King Of Gods Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Ambush Half Way

Chapter 1034 – Ambush Half-Way

Zhao Feng entered seclusion after the battle. He had been in a level of danger he had never felt before during his battle with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. He felt as if all his aspects had increased after being in such danger.

Firstly, his Soul Intent had recovered to its peak and might be able to reach the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm soon. Zhao Feng also had a better understanding of the elements in the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

Zhao Feng consolidated his foundation after returning to his residence, then he headed toward the Ninth Prince’s hall.

“Your Highness, what’s the situation like with the non-humans?” Zhao Feng asked.

Things wouldn’t be as simple they used to be after taking over Meng City and defeating Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. If even Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was defeated, the non-humans would definitely do something significant in response.

“For now, the non-humans have only sent a few more upper echelon members and a bunch of array masters to the non-human stronghold nearest Meng City. They should have changed tactics and focused on complete defense!” the Ninth Prince slowly said. Over this period of time, he had sent scouts to find out the situation.

Because of Zhao Feng, the non-humans were all scared of the Ninth Prince’s forces and chose to focus on defense. However, this was expected. Since Zhao Feng had defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, the non-humans had to choose defense unless they were willing to send another expert on the same level as Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

“That’s good!”

Zhao Feng relaxed a little bit, but this was only momentary. The war had just started, and not many high-level experts would appear. However, if the war continued, the two lord dynasties would send even stronger people. At that moment, the first place the non-humans would focus on would be the city that the Ninth Prince was in.

“We also asked Lan Province for a Sacred Lord,” the Ninth Prince added.

With the Ninth Prince’s current results, the army that he was leading would be a needle in the eyes of the non-humans. The Ninth Prince’s forces would definitely lose in the next battle against the non-humans if they didn’t receive reinforcements.

The Lan Province War Hall had agreed to the Ninth Prince’s request, and someone with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord would soon join the Ninth Prince’s forces.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He could relax if there was someone else with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord joining.

“Report! A letter from Duke Nanfeng!” The voice of a guard sounded from outside the hall.

“Come in!” the Ninth Prince immediately said, and a guard handed over a letter to the Ninth Prince.

“Zhao Feng, this is for you!”

The Ninth Prince read it and handed over a piece of paper to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment before putting his Divine Sense into the piece of paper. What Duke Nanfeng said rang in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“The expanding forces of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion in the continent have clashed with Nine Darkness Palace!”

These few words made Zhao Feng’s expression change dramatically. What he worried about most still happened. Although Zhao Feng supported the Crown Prince and the Nine Darkness Palace wouldn’t deal with them on the surface, they could create chances or use some excuses to deal with the Ocean Smoke Pavilion in secret.

“Your Highness, it looks like I need to leave for a while!” Zhao Feng asked to leave.

Zhao Feng had spent a ton of resources on the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and the assassination organization led by Supreme Emperor Dark Night. He couldn’t just leave them alone.

“Go.” The Ninth Prince agreed. Although he didn’t want Zhao Feng to leave the army, Zhao Feng had his own private matters to attend to, and he couldn’t forcefully keep the latter here.

“Your Highness, I’ll give this to you.” Zhao Feng handed over a spiritual pet bag.

The Ninth Prince put his Divine Sense into the Spiritual Pet Bag and revealed a stunned expression. There were two Quasi-Sacred Lord Sky Shaking Golden Apes and two beast packs inside.

Zhao Feng didn’t have much use for these beasts for the upcoming matter. Furthermore, he was worried about the Ninth Prince and company.

“Give the beast horde to some beast tamers that Your Highness trusts!” Zhao Feng suggested.

He had given orders to the Sky Shaking Golden Apes so that the Ninth Prince could use them as he pleased. It was basically giving the Ninth Prince a protection talisman.

Zhao Feng then said goodbye to a few people from the army that he was familiar with and told some captains to look after the three geniuses from the Ji Family and Emperor Ghost Scales.

“Zhao Feng, I’ll come with you!” Tie Hongling said with love.

“Your grandfather told you to come here to train yourself. If you leave the battlefield, you might as well return to the Tie Family.” Zhao Feng declined her outright.

Later that day, he left Meng City and headed toward the Lan Province War Hall.

“I’ll first exchange my war points.”

Zhao Feng knew what he wanted to do. According to his guesses, his war points should put him up very high on the Lan Province War Board. It was extremely easy to exchange his war points for resources he wanted as well. For example, the Earth-elemental resources that Zhao Feng wanted were very rare in the city’s exchange markets, but they could be acquired in the War Hall.

Someone immediately sent news to the Thirteenth Prince’s stronghold after Zhao Feng left.

“Zhao Feng’s finally left the battlefield!” The Thirteenth Prince revealed a nasty smile.

“Once he leaves the battlefield, he will never come back!” Xi Peng from Nine Darkness Palace revealed a dark smile.

The two looked at one another smugly.

“Your Highness!” The sound of a guard suddenly sounded outside the Thirteenth Prince’s hall.

“What is it?” The Thirteenth Prince’s eyebrows furrowed. He felt unhappy that he was interrupted at this moment.

“An Elder of the Duanmu Family and Zhao Yufei want to see you!” the guard outside the hall said.

“What? Yufei is here?”

The Thirteenth Prince was frightened and didn’t know what to do.

The Thirteenth Prince soon met the members of the Duanmu Family in another hall.

“Yufei, are you here to help me?” The Thirteenth Prince’s gaze landed on the female in purple that he thought of night and day.

They hadn’t met for many years, but Zhao Yufei’s beauty moved the Thirteenth Prince’s heart even more. He was unable to move his gaze away.

“Your Highness, we’re here to talk to you!” Duanmu Qing said.

The Thirteenth Prince’s heart dropped. He knew that Duanmu Qing was Zhao Yufei’s Senior Martial Brother and agreed to whatever Zhao Yufei wanted. He was one of the Sacred Lords of the Duanmu Family that was against Zhao Yufei marrying the Thirteenth Prince.

“Please speak!”

The Thirteenth Prince had an ugly expression. He already expected what would happen if he couldn’t finish off Zhao Feng in the Crown Prince trial.

The hall was dead-silent as Duanmu Qing told him what Zhao Yufei wanted.

“Yufei, I really do love you!” The Thirteenth Prince’s body moved slightly, and he lost control of himself. He didn’t understand why Zhao Yufei liked Zhao Feng so much. He was an imperial prince and someone that might even become the Sacred Emperor. What part of him wasn’t as good as Zhao Feng?

“I’m going to find Brother Feng now!”

Zhao Yufei had an emotionless face and didn’t even look at the Thirteenth Prince. She only found out everything after coming out of seclusion. If it weren’t for Duanmu Qing and Sacred Lord Purple Night, she would have already broken off with the Duanmu Family.

Due to her resistance, the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family finally agreed to let Duanmu Qing and her talk to the Thirteenth Prince.

“Yufei, Zhao Feng just left the battlefield!” The Thirteenth Prince couldn’t help but smile.

“Where did he go?” Zhao Yufei immediately asked.

“I’m not sure either!”

The Thirteenth Prince laughed coldly in his heart.

“Senior Martial Brother, let’s go!” Zhao Yufei immediately got up.

“Yufei, are you going to brother Ninth Prince?” the Thirteenth Prince questioned.

He didn’t tell her where Zhao Feng went, so Zhao Yufei obviously wouldn’t be able to see Zhao Feng.

“Yufei, let’s stay on the battlefield,” Duanmu Qing persuaded.

Being a force that supported the Thirteenth Prince, it would look bad if some people from the Duanmu Family joined the Ninth Prince’s side.

“Yufei, Zhao Feng will definitely return to the battlefield, and you should just use this period of time to train yourself!” Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded.

After all, it was extremely difficult to find one person in the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

Zhao Yufei finally decided to remain in the Thirteenth Prince’s city after Duanmu Qing and Purple Saint Partial Spirit persuaded her.

The Thirteenth Prince’s expression changed dramatically after Zhao Yufei and Duanmu Qing left.

“Zhao Feng!!”

The Thirteenth Prince gritted his teeth as anger rose in his heart. He regretted the fact that he didn’t personally kill Zhao Feng in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

The Thirteenth Prince didn’t expect that Zhao Feng would become such a large stone that stopped him in his life.

“Your Highness, it’s impossible for Zhao Feng to return to the battlefield!” Xi Peng’s cold voice sounded.

“Hmph, that’s right. After missing this chance, they’ll never have the chance to meet again!”

The Thirteenth Prince slowly calmed down.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng was sitting on his flying flaming chariot and heading toward the Lan Province War Hall.

There were many experts and groups travelling between the battlefields and front lines. Any expert or force that wanted to join the war had to register at the War Hall before they could head toward the cities and join the fights in order to obtain war points.

The speed and momentum of Zhao Feng’s flying flaming chariot made many people jealous.

A large weird bird with dragon wings suddenly blocked the path in front of Zhao Feng. There were several dozen fierce-looking people on the weird bird. Three surges of Emperor-level Magnificent Power instantly enveloped Zhao Feng,

Some nearby people immediately left. It was obvious that they had heard of the group sitting on the weird bird and were scared of them.

“Brat, I like this flying machine!”

The leader was a middle-aged person with green hair and an arrogant expression.

Zhao Feng’s gaze looked into the distance, and his expression remained the same.

“Why are you in a daze? Our boss is talking to you!”

A Peak-tier King saw Zhao Feng’s dazed gaze and speechlessness, so he circulated a fiery True Yuan and was about to attack.

“Sacred Lords?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes saw through these people and trained onto two figures flying behind them.

On the way to the War Hall, he had met another Sacred Lord as well, but seeing two Sacred Lords at the same time made him feel weird.

The two figures suddenly sped up and charged toward Zhao Feng. At this moment, two more figures charged from behind Zhao Feng.

“Four Sacred Lords!”

Zhao Feng realized that something was wrong.

A black flag appeared in each of these people’s hands. A black power from the Dao of Ghosts burned from these flags, and the screech of ghosts sounded across Heaven and Earth. It was enough to make one’s hair stand up on end.


At this instant, black light leapt several thousand yards into the sky four enormous beams that reached the heavens.


Everything within a hundred miles was covered by a black-and-blood-colored light. One could faintly see a black burning barrier around the edges.

Zhao Feng and the people on the weird bird immediately entered a terrifying, dark hell.