King Of Gods Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Non Humans Attacking

Chapter 1020 – Non-Humans Attacking

“Sixth level of the Sacred Lightning Body!”

Joy appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

A couple breaths later, Zhao Feng calmed down, and his body size returned to normal. The lightning around his body also quickly faded away.

After his Sacred Lightning Body broke through to the 6th level, Zhao Feng would be able to fight against normal Sacred Lords without the use of his eye-bloodline or True Yuan.

If he cultivated the Undying Sacred Lightning Body to the late stages, his power, defense, and recovery speed would have no weaknesses.

After his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body reached the 6th level, he could also start to cultivate secret techniques such as the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm and Physical Force Lightning Domain.

Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm even more forceful than the Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch, very destructive, and countered the power of domains and Little Worlds.

Physical Force Lightning Domain by relying on the usage of Wind Lightning True Yuan and physical force to form a domain of lightning, it could heavily restrict the enemy and buff Zhao Feng’s Lightning Domain.

The Physical Force Lightning Domain was similar to a domain or Little World. Once he cultivated it, it was the same as having one more domain.

Furthermore, according to what Zhao Feng knew, he now met the requirements to cultivate Rebirth from Blood, but the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body didn’t have the cultivation technique for it.

“I’ll first cultivate the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm, then” Zhao Feng planned.

Although he had cultivated the Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch to the maximum, it couldn’t deal very much damage to the Sacred Bodies of Sacred Lords. If Zhao Feng met a Sacred Lord that specialized in body-strengthening, his Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch would basically do nothing.

Of course, the requirements for the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm were much higher than the Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch. The Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm focused on the word “destroy” to destroy everything. The bigger the target, the more effective it was.

The Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm worked well with the Fire of Wind Lightning, and it could destroy as much as possible.

Zhao Feng suppressed his Sacred Lightning Body and started to practice the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm.

Boom! Weng! Weng!

Zhao Feng thrust out, and a large golden-red palm with countless arcs of lightning shot out, making the air shake.

Being the owner of the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng could feel any change in this Little World.

“It is indeed very destructive to domains.”

Zhao Feng was stunned.

This palm technique was very destructive against domains, Little Worlds, and even Sacred Bodies of Sacred Lords to some extent.

Weng! Shu! Shu!

Zhao Feng didn’t dare to train this skill at full power or else it would damage the Little World within the Misty Spatial World.

While training the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm, Zhao Feng was also adapting to the 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body.

In this period of time, the three members of the Ji Family and Tie Hongling had come over, but they didn’t disturb him after seeing that he was in seclusion.

“This Zhao Feng only knows how to cultivate!” Tie Hongling stomped her foot outside Zhao Feng’s residence and left fuming.

Zhao Feng had been cultivating ever since he left Ling Province and was still cultivating after arriving. This gave her no chance to initiate contact with Zhao Feng.

On this day, Zhao Feng felt a surge of Intent outside his residence and came out of the Misty Spatial World.

“Senior Zhao, we’re gathering!” Ji Tianming immediately said.

Disturbing others while they were in seclusion was a very dangerous action, but the situation was urgent.

“What happened?”

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He remembered the Ninth Prince saying that he would direct some soldiers from other places, and they would be from the forces that supported him.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were in Lan Province as well. This was a good piece of news; at least Zhao Feng could protect the members of his own force.

However, only three days had passed since he entered seclusion. Directing the troops shouldn’t have happened so quickly.

“The enemy is attacking!” Excitement and solemnness appeared in Ji Tianming’s eyes.

“Oh?” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

A dozen thousand miles away from Jiabao City was Moon Dragon City, which the non-humans ruled over.

Although the overall strength of Moon Dragon City was stronger than Jiabao City, the non-humans had done nothing so far and were in a defensive state.

According to the intel, the area that the Ninth Prince was stationed had been heavily eroded by the non-humans, and Moon Dragon City was “a loner in enemy grounds.” Therefore, Moon Dragon City needed to wait for the other non-humans nearby to gather before they could unleash their attack.

This was why Moon Dragon City had two Sacred Lords. From this, one could see how difficult the task given to the Ninth Prince was.

However, this was good news for Zhao Feng.

“Two non-human Sacred Lords equals forty thousand war points!” Zhao Feng cracked a smile.

One Great Origin Core Realm was ten war points, a King was one hundred, an Emperor was one thousand, while Sacred Lords were worth twenty thousand each. Furthermore, there were only a limited number of Sacred Lords in both lord dynasties. It was extremely rare for one city to have two Sacred Lords.

The strength of these Sacred Lords was a bit weaker than Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning, Sacred Lord Black Demon, and company from the Crown Prince trial.

“In the past, the troops within Moon Dragon City were stronger than us, but they never attacked.”

“Looks like the non-humans know that Jiabao City has switched generals.”

The True Spirit Realm cultivators in the back lines within Jiabao City discussed.

The Ninth Prince was with the captains on the city walls. Countless non-human soldiers were outside Jiabao City and radiated an evil battle-intent.

“Your Highness, what should we do?”

A two-star captain had a solemn expression. The non-humans of Moon Dragon City definitely knew that Jiabao City’s sole Sacred Lord had left.

Without the battle-power of a Sacred Lord, Jiabao City was in dire straits, but if the general didn’t give them the order to retreat and they left on their own accord, they would be considered deserters.

“Use defense as offense!” the Ninth Prince said in a certain tone.

While others thought that Jiabao City didn’t have any Sacred Lord battle-power present, the Ninth Prince and the Ji Family members knew that Zhao Feng wasn’t any weaker than normal Sacred Lords.

It was easier to defend than attack. Even with Zhao Feng’s help, the Ninth Prince didn’t have much hope to conquer Moon Dragon City. Now that Moon Dragon City’s forces were attacking instead, it made the Ninth Prince and Old Ying happy.

“Zhao Feng, don’t reveal your strength.” Old Ying and the Ninth Prince messaged Zhao Feng.

At this moment, they didn’t want to reveal their hidden card, Zhao Feng, yet. They would defend first and gradually weaken the strength of the non-humans. Once the time was right, they would counterattack and completely take over Moon Dragon City in one fell swoop.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. At the same time, he got to know the two Sacred Lords of Moon Dragon City. They were Sacred Lord Raging Force of the crocodile-human race and Sacred Lord Dark Shadow of the scorpionmen race. Amongst the two, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was the enemy’s general.

“Use defense as offense?”

The captains almost fell from the city wall after hearing what the Ninth Prince said. They were the ones at a disadvantage and should obviously be focusing on defense, but where the heck did offense come from?


Many captains sighed. The Crown Prince was too young and didn’t even know the difference in strength between himself and the enemy. They might very likely lose the city in this battle.

“Lady Hongling, we’ll be relying on you this battle!” A captain next to Tie Hongling said to her.

Tie Hongling had the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and with the help of a few others, she should be able to stall a Sacred Lord.

“Zhao Feng, let’s see who gets more war points this time!” Tie Hongling completely ignored what the captain said and looked at Zhao Feng as bright lights flashed through her eyes.

The expression of the captain became ugly, but he didn’t dare to say anything. All he could do was glance at Zhao Feng in disdain and laugh coldly in his heart.

The experts that guarded the northwestern region against the non-humans didn’t know too much about the rest of the lord dynasty, so only a few people knew about Zhao Feng’s performance in the Crown Prince trial.

“Sure!” Zhao Feng replied simply.

“This time, I won’t go easy.” Tie Hongling revealed a charming smile.

Although she had lost during their spar before, she believed that, in a real fight, the loser would be Zhao Feng. It was time for her to display herself in front of Zhao Feng.


The enemy troops ahead suddenly started to move.

“Attack Jiabao City and cut the humans inside into pieces!” a big non-human male covered in dark green scaly armor roared.

This non-human was one of the Sacred Lords of Moon Dragon City Sacred Lord Raging Force.


Limitless non-human soldiers and captains charged over with frenzy and bloodthirstiness like a swarm of black clouds.

“Hahaha, did you really think that I wouldn’t attack Jiabao City? You took away a Sacred Lord general and put a Quasi-Sacred Lord General instead!”

Sacred Lord Raging Force couldn’t help but laugh. Although their main task was just to guard Moon Dragon City and wait for the other non-humans, Jiabao City took away their only Sacred Lord. After he and Sacred Lord Dark Shadow reported this to the upper echelon, they went on the offensive.

Since there might be some danger in actually taking over the territory, the goal of the attack this time was just to kill all the experts within Jiabao City.


The captains from Jiabao City’s side all flew out. This allowed them to stall the enemy captains and direct their own troops.

Zhao Feng flew out alongside Emperor Ghost Scales and company.

Boom! Ding! Bam!

The non-humans surged forward like a desolate beast and charged toward the lines of Jiabao City’s defense.

The captains and soldiers of Jiabao City tried their best to defend and clashed against the non-humans.

The instant they clashed, there were all kinds of ice, fire, water, and lightning shooting through the sky.

“Little kiddo, you managed to become an Emperor at such a young age? You should be some genius from a big family. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have come to the battlefield!”

A snakeman clad in dark red scaly armor was roaring with laughter.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything. He simply suppressed his Sacred Lightning Body to 50% of his full power. To others, he was just at the level of an Emperor.

Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!

Zhao Feng punched out, and metallic mountains crushed toward the snakeman.

“This brat’s Fist Intent is so profound!” The snakeman in dark scaly red armor had a grim expression.

He had no advantage against Zhao Feng. Instead, he felt retrained by this youth, and he was unable to use his full power.

The sky in the distance suddenly darkened, and a fierce aura appeared.

“Hahaha, who from Jiabao City dares to fight me!?”

Sacred Lord Raging Force stood in the clouds and gazed down at Jiabao City. The Sacred Lord that originally guarded this place had left, so he really wanted to know who from Jiabao City could fight him.

“Come with me!” Tie Hongling charged out at this moment, and her bloodline started to burn. She was like a light of attraction on the battlefield.

Seeing that Tie Hongling was so fierce, the captains from Jiabao City let out a breath. Two three-star captains charged into the sky and challenged the Sacred Lord alongside Tie Hongling.