King Of Gods Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Myriad Forms

Chapter 1028 – Myriad Forms

The instant this rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred power appeared, all the Yuan Qi in Heaven and Earth was attracted. None remained.

“Although Sacred Lord Myriad Forms is only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm, even early-stage Sacred Lords can’t deal with him!” the female from the eaglemen race messaged in private.

“I can feel his aura. It doesn’t seem like an initial-stage Sacred Lord.” The female from the snakemen race had a deep gaze.

“This time, we’ll let the humans know how strong the Yao races are. That human prodigy must die!”

The female from the eaglemen race had a sharp gaze. The human prodigy she was talking about was obviously Zhao Feng.

“We’re here!” Sacred Lord Anyou revealed a wicked smile as he looked forward.

The non-humans instantly stopped their footsteps.

At this moment, the forces of the Ninth Prince had already gathered.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms raised his head and looked into the distance with rainbow-colored eyes.

Hu! Hu!

At this instant, the clouds and the wind howled in the air above Meng City, and lightning started to brew. The power of nature suppressed all the humans within Meng City.

“Who is he!?” A three-star captain above Meng City looked at Sacred Lord Myriad Forms with a deep glance.

“He can affect nature with just one glance. Could he be the non-human owner of the Eye of Myriad Forms?” The heart of another captain jumped.

The non-humans led by the Eye of Myriad Forms owner were the strongest non-human force in Lan Province. Lan Province and the imperials had sent out two powerful Sacred Lords, many array masters, and many beast tamers in order to defend against him.

They never expected the owner of the Eye of Myriad Forms to appear here.

“Eye of Myriad Forms!” Old Ying’s expression became extremely ugly.

“I didn’t think Sacred Lord Myriad Forms would be the one to reinforce them!” The Ninth Prince paused for a moment and felt slightly regretful.

Even the Sacred Lords that had lived for several dozen millennia weren’t a match for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. They had heard that even early-stage Sacred Lords were defeated by Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

A mountain of pressure covered everyone. Even Tie Hongling had a grim expression and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was sitting in the center of a limitless purple palace in the Ancient Dream Realm. Dark clouds and purple mist surrounded him, and lightning and wind brewed in the sky.

“If the Little World of Illusions successfully forms, its power might be on par with the Little World of Wind Lightning!” Zhao Feng said in a soft tone.

Although the Little World of Wind Lightning was formed with the power of the storms within the Ancient Dream Realm, there was a difference in foundation. The foundation of the Little World of Wind Lightning was Zhao Feng’s Crystal Core, while the foundation of the Little World of Illusions was a God Crystal and an unknown high-class black stone. The difference between the two was very obvious.

“I’m just a little bit away from forming it!”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful because he could sense what was happening in the outside world. The non-humans were probably attacking already.


Zhao Feng’s figure appeared within the Misty Spatial World.

“Hm? Two Sky Shaking Golden Apes have reached the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank!”

Zhao Feng sensed something, and his expression turned to joy. Although he didn’t quite know what was going on outside, he had a bad feeling. He felt that these Quasi-Sacred Lord Sky Shaking Golden Apes would be useful.


Zhao Feng left the Misty Spatial World and appeared in the outside world.

“Captain Zhao Feng!” The expression of the scout outside Zhao Feng’s room turned to fright and he was about to say something.

Shu~~ Zzzz!

A surge of Wind Lightning True Yuan appeared as Zhao Feng flew toward the city wall.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve come!” The Ninth Prince’s expression finally softened.

Even though the non-humans had sent Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, he still had a tinge of hope, which came from Zhao Feng.

All the captains, including Old Ying, Tie Hongling, and Emperor Ghost Scales instantly looked at Zhao Feng.

Firstly, Zhao Feng was the strongest person present. If even he wasn’t able to stop the Eye of Myriad Forms, then they had no hope. Furthermore, apart from the owner of the Eye of Myriad Forms, there was still Sacred Lord Anyou and the Fifth Serpent Son, who weren’t to be underestimated either. There were also two non-human prodigies as well.

This was going to be a hard battle, but the Ninth Prince had already requested for reinforcements. As long as they could protect the city, there was hope.

“He’s” Zhao Feng’s faint golden left eye closely inspected Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, and he instantly understood when he saw the pair of rainbow-colored eyes.

A descendant of the God Eyes!

“Zhao Feng, he’s Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, the owner of the Eyes of Myriad Forms. Although he’s only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm, his battle-power isn’t weaker than those at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm!” Old Ying messaged Zhao Feng.

“Initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm?” Zhao Feng shook his head. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

However, there was one point he didn’t expect, and that was the opponent to be a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes.

Zhao Feng had only fought against the Eyes of Death before. He had also barely interacted with the Eyes of Destiny and Eyes of Samsara.

The Eyes of Myriad Forms have complete control over the laws of nature!

Some information regarding the Eyes of Myriad Forms surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind.

On the non-human side, Sacred Lord Anyou’s eyes faintly moved as he looked at Zhao Feng.

“Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, that’s the human with the secret treasure that can move through space. He has a unique eye-bloodline as well!” Sacred Lord Anyou said with ill intentions.

“Oh? So that person is the one that came to the city you were guarding, killed a bunch of people, then left unharmed?”

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes instantly locked onto Zhao Feng.

The expressions of Sacred Lord Anyou and the Fifth Serpent Son became grim, but they didn’t say anything because that was reality.


Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms looked at one another, and Zhao Feng instantly felt a strong invisible pressure of Heaven and Earth crush over. It was as if the entire world was acting against him.

Peng! Peng!

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes faintly jumped.

“Hmm? This human’s eye-bloodline is extremely unusual!”

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was surprised. This was the second time another eye-bloodline could cause his Eyes of Myriad Forms to jump.

However, no matter how unusual it was, it didn’t belong to the Eight Great God Eyes, so it was an incomplete eye-bloodline. It couldn’t be compared with his Eyes of Myriad Forms.

“Human, how dare you take over Meng City!?” Sacred Lord Anyou had an arrogant expression and a smile of mockery.

“This was originally the territory of the Zhou Imperials in the first place!” The Ninth Prince’s momentum was slightly weaker, but he still spoke.

“Humans will disappear from the face of the Earth soon. Where will the Zhou Imperials come from then?” the Fifth Serpent Son mocked.

“Hmph! Ignorant humans, I’ll let you witness the terrifying pressure of nature!”

A faint disturbance of energy flashed through Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes.

Hu! Hu!

Snow flew across the world, and countless surges of ice appeared on the surface of the ground. In just a couple breaths’ time, several dozen thousand miles around Meng City had turned into a world of ice, and the temperature was still dropping. The sky became dark, and no one could see clearly.

On the other hand, the non-humans seemed to be ready. Each soldier had some ice-defending secret treasure on them.

Zhao Feng’s eyes faintly moved. The change in environment hadn’t affected him, but it was really effective against normal Kings and below. The low-to-middle echelons of the Ninth Prince’s forces were at a very big disadvantage. Some Small Origin Core Realm experts found it hard to block the snow and ice at all.

All the captains started to circulate their Intent in order to deal with this world of snow and ice.

“Not good, our Intent can’t pass through the air!” The heart of a two-star captain shook.

Normal Emperors could change the temperature, but after the Eyes of Myriad Forms owner changed the environment, their Intent couldn’t alter it.

This meant that the laws and powers they controlled would be drastically weakened, and Little Worlds that weren’t ice-oriented couldn’t even appear in the real world!

“The myriad existences of Heaven and Earth belong to the owner of the Eyes of Myriad Forms!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ cold voice sounded as he flew over.

Heaven and Earth seemed to be his world. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ figure flashed through the world of snow and ice and approached Meng City.

The non-human army instantly passed through the world of snow and ice and headed toward Meng City as well.

“Activate the defensive array! Defend!” the Ninth Prince roared.

“We can’t let Sacred Lord Myriad Forms get close to the city.”

Zhao Feng leapt out. If Sacred Lord Myriad Forms got close to the city even for an instant, the defensive array around Meng City would be destroyed.

At the same time, Old Ying, Tie Hongling, and the other captains charged out as well.

“I’ll deal with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

No one else here was a match for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, and Zhao Feng was also extremely interested in the descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes.


Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and a beast horde appeared. This was the beast horde that Zhao Feng used in the Crown Prince trial. Since that period of time, their overall strength had increased, and many beasts were now Emperors.

Now that the Ninth Prince’s troops were affected by the world of ice and heavily weakened, they wouldn’t even be able to last the time it took to make a cup of tea without his beast horde.

“A beast horde!” The captains and soldiers felt a little bit better after seeing Zhao Feng release the beast horde.

“Oh yeah, and you two!”

The Misty Spatial World on Zhao Feng’s arm flashed.

Boom! Boom!

Two golden figures that were like giant metal mountains descended to the ground. The golden fur of these two Sky Shaking Golden Apes stood on end like needles, and an ancient desolate aura spread.

The captains and Emperors from Meng City felt the bloodlines within their body tremble when this terrifying pressure descended.

“Those Sky Shaking Golden Apes have reached the level of Quasi-Sacred Lords!”

The Ninth Prince’s expression turned to joy.

Zhao Feng had given the Sky Shaking Golden Apes a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Adding on the fact that they already contained the genes of the Ancient Race, their battle-power would be extremely strong.

These two Sky Shaking Golden Apes could definitely stall the two Quasi-Sacred Lord female prodigies from the non-humans, or they could work with Tie Hongling and stall Sacred Lord Anyou.

“Hmph, do you really think you can block the power of nature!?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms roared as a surge of rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power shot out.

The instant this rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred power appeared, Heaven and Earth started to shake. Snow and ice flipped through Heaven and Earth like a tsunami and engulfed everything.

All the experts from Meng City had to face limitless Intent of snow and ice. Those with lower cultivation felt their blood and True Yuan almost freeze. Even Void God Realm Emperors felt infinitely small against this terrifying power of nature.

“This is the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm!” Many human captains exclaimed.