwilling to see the Sacred Lord that had been guarding Jiabao City leave. After all, they had fought alongside this Sacred Lord for a year.

The rankings in the city were very simple. It was split into the ranks of general, captains, and soldiers. The general was obviously the Ninth Prince.

Captains were usually Emperors or Quasi-Sacred Lords. According to their war record, they were then split into three stars, and the more stars one had, the more soldiers they could lead.

The minimum requirement to be a soldier was the True Spirit Realm.

“Sigh, it’s all over now. How can the Crown Prince fight a war?”

“Shhhh! Be a bit quieter. While the Crown Prince has no Sacred Lords, there should be at least a few strategists.”

“That’s right. Moon Dragon City has two Sacred Lords. From the looks of it, it’ll be impossible for us to take over the city. Instead we might even lose another one!”

Many of the captains and soldiers weren’t very confident in the Crown Prince and had negative attitudes.

The next day, the Ninth Prince summoned the captains for a meeting so that he could get to know them and learn about how the battle was going.

Although the captains weren’t confident in the Crown Prince, they didn’t show any obvious signs.

Many captains were attracted by Tie Hongling the moment they entered the hall.

A small number of captains obviously knew her identity and stopped thinking what they had been thinking. At the same time, they were curious as to why Tie Hongling would be together with the Ninth Prince.

“Jiabao City’s main goal is to take over Moon Dragon City. Moon Dragon City has forty-three captains and two Sacred Lords.” A three-star captain told the Ninth Prince and company what the situation was like as the meeting started.

In comparison to the battle-power of Moon Dragon City, the battle-power of Jiabao City was a bit weaker after the original Sacred Lord and several Quasi-Sacred Lords left. They only had thirty-two captains, and only four of them were three-star captains.

After getting to know the situation, the Ninth Prince appointed four more captains. They were Old Ying, Zhao Feng, Emperor Ghost Scales, and Tie Hongling.

According to the rules, they had to all start off as one-star captains and would only be able to gain more stars if their results proved to be good.

“Senior Ying, please take care of me in the future!”

“Lady Hongling, I didn’t think that I would be able to witness your skills once more!”

The other captains all started to greet and interact with the new captains. The new captains were usually the strongest battle-powers that a prince brought. It was only a matter of time until they reached three stars. Amongst them, the most welcomed was obviously Tie Hongling. However, Tie Hongling ignored these captains and only looked at Zhao Feng, making the expressions of some captains become unhappy.

After the meeting ended, Zhao Feng and the members of the Ji Family left with Emperor Ghost Scales.

Ji Lan and company could be captains as well according to their strength, but they were still too young, so it was somewhat risky for them to lead others. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was responsible for their safety, so the three of them were going to be in his group.

“Emperor Ghost Scales, you will become a three-star captain soon as well!” Zhao Feng comforted.

The others were relatively cold toward Emperor Ghost Scales in the meeting since he was extremely unknown.

Zhao Feng immediately entered seclusion the second he returned to his residence.

A multi-colored honey appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand within the Misty Spatial World.

“I can finally push toward the 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body now!”

Zhao Feng had been focusing on his soul and eye-bloodline after the Crown Prince trial ended. He had also tried to form his Little World of Illusions. Everything was now steady.

Zhao Feng had also already used one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey before the Crown Prince trial. If he used up another portion so quickly, it would dramatically reduce its effectiveness.

Zhao Feng had been stalling for a long time in order to maximize the power of this Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

“After my Sacred Lightning Body reaches the 6th level, I’ll be able to counter normal Sacred Lords with my body alone!”

The 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body corresponded to Sacred Lords.

“Quasi-Sacred Lord” meant that one’s power, Intent, or some aspect was comparable to Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords, but they hadn’t actually broken through yet. Zhao Feng’s strength had already surpassed the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord, but once his body reached the level of a Mystic Light Realm, he would be considered a genuine Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng drank the portion of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. He instantly felt a pure and sacred aura spreading throughout his organs and limbs, then into his Crystal Core dimension and his Lightning Soul Body.

Zhao Feng felt as if his entire body had ascended for a short moment.

However, the effectiveness of this portion of Hundred Origin Sacred honey was weaker than the first time he used it.

Zhao Feng immediately started to circulate his Sacred Lightning Body.

Hu~~ Weng! Weng!

His body started to become taller, and golden-blue light flashed around his body. Profound lines of lightning blinked around the surface of his body and occasionally released light.

After circulating the Sacred Lightning Body, his absorption rate doubled, and the energy was used to refine his body.

This time, Zhao Feng decided to use all of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey on increasing his state of existence.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes as a layer of Fire of Wind Lightning surrounded him.

Weng~ Weng~ Crack!

Zhao Feng’s bones cracked at a certain moment, and scarlet-golden lines started to extend and release light on his skin.


In an instant, Zhao Feng’s bones and body suddenly became taller, and he seemed to turn into a real giant.

In terms of size, he had already exceeded normal humans.


A faint scarlet-golden layer of lightning flashed around Zhao Feng, and he radiated an invisible force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground around Zhao Feng instantly started to turn black.

Luckily, all of this was within his Misty Spatial World, or else his residence in the real world would have been destroyed.


The layer of golden-red light around Zhao Feng became brighter and almost materialized. At last, this scarlet-golden light condensed around Zhao Feng’s body.

“Sixth level of the Sacred Lightning Body!”

Joy appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.