King Of Gods Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Power Of Myriad Forms

Chapter 1030 – Power of Myriad Forms

“This is the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm!” Many human captains exclaimed.

“He’s actually at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm!?” Old Ying exclaimed in shock.

The captains acted like their hearts had been hammered, and their bodies started to tremble.

“Zhao Feng!” Tie Hongling looked at Zhao Feng.

Just now, Zhao Feng said that he would deal with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, but could Zhao Feng really deal with a descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes who was also at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm?

However, Tie Hongling realized that Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised at all, as if he already knew Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ true strength long ago.

As I thought!Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

The moment he saw Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, Zhao Feng could feel the latter’s immense Mystic Light Sacred power and Soul Intent. They had both exceeded the limits of the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Therefore, apart from Zhao Feng, no one else even had the possibility of fighting against Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

The Eyes of Myriad Forms was a power that affected the physical dimension. Zhao Feng only dared to fight against Sacred Lord Myriad Forms because his Sacred Lightning Body had broken through to the 6th level, so he could fight back.

Sacred Lord Anyou, the Fifth Serpent Son, and the other captains and Emperors of the non-humans were all stunned as well. It was obvious that even they didn’t know that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had broken through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

“Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, when did you break through?” Sacred Lord Anyou was filled with excitement.

When Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm, he was already unparalleled and able to fight against those at the early stages. Now that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had broken through to the early stages, how strong would his battle-power be?

“As expected of a descendant of the God Eyes!” The female prodigy from the eaglemen race revealed a respectful look.

“Look, that human prodigy still dares to charge at Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. He really doesn’t care about his life, does he?” The female from the serpentmen race mocked as she looked at Zhao Feng in disdain.

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

Zhao Feng instantly circulated his Sacred Lightning Body the moment he flew out. Complex and ancient scarlet-golden symbols of lightning sparkled around him, and his body grew taller as limitless lightning pushed aside the snow and ice nearby.

“You want to stop me?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms looked down at Zhao Feng.

The invisible power of nature surrounded Zhao Feng, and ice appeared on Zhao Feng’s body. Everything around him was starting to freeze.

“I want todefeatyou!” Battle-intent burned in Zhao Feng’s eyes.


The ice around Zhao Feng shattered as a wave of physical force spread.

“Hahaha, ignorant human!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms roared with laughter.

Infinite snow started to gather and form a wall of ice when Zhao Feng’s lightning arrived before Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

Boom! Weng~~~

The instant the ice wall appeared, Zhao Feng’s figure charged forward and unleashed his Sacred Lightning Body and Fire of Wind Lightning.

Boom! Bam!

The wall before Sacred Lord Myriad Forms shattered, but a wave of Wind Lightning appeared on Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ body like an armor that blocked all the remaining power from Zhao Feng’s attack.

“You can’t even injure me at all, but I can kill you right now!” A layer of ice covered Sacred Lord Myriad Forms as he gazed at Zhao Feng.

“Spear of Extreme Ice!”


A rainbow-colored whirlpool appeared before Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, which instantly absorbed the snow’s power and radiated a coldness that could freeze anything in its path.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless ice spears shot out from the whirlpool. The snow and air wherever the ice spears passed instantly froze, but the spears could pass through the ice without being affected at all.

“What a strong power of Ice!”

At this instant, the True Yuan and bloodline within Zhao Feng’s body started to circulate extremely slowly. Even his actions were affected.

“Water of Wind Lightning. Ice Imperial Spear!”

Zhao Feng suddenly circulated the hidden Ice-and-Water bloodline within his body as well as the Water of Wind Lightning within his Crystal Core dimension.

A layer of ice-blue liquid covered Zhao Feng’s body and formed a piece of armor. This armor of ice and water rippled and could change into different shapes. When used with the Sacred Lightning Body, his resistance against the power of coldness instantly increased.

“This brat has an Ice-and-Water bloodline as well!?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyebrows furrowed.

When fighting against Zhao Feng, he realized that the latter specialized in the laws of Wind, Lightning, and Fire. This meant that Zhao Feng was resilient against these three elements, which was why Sacred Lord Myriad Forms chose to use the power of Ice. However, Zhao Feng had an Ice-and-Water bloodline as well as True Yuan with the Intent of Water?

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!”

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body so that his resistance to the cold increased to its limit. He also used his Sacred Lightning Body and punched out against the countless spears of ice.

Peng! Boom!

A surge of coldness exploded.

“This is?”

Zhao Feng quickly retreated. Although he had destroyed the Spears of Extreme Ice, the power of coldness released from them still had terrifying pressure. The ice-blue armor on Zhao Feng’s body instantly froze, and a surge of coldness started to erode his Sacred Lightning Body.

“From Ice to Water!”

Zhao Feng circulated the Water of Wind Lightning as well as the Ice-and-Water bloodline. The frozen ice-blue armor started to slowly absorb the coldness and turn into an armor made from water.

“Human Quasi-Sacred Lord, you’re not bad you can actually take one move of mine. You can now die in peace!”

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes revealed a fierce look. No human prodigy at the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank could block this move of his. Zhao Feng’s strength made Sacred Lord Myriad Forms want to kill him even more.

“You talk too much nonsense!”

Zhao Feng’s eyes became dark as a strong surge of Eye Intent appeared from his left eye. A large amount of soul power surged from his Lightning Soul Body into his left eye.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

Fire appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye. It glowed with a faint purple light as dark symbols of God Tribulation Lightning flashed.

Whoosh~~~ Boom!

A transparent dark lightning-fire with the Destructive aura of God Tribulation Lightning exploded above Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ head.

Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Eye Flame this time was comprised of a full soul attack with the power of God Tribulation Lightning. This was because he knew that physical attacks were unlikely to damage Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“Arghh!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms screamed. He didn’t expect Zhao Feng to use a Soul eye-bloodline technique. Furthermore, the power of God Tribulation Lightning within it damaged his soul to a certain degree.

“This brat!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ face became gruesome. He had been overconfident and injured by Zhao Feng. This was something that he could not stand.

It’s not very effective.

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. With his God Eye and natural talent, his Soul Intent was obviously not weak. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhao Feng’s soul attack contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms wouldn’t have been injured at all.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng sensed a dangerous aura.

Whoosh! Weng~~~

Zhao Feng instantly flew into the distance using his Lightning Wings Flying Technique.

“Human bastard, where do you think you’re going?” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms roared as the power of nature started to move.

“So strong! He can control nature with just a thought!”

Zhao Feng’s speed was reduced due to the power of nature, and he could only travel at 70% of his usual speed.

Behind him, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms used the power of nature to help him charge toward Zhao Feng.

After Sacred Lord Myriad Forms departed, the captains and soldiers below all felt the temperature rise a little bit, and they let out a breath. Even the non-humans that were prepared for it weren’t able to block the cold.

“That human brat managed to harm Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!” Sacred Lord Anyou was shocked.

Whoosh! Boom!

A golden figure charged toward Sacred Lord Anyou, and a terrifying, desolate bloodline made Sacred Lord Anyou turn solemn and release a gray Sacred Power.

“Blood Flames Exploding Slash!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Tie Hongling slashed out an arc of red toward Sacred Lord Anyou.

“That brat’s not dead yet?” The female prodigy from the eaglemen race revealed a surprised expression. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ display of strength scared her. She didn’t even dare to look at him, but a human prodigy who was only at the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank could exchange blows with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and even draw him away?

“Zhao Feng’s drawn Sacred Lord Myriad Forms away!”

Old Ying understood what Zhao Feng wanted to do. It was a big disadvantage for the Ninth Prince if Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was fighting nearby, but was Zhao Feng really able to stop Sacred Lord Myriad Forms?


Zhao Feng passed through the power of ice with difficulty.

“The power of the Eyes of Myriad Forms is far too strong!” Zhao Feng exclaimed and sighed as he flew with as much speed as he could.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms could summon the power of nature with every movement and action. If Zhao Feng didn’t direct him away, then the power of the cold would be able to kill all the human soldiers.

“Hmph, all of Heaven and Earth is my power. You can’t run away!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms snickered coldly as he thrust out his hand nonchalantly.


A beam of rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power shot toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng relied on the ability of his God’s Spiritual Eye and dodged the attack since he knew where it was going to land.

However, the rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power that scraped past Zhao Feng instantly turned green, and a vine several yards wide grew from it. The vine then split into countless smaller vines, which wrapped around Zhao Feng.

“Is this the power of Myriad Forms?”

Zhao Feng’s expression turned to surprise. Rumors said that the power of Myriad Forms could utilize any natural power in Heaven and Earth.

“Not good, it’s sucking away my lifeforce and Yuan Qi!”

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body, but he found that he was unable to escape from the laws of Wood. These vines also sucked his lifeforce and essence, gradually weakening his power.

“Wood of Wind Lightning!”

Zhao Feng summoned another power of Wind Lightning within the Crystal Core dimension. A faint green ripple of wood and lightning instantly appeared outside Zhao Feng’s body and started to heal his injuries.

Zhao Feng then put the Wood of Wind Lightning into the vines. The element of Lightning within the Wood of Wind Lightning was perhaps able to stun these vines.


Zhao Feng struggled out of the vines that had been weakened.

“The law of Wood!” Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyebrows furrowed. He was the owner of the Eyes of Myriad Forms, so he could control the power of nature, but this brat controlled so many elements. Was he trying to take over the control of nature somehow?

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms’ eyes squinted together, and the Wood-elemental power that Zhao Feng destroyed turned into a sea of flames that surrounded Zhao Feng.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms sent out another beam of Myriad Forms Sacred Power, and the rainbow-colored Mystic Light Sacred Power turned dark yellow and formed a layer of dark yellow ash that spread across the air.

Zhao Feng, who was surrounded by a sea of fire, instantly felt a pressure as strong as Mount Tai descend on him. There was another strong force apart from gravity. Zhao Feng felt as if he had been buried underground. Any movement he made required a lot of effort in order to struggle from the gravity and restrictions from the power of Earth.

From Fire came Earth; the surge of heat also increased the power of the dark yellow ashes and made the power of gravity even stronger.